Thursday, November 25, 2004

chill life

just woken up.the breakfast starts in nother 30 mins so just doing some random browsing right now ranging from "" to "".slept early last night after watching "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam".the movie was released a gud 7-8 years bak but had missed this one.was a real romantic one and surprisingly ,i actually liked it and even got emotionally moved in a couple of scenes.I think ill have to visit a company today fr a BS project.My group members are planning to visit ITC.What we will do is get to the company,try to get in and grab a couple of lazy and jobless blokes in there and ask them sum amazingly stupid questions like " Who is a leader " and submit their answers as a report.

between,read this story about this real gutsy guy:

its so hard to hear one's own inner voice in this world bustling with noise but this guy managed to hear it n follow it. kudos.

song- "jhonka hawa ka.....(HDDCS)"

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Anonymous said...

kudos to Vinayak.
atleast there are few ppl who have the real guts to listen and follow their heart which obviously are non-societal norms.