Thursday, November 04, 2004

sane again

hi in the midst of the exam week.4 down,3 to Social science tommorrow.its pretty boring,so i keep gettin distracted by things like checking emails,the online notice board,changing the song.on the top of that,i slept 5 hours staright after the exam up at 8 in the night.the dinner was so crappy...all that ghobi and sad rotis.went up to the departmental store guy at the hostel to check out my account,and was shocked to find its already more than 600 bucks in a very short time.i think i shud study economics harder.since then,been trying to study this social thing.thinz aint moving too fast but then since im game for a night out,the syllabus wont be a problem hopefully.exams hav been going off pretty tolerably,considering that i was pretty scared since the drams thing had eaten up a lot of my time.chalo guys,back to the books.till i decide to change the song again.

current song- "Breaking My Heart" (MLTR)