Monday, October 02, 2006

Title nahi de pa raha

Till 5 pm last saturday , I was convinced the day would go down as the worst day of my life , my personal 'Black saturday' or something . My shoes smelt like ammonium nitrate . The signals on my cell were as weak as an underfed riya sen . And I was wearing the same shirt for the third consecutive day ( I was lucky my co workers thought the smell was from a dead rat in the water cooler ) . So after office , I stopped over at the beach hoping for a time better than the day had been . ( Infact I hoped to end up rolling in the sand with a couple of blondes , but anything less glamorous would have been well received too ). As I stood near the waves watching the sun set and wondering where my next clean shirt would come from , this person walks upto me and asks "Is your name Abhi ?".I nervously shifted on my feet and did a little mental check of the safest direction to run away in , because I thought he was from the last hotel I stayed in .( I stole the towels . Little devil I am. ) But it turned out the man reads this blog and recognised me from my pictures on it . His family was with him too and even they were aware of my existence . We spent quite some time chatting and though it did not involve anyone rolling in the sand , the sheer unexpectedness of the thing and the warmth of the family promptly transformed my black saturday into a sparkling floodlights lit surf excel washed Sweet Saturday .

Infact I am getting into a daily ritual of mine . Everyday after office , I stop over at the beach and spend some time listening to music , reading stuff , looking around and wondering about the purpose of life and Himesh's cap . I see a beaming mother cradling her baby while daddy clicks a picture . I see a young dreamy couple walking on the sand with their fingers intertwined .I see a little girl taking excited little steps towards the water with her little fingers curled around her elder sister's finger .And at times , even though we are rude , wicked , selfish , insensitive and other words associated with an excited Gulshan Grover , such moments remind me that in our hearts we still want to be loving and caring . Chal bott story sun lee , abhi foto dekh .
I love this picture coz of the two sisters in there and the way they have pulled up their dresses . Nature sabko baccha bana deti hain .

Yeh hai mera naya ipod . Nano khareedne ke paise nahi the so shuffle le lia . Gareebi badi buri cheez hai bhai .

Kya mirchi light effects hai yaar . Aisa lag raha hai bhagwan jee torch se dekh rahe hain paani ke andar .

And I watched the live telecast of Miss World 2006 recently . And every lady over there was smiling so much . I had not seen so many teeth in one place before this . And it wasn't like there were a couple of teeth showing between the lips . It was a full fledged smile which left no scope for any improvement . It was like these ladies had just been taken off a dental clinic's wall . And for around 90 minutes , those ladies were constantly smiling , almost giggling , like the presenter was unleashing one sardar joke after another or there was a huge discount sale at the nearby mall . I am still in awe of their prolonged smiling capabilities . Infact Ms Jamaica actually let out a little laugh when she was eliminated . Such happy women they were .
And I have been thinking . Now , I know . I look as misplaced as a mickey mouse tattoo on a 32 inch bicep whenever I try to touch upon sensitive issues , but I think the higher I go in life , the more analytical people I find around me .You know , the types who discuss the psycho analytical dissection of the lead character of 15 park avenue when they should be watching 'sajan chale sasural' , the people who come upto me and ask what I think of Colhelo's Alchemist ( I say "Colhelo wrote that ? Then which one did Bappi Lahiri write ? " ) , people who write things with words as long and complicated as Czeckhoslovakia and to make things scarier , people who even understand such articles . I am not against intelligent , analytical people . After all , all the inventions such as the steam engine , airplanes and toilet paper have been at the hands of intelligent and analytical people . But it's a little tough to have a fun time with such people unless you enjoy talking about the theory of relativity and Thailand's Jute industry . So I kinda miss the backbencher-who cares-I flunked again kinda junta I belonged to in engineering college .
Anyway , I think I will close down now . There is no funda of jalaofying Ravan and associates down here in Kerala , they just shake hands and say "Ok.Ravan died.Congrats" . So I will go back to the hotel and watch animal planet . I love that channel and I am convinced that with a little bit of make up , I can be on it . And I also plan to stop over at the beach on my way . You never know , someone blonde may just agree to roll in the sand with me .