Sunday, July 18, 2004


its 3.24 am and im still not asleep.its normal now.but im smarting under a sudden wave of nostalgia.missing it lying on the good smelling floor.the food.nsit.the places .my feeling so lonely a way,how many friends u make,a sorta hole remains without the things uve brought up with.home...........sweethome.....the sabjiwalla,the morning chai bread,the balcony,the cat preparation..ohhh..those days.time,those mocks,tanuja maam, gang.jeetu.hoshang.bunnu.dhania.adi.the hours we spent sprawled in bunnu's room n chatting/listening to songs/joking.i miss it all.
listening to:backstreet boys:as long as u love me.
nice soft music they create.

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Anonymous said...

another thing we share... laying down on the floor. like it so much that my folks/friends had to drag me up from the floor during the winters lest i catch cold or something. and during the summers, it was more like - enter house, lock room, take off cloth, set fan to full speed, down on the floor for hours on stretch :)

missing the floor too.... with so many bugs arnd ,dont think i can even try it here!! how abt u?

~there's so much to share with everybody.... just start visiting their blogs.... dont ask for mine... i wont tell :P