Monday, March 28, 2005

Home ground

This is going to be a real concise post.i wrote all the bullshit about food at home and the Tv and the neuighbourhood aunties and the street dogs at my colony but the thing went to heaven before I could save it.

Well , I watch a lot of TV these days , I eat a lot of food these days , my parents think I am beginning to lose my mind and that my sense of humor sucks , my sister thinks I have already lost my mind and my sense of humor always sucked ,I am taking life not too seriously because a lot of serious things have been going wrong for me , I am reading psychology stuff these days , I watched pakistan screw India today , I am missing reading all the disgusting blogs I used to visit , my summers start from the 4th and I have heard they literally make you sleep in the office occasionally , I am not getting a car/bike to commute to the office and i would have to change 3 -3.5 buses /three wheelers /hitchiked vehicles /autorickshaws to get to the E&Y office from gurgaon , my time at the cyber cafe is running out , I have to buy half a bread on my way back ,ma put an "OM" inscribed gold locket around my neck yesterday , I dont have an idea where this post is going , I feel hungry now , I wanna read V's blog now, I am ending this post now , i see you thinking " wat a nut!" now .

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

bye bye Calcutta ..hullo delhi

I am sitting on on my bed in my room right now.I see around and see empty bookshelves and an empty clothes cupboard.Torn insitute library slips , newspapers , magazines , notebooks , empty wafers bags and chocolate wrappers , coke cans , strewn across the floor. And i see a britney spears picture pasted on my cupboard door.I cut it out from the sunday supplement to the Times of India some time back.Dont get me wrong , a pretty decent picture it is , you sit down with popcorn and see it with your family.

And i also see a big VIP a smaller VIP suitcase , and a blazing red Reebok Travel Bag.I have managed to stuff almost all my clothes , some books , and my compact disks into them.The cab wud arrive at 6 in the morning and the flight leaves at 9 to take me to delhi where I wud be till June.Sure it feels nice to know I wud be home for almost 75 days.Even though I would spend a greater part of my time at the Ernst n Young Office , I feel nice that I would be able to see people I love each morning n night , n eat food cooked by ma , n lie on clean floor , n watch TV with me controlling the remote , n won't have to wait for the mess to start to eat , n would meet up with old college pals .

Obviously , there would be someone very dear whom I would still miss.

And here on campus , placements for seniors are in full swing.Neatly ironed suits , ties , final offers , shortlists , banking , swanky cars belonging to the company wallahs ,even their drivers, all these define the days here for the last 3 days.

I am officialy in the Foods and Beverages Team which handles stuff like making sure the company wallahs be happy gorging on free pizzaz , cold drinks , hamburgers , lemonades , and just anything which can be digested without much pain.Involves a lot of running around.Mostly I get to be hungry with not much time to go back to the hostel mess n eat a couple of days back most of the time I was running around hungry ,carrying around Domino's pizzaz.Everytime I looked down I saw this on the packs :" HUNGRY KYA ? " .LIfe is just so fun , eh .

Then yesterday I was a covol for a slot 1 bank.Before you fish for a dictionary , a covol is a guy ( a gal maybe..between even the third variety may choose to be a covol ) ..anyways , he/she/it is someone who handles the placement interviews coordination part.Like I stood outside the interview room all day , wearing a white shirt , a dark blue trousers and a tie which wasnt lemon yellow in color.I had to maintain the candidates waiting in working condition , offering them water , snacks , advice , nerve soothing actions .So if you are impolite , you may want to infer I was a peon in formal attire.And I had to ask the company wallahs if they wanted to eat their 14th pizza since morning , or if they would like to have another bucket of coke , or if they wanted just anything which could be arranged without resorting to crime or indecency.

Anyways , right now the only things on my mind are not forgetting anything while packaging , with HER being on my mind as a default setting.

So guys n gals , here I am .about to go home .Hope to be around using some kinda cyber cafe or something.Ill sure be. Till then , don't murder anybody and don't get murdered. cya folks.