Tuesday, October 05, 2004

random thoughts

things are a lil dizzy these days.the dramatics rehearsel stretches upto 4-6 hours on an average day and on the top of that i gotta mug up all my dialogues,take care of the emotions and tones and remember when to speak them and to whom.and then i havent really started with the studies part.this drams thing is turning out to be much more tuff than i imagined but then its a moral responsibilty of mine to carry the play forward.n i might as well enjoy it while i am at it.the staging would happen in november during our annual alumni party.

and ill be leaving for home on the 14th.its really wonderful to imagine seeing my parents after all these days of hearing just their voices on the phone.between,believe it or not,i again missed my first class today due to oversleeping.the atmo gettin to hot up with the summers placement startin in november.we gotta submit all these resumes and certificates and all that crap reminding me of the IIm GDPIs.

One thing i hate about this place is the concept of relative grading.its not about me gettin lower or better marks than nebody else but the sheer feelings this devil of RG generates is sickening.though i dont quite think that many of us succumb to it,but just to think of ur pals as ur competitors who may just hurt ur job,ur grades,ur career is nauseating.seriously,RG sucks !


Anonymous said...

Look at it with a clear mind and you'll realize whay I came to know after the mid terms - It's RG only in name - in reality, its still the same old absolute grading. Before and exam you know where you stand, how the proffesor assigns marks and grades. The only thing I can make up of this RG-giri stuff is that its a tool for ppl to mask their nasty stuff behind.

Anyway, carry on with drams.. plenty of us waiting to see your first production. And to find out the difference between 'those in the drams cell and those outside it'. :)



ketaki said...

u think a lot about exams!!ur every post includes sumthng related to exams!!dont u get fed up of it..