Tuesday, November 30, 2004

chill !!! no suicide for me.

heyyy ! the last post sure created sum concern around this place .guess that was a post resulting outta lack of sleep and watching too many movies.Let me say that I am pretty much Ok, i think this world is a beutiful place and i am lucky to be having a good life and I am not contempleting suicide or anything remotely connected to that.
Another of those exams are looming with them starting frm 13th Dec.Ive scored relatively better marks in the mid terms this time and can score a pretty decent grade provided I do my stuff over the end terms.No other restraints to hold me back n i hope that I do well this time.Lifez has been good over these last few days.The drams thing went off coolly , i got a good summers , n got that at delhi (mommy !im coming home),and mid term scores are not that bad.Spent a lot of time checking out blogs after getting free from the summers placement and it sure was fun checking out the different lives going around.
neways, I gotta get up now and catch sum grub at the mess.got up just half n hour b4 the class in the morning and had to miss breakfast . wait a minute , watz this growling sound....my tummy !!! mess walon , here i come !!!!

song : "sohniye" ---donno whoz sung this one !!!!

Monday, November 29, 2004

when the times are hard....

The world is a sea of pretentions.Fools pretend to be intelligent , cheats pretend to be honest , foes pretend to be friends, and all of us go through such stress trying to be what we are not.We are so mindful of what others think of us.We fear hate and rejection.

But what i have learnt so far is that trying to please others is like trying to move a mountain.there are very few people who are really happy with one's success.Whenver I have achieved something , with the exception of my family and a few close friends ,I doubt people have really felt happy for me . Hence I have acquired this care-a-damn attitude about what others think of me.I hate to pretend and always try to be my own self.Its difficult but once you acquire this ,it can be the most comforting and liberating attitude to have.I am still pretty popular because I am a kinda fun character to be with.But I doubt how many of them will be around when bad times come upon me.

Its easy to be the centre of attraction at the hostel mess table ,cracking jokes and sharp ,witty one liners .What is difficult , is to find a person to talk to when you dont have any joke to crack.Its easy to gather "friends" for the party a class topper throws , what is difficult is to find a friend who will listen and comfort you when you fail the exam.Its easy to find people for company for a stroll in the garden , what is difficult is to find a friend to accompany you during a hard trip under a burning sun.And I realise that there will be times in my life when there will be ill have to make this hard trip,when i will have no wit to entertain nebody,when i would have failed.It is in these times when a true friend is needed.And for this true friend , i would not need to pretend.The friend would not need me to be someone he /she desires,but would accept me for what I am.Who would like me not for being at an IIM , not because I have a good job,not because I am a "so called" academic achiever but would like me for what I am , and not for what I have done or not done.It is so very difficult to find such a person , but to find him / her , you dont need to pretend to be someone else,but to just be urself.

I know the above crap would not make much of sense ,and is nothing new , but just wanted to write it down , just wanted to express how phony this world can sometimes be.

song : main nashe me hoon -jagjit singh

Saturday, November 27, 2004

please be scared !

Last night , at around midnight , i bolted my room's door from the inside,drew the curtains,switched off the lights and sat down to watch "Vaastushastra".It had been a long time since I had watched a horror flick and hoped that my blood would freeze and my spine would chill and I wud almost get a heart attack.

But after watching it , I would say that If u got scared by this one, even mother teresa would have managed to scare you.Some highlights :

1.Therez this particular tree which seemingly harbours ghosts.Every time the camera focused onto it,there was this "growling " sound.It was like the sound a hungry tummy would make upon thinking of hot aloo paranthas with butter.

2.They should have distributed night vision goggles along with the CD. There were all kinds of elegant chandeliers and lamps all over the house but it looked like the electricity board forgot to lay down the cables.So the people chose to roam around in absolute darkness for half of the movie.The director must have had a tuff time directing people he cud hardly see.

3.The ghosts looked like house painters who had accidentaly splaterred cans of white paint over themselves.The only diffrence between ghosts and non ghosts was that of colour. Ram gopal verma saved some real cash here.Just a coat of white paint and lo,here is our scary scary ghost !

4.Even sushmita sen dint look hot to me this time.She anyways spent half the film roaming around asking "who is there ?".

The best part was when the credits rolled at the end.

Friday, November 26, 2004

bunking classes , brat !

see, i know that a lot of people see an IIM as the ultimate temple of learning and it is as great a sin as kicking pope in the ass to bunk a class here.But i cudnt really help it after a night out yesterday.So here I am ,carelessly tapping the keyboard , while another of those learned souls is showering the pristine gyan on sleepy students.the subject I have bunked is" Data Processing".Its a very computers related subject and being a computer engineer,i considered it my birthright to score well in it.That was till the mid sems.My scores in it suggest that my paper was written by laloo prasad yadav,instead of me.neways,I was delving on the bunking.The professor is really cool who has been kind enuf to allow students to sleep given the absecnce of snoring.And the probability of ashwarya marrying salman khan is more than his doing a headcount after attendance .So I have asked one of my pals to put in my proxy.

Now,why the night out yesterday ? naaw,not another of those back breaking workload but our play directors took the cast out to dinner ! we had a lot of fun and chatted away to 6 in the morning after dinner.pretty cool.

The summers have been great and I am awaiting for official claearance b4 I post some details.meanwhile,u can catch up on the details of IIM B summers here :http://www.pagalguy.com/cat/viewtopic.php?t=6065&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

chalo yaar,I am still human enuf to attend the next class ,its marketing management and I am to read some stuff about goodyear tyres as a preparation for that.So signing off now!

song : Blue -All Rise

Thursday, November 25, 2004

chill life

just woken up.the breakfast starts in nother 30 mins so just doing some random browsing right now ranging from "Economictimes.com" to "shaadi.com".slept early last night after watching "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam".the movie was released a gud 7-8 years bak but had missed this one.was a real romantic one and surprisingly ,i actually liked it and even got emotionally moved in a couple of scenes.I think ill have to visit a company today fr a BS project.My group members are planning to visit ITC.What we will do is get to the company,try to get in and grab a couple of lazy and jobless blokes in there and ask them sum amazingly stupid questions like " Who is a leader " and submit their answers as a report.

between,read this story about this real gutsy guy:http://www.tehelka.com/story_main8.asp?filename=In112004he_choose.asp

its so hard to hear one's own inner voice in this world bustling with noise but this guy managed to hear it n follow it. kudos.

song- "jhonka hawa ka.....(HDDCS)"

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

thank you god

these are the two most relaxed days im havin in a looong time.that bcos i was placed in slot 1 at summers in "Ernst and Young" and hence no load during the slot 2 which extends fr another 2 days.but u need to see the thing to believe the huge logistics this thing demands with so many comapnies converging on the campus.its really great of the placereps to manage such a huge process.but i am satisfied even though i was kicked outta slot 0 since iu got into one of the better companies of slot 1.thanx to god for that.went out last night to celebrate that at a kinda upmarket restuarant at park street .park street is the only place here which resembles a metro thing with the reamaining city more about fish n shaky chawls.

so nuthin much to do these two days.gotta straighetn my room.the drams thing immediately followed by this summers thing really zapped a lot outta me.but im happy that all those ardous form fillings ended up with something.n therez a gud chance that ill b placed in delhi.so that allows me a great opportunity to be at home during summers.the CAt this time around was a lil diffrent n i guess the guys r as tensed abt the results as ever.i think ill visit the blogs of sum of the aspirants i am following to find out more.

song-hoshwalon ko khabar kya...(jagjit singh)

Saturday, November 20, 2004

ill be back

hey folx.i know.been along time now .in fact,this is so long,i almost forgot my blogspot password and spent half an hour guessing it. but im not gonna leave this thing.just gimme a week more n ill be back .the summers start tommorrow.ive got a slot 0 interview and gotta read up so much stuff about i banking n all.it was quite a shock that an i bank shortlisted me .cant disclose much u see,with all the b schools running their summer placements.all i can say is that i am excited,scared,hopeful etc etc all rolled into one.just hope that this turns out to be fun.

n all the best to all ye guys n gals takin CAT tommorrow.as they say here at IIM C -"put crack !!".

Thursday, November 04, 2004

sane again

hi there.im in the midst of the exam week.4 down,3 to go.got Social science tommorrow.its pretty boring,so i keep gettin distracted by things like checking emails,the online notice board,changing the song.on the top of that,i slept 5 hours staright after the exam today.got up at 8 in the night.the dinner was so crappy...all that ghobi and sad rotis.went up to the departmental store guy at the hostel to check out my account,and was shocked to find its already more than 600 bucks in a very short time.i think i shud study economics harder.since then,been trying to study this social thing.thinz aint moving too fast but then since im game for a night out,the syllabus wont be a problem hopefully.exams hav been going off pretty tolerably,considering that i was pretty scared since the drams thing had eaten up a lot of my time.chalo guys,back to the books.till i decide to change the song again.

current song- "Breaking My Heart" (MLTR)