Monday, October 25, 2004

watz this Orkut thing ?

one of my pals sent me an invitation to join orkut( heard about this being some sort of online community.accepted the invitation n so i am part of this community now.still to work around the site to develop an idea of the stuff going around,i am known as "Abhinav Jain" over there so if nebody wants to include me,im game.these guys wanted a pic of mine fr the profile,i had got none on the comp,atleast not with a "presentable" expression,so i picked out jim carrey's pic frm Dumb n dumber.i guess thats presentable enuf.


Anonymous said...

Abbe ghonchu, goto my or ganja's profile in orkut and in the communities section u'll find IIM Calcutta.

Wahan jaa ke dhoondh le logon ko. Waise I don't think she's there yet!! ;)



rohit kaul said...

hi abhinav cud u plz send an invitation of orkut to me my email is

Anonymous said...

sure rohit ,will do so ,n good that tune fir "sir" nahi bola.;)

n adi,shez sorta ditched me yaar,details will b provided at an opportune time,but the games available again.

Govar said...

Welcome to orkut. Find me there as Govar .. either in IIM Indore group or IIT/IIM group. Ciao.