Friday, November 30, 2012

30 plus. And back.

I was 24 when I set up this blog. It was long back, you know. Times when mobile phones with antennas were around. Times when teenagers did not call me uncle. And times when very few blogged. I was like, "Hey, I write a blog" and most people were like "Couldn't you just buy a lines wali notebook?".

And now, I am 31. Everybody blogs. Amitabh Bacchan. Aamir Khan. Sunny Leone. ( Kidding about the last one. Don't start googling yet. ). So trying to blog again is like a floppy disk challenging a hard disk to some sorta memory challenge. But here I am. All kicked. 

And I will be honest. I had forgotten all about it. Gone.Spoof. And it is only was when I wanted to get a little consumer feedback online for work that I have remembered this blog. But once I hit the blog, it all came back. Almost like locating a pile of long lost "dubious" magazines stashed under the bed. So soon enough, I will be back. 

Also, can you help me with a few very quick responses to that "work wala feedback" here ? Four questions. Would take much less than an year to fill up. Can save my life. Thanks. Just leave the responses as comments. Dua Doonga. 

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