Tuesday, July 27, 2004

naatak mandali!!!

some good newz.ive been selected into the DRAMATICS club here.this is the frst time iv got  a chance to do something related to dramatics.i think im quite interested in this.the auditions were great n enjoyed by all.my "shahrukh" voice kinda clicked over there but i didint do that consciuosly.as i walked upto to start the enactment , i had no plans of sharuhking but dont know whwre this came from.maybe when i think of acting,this shahrukh thing sorta takes me over.neways,its nice to know that im a part of some sorta "clique" and not just another chap.ive heard that the drams take up a lotta time but im ready to adjust fr the sake of the good memeories im sure this will bring.

the studies also kinda get moving today .i covered quite a part of BS n then tried some stats questions.i think ill try the finacc stuff i got frm the courseweb now .its just past 2 so ive got nother 40 mins b4 i call it a day .3-7:30=4:30 hours of sleep.kinda OK,huh???atleats i dont feel sleepy or nething when i dont want to.and yea,tommorrow INDIA clashes with SL in a do or die match.veeru hasnt shot in teh last 8 matches so the najafgarh nawab must fire tommorrow.
atb to INDIA!!!!


Monday, July 26, 2004


ive slept for about 3 hrs over the last 40 hrs.so im in a hurry to really catch up on the damn thing tonite(or is it already morning!!).now dont think that ive been studyin all this time.yestreday nite we had the auditions fr the DRAMATICS cell and they strecthed up frm about 10 to 4 in the morning.we had three rounds-enacting,mime,voice .was a quite enjoyable experince n i guess i did ok.dont know what others felt but im luking frward to the results.but im sorts alarmed at the rate mid sems r appraoching n ive still not got into the groove.all these clubs hav taken up al lotta time.but ive decided to start in the earnest now n absolutely banish all video watching.songsss...ummm...mebe they can live .gotta prsent BS case tommorrow morning.it is one subject i think interests me but still these cases are so weird in the sense that u dont know wat to do with em after the reading part.

and yea..INDIA lost to PAK today.but these thinz dont really exccite me now.one of the down sides of maturing,eh???.
chalo.let me just wrap  up ne pending stuff n hit the sack.gudnite!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

i am an engineer!!!!

yahoo!!!.now im a qualified computer engineer.i mean,gawwwd,this is so wierd.a university is saying that i am a comp engineer.comp engineer,u know what that means.a guy who can enginner a computer.n i dont know ne such shit abt computers.this is the irony of our education system.i got the degree bcos i passed the exams without ever feeling like a comp engineer but ill always be a comp enginner bcos of that degree.neways,its a very relieving feeling to know that NSIT is firmly outta my system now.ive come thru without a single suppli.thats the greattest thing ive done at college.gives an idea of the thinz i did at college!!but it has been a great college life.it was almost the first time i allowed myself so much of space.i guess one appreciates it only when one loses it.i never felt a sense of belonging as long as i was there but now i truly miss NSIT at times.the friends-dhania,adi,bunnu,singla,hoshi,jeetu,himanshu,manik,lakho,mallu.the bike .ppl asking fr the keys to it,the photocopies i flooded my room with during exams.vijay photostat.the canteen.lawns.we sprwaled on the grass.the bread rolls.
ok,so all thats a part of my inventory of sweet memories.some of them were not so sweet-the fight i had with gulli,the famous slap i pasted on GB(im very sorry for that),the placement days,the labs.the teachers,how can i forget them-rsv(gem of a person),sushma(the cranky one),dhurri(his relations with me are well known),bhatia sir(cant get better),sattu.....
so its ended on a good note.ive got 75.26% which is quite ok frm my standards.my agg will now cross 70%.the infamous btp which caused me much hair loss turned out to be quite nice after all,with me getting 83 in it.chal bhai munnu,time to catch some sleep,lest u again oversleep n miss the class tommorrow morning.

Sunday, July 18, 2004


its 3.24 am and im still not asleep.its normal now.but im smarting under a sudden wave of nostalgia.missing it all.home.ma.papa.gudiya.my lying on the good smelling floor.the food.nsit.the places .my bike.home.im feeling so lonely suddenly.in a way,how many friends u make,a sorta hole remains without the things uve brought up with.home...........sweethome.....the sabjiwalla,the morning chai bread,the balcony,the cat preparation..ohhh..those days.time,those mocks,tanuja maam,anjali.career launcher.college.the gang.jeetu.hoshang.bunnu.dhania.adi.the hours we spent sprawled in bunnu's room n chatting/listening to songs/joking.i miss it all.
listening to:backstreet boys:as long as u love me.
nice soft music they create.

enjoying life

things are cool.though today was not a very good day fr my intended extra currics activities.we are running through our marketing cell weekend-"seige 2004".started nicely with me getting thru the frst round of clash of titans but not much thereafter.kicked out in sicilian defense and addict.lets wait fr the kotler's cheese part but im still not clear on what my team did with that so dont have much hopes.but its nice that im becoming kinda popular at the college here with my nick spreading around like wildfire.on the studies front,im kinda wanting to work harder.been playing too much of tt these days.fincc is one sub i need to work upon.hopefully,there wont be much load tomm and i can peacefully catch up on some studies.rite now,im listening to songs.the gallery is empty 2nite with all the seniors gone out somewhere.listening to koi milll gaya...................what next????????

Thursday, July 08, 2004

good morning

its 2 in the morning and another hour or so to go b4 i call it a day.i think that sleeping fr abt 4-5 hrs ie frm 3-7.30/8.00 is sufficient .its nice that i did a lil of studies 2day rather than wasting time as the last nite when i watched lakshya on the comp.ive managed to get my finacc fundas a lil clearer n some bit of economics.i think that bs and political history r too global n sleepy to be tried at such hours.i must get into this routine of studying regularly n i think that im on the rite track by not loitering arnd too much after the classes.im mostly in my room with the songs going .a lotta guys have beeen gettiin their comps over the last coupla dayz n the noise level has def gone up in the hostel ,also manged to find some pics of our famous "world war" on the lan.the part abt iim c which is truly rocking is that the activities r so involoving that one truly feels an integral part of this great institution.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

im back!

yea.im back.n here to stay.now now..things have not allowed to resume blogging over the last 13 days so not my fault.but now that ive got the connection at my room ,i hope to keep this baby going.

now ,the last 13 days have been the most amazing and different days of my life.there has so much happenned duiring these days,but watever ,im enjoying it like nething.the lan is not quite accessible at this moment so still not faced with its full resources.but this thiing can keep me busy forever,considering the money i burnt on net at home.but ive got to keep my focus on the subs too.one thing gud is that the quali maths ppr went off ok so hopefully one pole is down and outta way.