Wednesday, July 21, 2004

i am an engineer!!!!

yahoo!!!.now im a qualified computer engineer.i mean,gawwwd,this is so wierd.a university is saying that i am a comp engineer.comp engineer,u know what that means.a guy who can enginner a computer.n i dont know ne such shit abt computers.this is the irony of our education system.i got the degree bcos i passed the exams without ever feeling like a comp engineer but ill always be a comp enginner bcos of that degree.neways,its a very relieving feeling to know that NSIT is firmly outta my system now.ive come thru without a single suppli.thats the greattest thing ive done at an idea of the thinz i did at college!!but it has been a great college was almost the first time i allowed myself so much of space.i guess one appreciates it only when one loses it.i never felt a sense of belonging as long as i was there but now i truly miss NSIT at times.the friends-dhania,adi,bunnu,singla,hoshi,jeetu,himanshu,manik,lakho,mallu.the bike .ppl asking fr the keys to it,the photocopies i flooded my room with during exams.vijay photostat.the canteen.lawns.we sprwaled on the grass.the bread rolls.
ok,so all thats a part of my inventory of sweet memories.some of them were not so sweet-the fight i had with gulli,the famous slap i pasted on GB(im very sorry for that),the placement days,the labs.the teachers,how can i forget them-rsv(gem of a person),sushma(the cranky one),dhurri(his relations with me are well known),bhatia sir(cant get better),sattu.....
so its ended on a good note.ive got 75.26% which is quite ok frm my agg will now cross 70%.the infamous btp which caused me much hair loss turned out to be quite nice after all,with me getting 83 in it.chal bhai munnu,time to catch some sleep,lest u again oversleep n miss the class tommorrow morning.