Sunday, October 31, 2004

watz the deadline ?

My taskbar shows it to be 5:21 am.ive just spent two hours completing a summers application form .We guys r not allowed to disclose much info abt summers on public forums.if any of the placereps catches me doing such a thing,u may see me preparing for CAT next year.who knows,i may get into IIM-A but for the time being,im avoiding such misadventures.

neways,the point i am trying to make is that life is getting to be so pushing here.u may think-this nut is just trying to show off but im not.infact,i am genuinely disgusted.believe it or not,sometimes i really feel scared and sick thinking that the rest of my life may be so fast and demanding as this.maybe i am a wrong kinda guy for this kinda life.I havent slept more than 10 hours over the last 4 days as weve got our exams frm tommorrow,a hell lotta forms asking all that global shit and some crucifyingly boring PPTs lined up where some ass in a suit tells us that his company is the No.1 and the best is an unending sequence of soon as i catch up with a deadline,the next one starts threatening me.

I think the only thing which is helping me survive is HUMOR.I just cant afford to take myself too seriously or the entire situtaion will just eat me up.we IIm guys r supposed to be having the best of careers but for now,i am just plain zapped n sure understand why someguys drop outta IIMs.

im sorry if this post goes to discourage ne aspirants...i guess its just the combination of so many thing happening so fast thats caused this kinda disgust ....but im sure u guys wont find thinz so bad once u get here.maybe even i wont find them so bad once i grab 8 hours of sleep.but how the hell do i find those 8 hours !!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2004

watz this Orkut thing ?

one of my pals sent me an invitation to join orkut( heard about this being some sort of online community.accepted the invitation n so i am part of this community now.still to work around the site to develop an idea of the stuff going around,i am known as "Abhinav Jain" over there so if nebody wants to include me,im game.these guys wanted a pic of mine fr the profile,i had got none on the comp,atleast not with a "presentable" expression,so i picked out jim carrey's pic frm Dumb n dumber.i guess thats presentable enuf.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

return of the ....whatver.....

im back.recharged n rejuvenated n revitalised.err,this looks like a pharmacy clinic ad.neways,ive had the time to pause n see the direction im going in n the one i shud go in.n they r quite ive decided to do a lot of things differently frm now on.n i better do them fast fr the next month or so is gonna be a super sonic mid terms start on the 1st,the play on 14th n the summers start frm 21st.

thankfully,ive managed to straighten up my room after i landed here at about 10 in the morning.but the mess wont start b4 tomm, so im facing a lil nutritional crunch rite now.neways,the stuff i got frm home is coming in handy.wait,i just remembered that one of the things i decided to do differently is to spend lesser time on things not causing an increase in my academic performance.n i think blogging wont lead to ne kinda increase in my CG under any the shutters r gonna be pulled down on this post.but ill b back with a lot more on what i did,read,watched n most importantly "thought" during the hols. ya.u read that right.i actually THOUGHT a lot.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

going to ibiza...err...gurgaon

ever heard of a thing called LBG ? the phrase stands fr Little Green Bastard n refers to an insect a specimen of which just flew straight into my hair.dont know if this happens every year,but as soon as the sun goes down,hundreds of these damn things enter every room.they r on the PC,on the bedsheet,the books,n on me.n the name describes what they look like.the bastard part is just a result of their annoying presence,i guess.

i just came in back frm the dramatics rehearsel.we had our first full play run thru n being a firm believer in honesty,ill have to say it was
pretty shaky.we forgot dialouges,locations,girls giggled on stage when they forget dialouges.about me,the directors described my walk as a "stroll in the park" when it shud hav been nethin but that.but the play part gotta wait now,ive got to wrap up stuff b4 i fly away to gurgaon.
ive gotta return the library book,meet up the prof whoze got attendance issues with me,pay up all bills,gather up all clothes,arrange fr the taxi.must be more tasks.

n i hope to study n catch up with the stuff going on in the class during holidays,being polite n good with my family,watch TV,eat fried food every day,lie on the floor,n catch up with the engg college guys stayin around.

dont know if there will b another entry before the 24th.if there will be,ur lucky.if not, ill be back.

14th Oct.7.00 am.IA flight.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

coming home.....

i wanna go home.n so i am on thursday morning. a 2 hr flight n i'll be the same again fr another 10 just tired of all this-the grades,the presentations,the library,the summers,resume making,placereps,the competition.i just wanna go home.with no one to compare me against nebody.....

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

random thoughts

things are a lil dizzy these days.the dramatics rehearsel stretches upto 4-6 hours on an average day and on the top of that i gotta mug up all my dialogues,take care of the emotions and tones and remember when to speak them and to whom.and then i havent really started with the studies part.this drams thing is turning out to be much more tuff than i imagined but then its a moral responsibilty of mine to carry the play forward.n i might as well enjoy it while i am at it.the staging would happen in november during our annual alumni party.

and ill be leaving for home on the 14th.its really wonderful to imagine seeing my parents after all these days of hearing just their voices on the phone.between,believe it or not,i again missed my first class today due to oversleeping.the atmo gettin to hot up with the summers placement startin in november.we gotta submit all these resumes and certificates and all that crap reminding me of the IIm GDPIs.

One thing i hate about this place is the concept of relative grading.its not about me gettin lower or better marks than nebody else but the sheer feelings this devil of RG generates is sickening.though i dont quite think that many of us succumb to it,but just to think of ur pals as ur competitors who may just hurt ur job,ur grades,ur career is nauseating.seriously,RG sucks !