Tuesday, August 31, 2004

music at 3 in the morning

the seniors here have got their vacations going till the 8th of next month.so am the only homo sapien in my gallery of the hostel.this in turn,allows me the liberty of playing music at full blast at this unearthly(for the "normal" junta) hour.

so i am playing all kinds of C grade govinda brand numbers which are generally preferred by the rickshaw pullers of UP.some interesting titles-
"kisi disco mein jaaye"
"ankhiyon se goli maare"
"suno sasurjee".
i dont really share the tastes of our rickshaw pulling folks,but just feeling too wierd too care.
between,also put in some work abt statistics,one of our courses here.been playing nonstop while solving some 30 questions .do u think its a good idea to have some music going while studying?
the clock reads 3.22 am.the birds will start chirping in some time n the delicate glow of dawn wud appear.i think i should turn down the volume now.

Monday, August 30, 2004

watz ur rank ?

businessworld has come out with their annual B-school rankings.find it here-http://www.businessworldindia.com/sep0604/coverstory01.asp
IIM Calcutta has been ranked 4th n guess whoz the surprise package-MDI,gurgaon ranked third.the mandevians(slang for MDI folks) must be performing "bhangra" at gurgaon.me being frm gurgaon,had this natural inclination towards MDI since it would have allowed me to eat "ghar ka khana",atleats on weekends.its another story that i was left waiting at waitlist 7 n never made it.
between,the survey has caused a kind of furore here at IIM-C with some mudslinging happening on our intra-campus online board.i personally feel quite indifferent to all these surveys.why cant ppl tolerate being second to nebody.this may stink of a glaring lack of ambition,but i feel that shedding a bit of ego can make life a lot more relaxed.
true,when i was prepping,i got hold of all these surveys n gazed dreamily at all those top 10 names.the accompanying pics.IIM students flashing victory signs.the proud n huge buildings.the bald profs.how i wished to be a part of it all.but diff mags came out with rankings which were as unpredictable as pakistan team's form.so never quite inferred nethin n things remained as they were.
meanwhile,the blog has been listed at mbaleague.blogspot.com.tnx to the ppl maintaining the compilation.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


so my blog hit counter gracefully ambled into four digits today.although i think that around 200 hits would be by urs truly,i consider it a nice lil milestone.point to note is that i put in this counter on the august 1,2004-so that makes it around 44 hits per day.not bad considering my mundane posts.thank you.

but i could have had a better ending to this "momentous" day.had a meeting(do u see a future CEO?) with my class group scheduled at 11 pm regarding some presentation about a novel(english,august) we gotta make tommorrow.had to go to another hostel for that.

so some of my affable hostelmates decide to give me company lest i feel
"bored" on my way there.How nice.now,a CCD(coffee cafe day,u nut)outlet has cropped up at IIM-C sometime earlier this month.n incidentally,it happens to be sitting between my hostel n the hostel which is my destination during this lil walk of me n my hostel folks.so these guys subject me to some heart wrenching emotional blackmail(hey,we r friends na!) which forces me to idiotically agree to pay fr their ventures at CCD.

rocking choco.caribbean colada.n some similar sounding wierd names which seem like names of some ugandan tribes.n they taste like what these tribes must be gulping in those forests.neways,the positive side is that my wallet is a lil easier to carry now.

so i reach the hostel where the meeting is slated to happen.i reach the supposed room where i find another gang in the midst of their own "meeting"(yelling,grinning,etc etc).suddenly these guys feel itchy n decide to conduct a bumping session with me as the honoured guest of their hostel.

ps-refer one of my earlier posts for the intricacies of bumping process.

one of these guys lands a particularly crooked kick n the specs in my shirt pocket fly out n lands peacefully some distance away.on closer inspection,i find that one of its lenses has come off.so these guys leave me with a bruised rear n broken glasses.

i manage to find my group n the meeting gets over peacefully.i was tryin to push back the lens in my specs frame for a major part of the meeting.

thankfully,i am back in my room now without ne further misadventures.planning to get some accounting fundas straight b4 calling it a day.by the way, i managed to push the lens back in the frame.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

just my luck

i am browsing pagalguy rite now.in case ur gyan windows r still shut tight,its a mecca fr the wannabe MBAs(pagalguy.com/cat).ive been a member since last december n must admit its crucial role in my gettin thru CAT.
comin back to the flashback , all those threads there abt the time aimcats n analysis n cutoffs really got me thanking god fr sparing me the misery again .now,maybe there r some of those knowledge seeking souls who enjoy preparing for CAT,but i was never one of them.

it was a burden on my chest,a demon to vanquish,a target to blast apart.some of my friends got thru,some didnt n went on to join software cos n prep again.it requires a lot of motivation n guts to keep preparing year after year under such intense pressure n i think im lucky to get thru the fire im my first attempt.just what if the nov 23 CAT hadnt been cancelled.while the channels were going zappy with the leakage news n showed yelling parents n students ,i was secretly happy for the second chance i had got.just to imagine that i would have been doing some wierd coding at QUARK(thats a software co at chndigarh i was placed in),living in some shaky room,gettin back at 9 n studying for CAT makes me shudder.
thank gawd,i know that i am not in the best of the positions,but it could have been much worse.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

my bike(2000-2004)

my dad called me up abt 2 days back to break the news.my bike has been sold off.i had casually remarked to him that i didnt need the bike over here.never expected it would be so fast.was a black splendor.am not a big guy so ne of those big machines wud have luked like an elephant under me.was the frst vehicle i ever drove.was a gleaming,purring baby when i brought it home on september 9,2000.didnt know to drive it at that time .the learning days were stressful.

release the clutch gradually ,u jerk!!!
can somebody help me pull it up on the stand??
ok,im goin at 40 kms/hr,so do i get into the second gear now??

the first ride to college.my parents looked like they were sending me off to the indo-pak border.the time when i fought at home n rode it to college in pelting rain.my nose was frozen by the time i reached college.n when i drove it into the mound of sand by the roadside while tryin to avoid that toothy urchin .the accelerator wire n one of the indicator lights broke.but i saved the kid.

the lift seekers at the brijwasan crossing.old men with their drooping bellies sticking out their bony arms.i feel guilty abt not obliging many of them.

middle aged women with thick arms,thick red lipstick,smiling stupidly trying to woo motorists with their imagined sensuality.retired guys generally stopped for em.

doods in their tight t-shirts n gelled hair.it was fun cutting them off.see u loser,i got a bike!!!he he.

n then the college going girls.sleeveless tops.sunglasses.colourful handbags.they generally stood a lil way off in the shade.i invariably slowed down as i passed them.got lucky a couple of times.

i hope ive been a good master to the poor thing.never drove it too fast.accidents..a couple of them,but no major ones,those that require the insurance agencies.in the later stages,i cleaned it too infrequently but it looked kinda rugged with all that dirt.just hope that the next guy treats it kindly.

Monday, August 16, 2004

media player n the bed

these r the two thinz that made up my life over the last two days.the frustration of all the exams had to be vented .n was it vented!!i watched 5 movies over the weekend and slept fr a total of 22 hours besides that.wait.that amounts to a total of (22 +2.5*5)=34.5.hours out of 48 hours.n no intense,heart wrenching ,melodramatic movies for me.just lil nice light stuff which makes u feel better.wat i watched were:

1)anger management.
2)spidey 2
3)what women want.(picked up some points.gotta try them out on the girls in the class tommorrow)
4)dumb n dumber
5)jaane bhi do yaaron.

life feels so good rite now.
n yea,actually,i wanted to study too but nothin much has been done after the mid terms .so i had to curb my academic ambitions over these two days,u seeee.
n nother thing,infact a very serious one at that is that i gotta cut back on my spending now.i mean,this is it .i am not going towards the ATM fr another 15 days.the deptt store guy took away 164,xerox shop walla took away 230,the newspaper guy took away 110.......so this is it.im into serious economiziation now.as a starter ,ive discontinued the newspaper n businessworld .figured that i can get the same stuff frm the websites.smart me.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

is the image up??

just to test this image uploadin funda.between,thats my hostel.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

dont get mushy

i have to be honest.i dont have a girlfriend.maybe they didnt find me attractive enough.but what i belive is that i never tried to get one.i dont know what wud have been the consequences had i ventured towards impressing a lady but i know that whenever i think of such things,an underlying aversion for all such stupidities rears its head.i really think that all this mush talk is a serious waste of time and only serves to ruin one's world .the concept of romance only serves the empty headed bollywood directors who use it to excite all the weaklings in our society.i mean,youngsters have committed suicide over all this crap.too wierd.u gotta be strong people.atleast i have got a lot of better things to do .

found this on the net.perfect message for those who wanna be happy-

The quickest way to break your heart, make you depressed and ill,
Is to get tangled up inside; the side effects could kill.
All passion is a waste of time, a deadly game pour vous.
I am your friend, your cher ami, I wouldn't lie to you!

If you must love someone, may I suggest you love yourself!
Just think it through.
You'll never leave and you will find you'll get more rest.
You'll always feel as good as new.
Your freedom is the most important thing, my friend.
You must be strong! You mustn't bend!
Don't talk for hours, don't send flowers, don't write poems,
Don't sing songs and dance beneath the stars that shine above!
Don't fall in love!

Oh, don't do it.

As soon as your heart rules your head, your life is not your own.
It's hell when someone's always there; it's bliss to be alone!
And love of any kind is bad: a dog, a child, a cat.
They take up so much precious time! Now where's the sense in that?

Love takes the wildest heart and makes it tame.
If you're turned on, then just turn off!
Emotions are a thing all great men overcame.
Please don't make this your catastrophe!
Don't get attached to anyone or anything.
There's nothing worse than things that cling!
You'll go to pot, you'll turn to drink, you'll never rest,
You'll end up mad and looking like some poor, demented dove.
Don't fall in love!

Don't fall in love!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

back to normality

it feels nice to sit with ur feet propped up on the chair with the rain outside n no more classes for the day n the exams just behind u.thats the priveledged state i am in right now.but i guess i deserve this.i slept for max 15 hours during the 5 days of the mid terms .n what happened during the weekend after it was somethin which is hard to explain in words .u wont get it this way.to put it very formally,it was a kinda inter hostel competition known as WORLD WAR here. it involves a lot of adrenalin,sweat,passion,anger,teamwork.the entire campus was covered with banners n posters fr those 2 dayz .will get to the details later but all i can say is that ne IIMCian remembers the world war as fondly as nething.

n yea,suddenly im reeling under an unexpected wave of outwards cash flow(seee....im startin to get these accounting terms!!) n damaged possessions.my glasses have lost their lenses,my bucket is missing,im spendin too much at the canteen,my cellphone antennae has gone missing n a haircut is long due.im thinkin of maintaining an excel sheet,)even thought up a name for it-MONEY MATTERS) ,which shall contain the records of my daily spendings.this way i can track my spending habits.i even got a reminder software from the net(named PINK CALENDER).i feed in all the deadlines n events in it n it gives out a shrill TRRRRIINNNNGG wenever im startin to forget about it.so im begginnin to use technology to organise me life.

on the movies front,i caught hold of "mujhse shaadi karogi".was kinda ok in the frst half but the second one was beyond my rudimentary comprehension skills.akshay was funny all right.salman tried to look funny all right.priyanka was pretty all right.the movie was just a time pass thing all right.i think ill watch nother one today,provided my memory doesnt decide to remember somthin at the wrong time.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

2 to go

3 down.2 to go.it feels exciting to mark down the exams as I get rid of them.got over with IPEH(indian pol eco history )in the morning.was one of the most boring subjects ive read in a long time.i mean,more boring than those "indian classical " sabhas beamed on doordarshan .got statistics tommorrow.looks reasonable considering i feel that i am comfy with probability.but with so many iitians here,i know that relaxing is just criminal.gotta start with stats now.this computer....its said this makes the world run.but for me,its ruining my career.surfing.music.videos.blogging.where is the value addition part?it has been the way during comp engg also.only some crappy turbo C/word/matlab last-minute-panicky-just working type stuff has been created on it.too bad im not the type who is delighted with the joys of making a C program.

its raining outside.looks wonderful with the lake n the ducks n the trees and the breeze at my fourth floor balcony is amazing.i think ill move to the balcony now.with the stats book in my hand,of course.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

the week ahead

so this is it.my frst formal exam at IIM Cal is slated at 10 tomm morning.a subject called microeconomics.

should i sleep tonight.my friends have been making strange noises about the mind being freshened up by a gudnite's sleep.but what use is a fresh brain when u dont have nethin in it.lets see.i think ill catch up on some stuff to do and decide later about the sleep part.i missed my dinner .couldnt bear the sight of those crappy potatoes which have come to symbolise IIM C to me.went down to the night canteen .an aloo parantha for just 6 bucks is quite good.hot tea.n then those cheese sandwiches.a couple of freinds to joke with.not a perfect scenario b4 an exam but a very pleasant one nonetheless.o yea,also a pepsi from the kotler's shop.whoa,this looks a lot yar.

and another thing which deserves mention is the bumping i got last night.this is a very dreadful process in which a guy (never seen a girl gettin this)is hauled up by some giggling beings and his ass is subjected to some real third degree interrogation style kicks by anyone who wants .maybe some kind soul decided to use his slipper instead.its basically done with birthday boyz n their wingies but the public can make an impromtu decision to do this to anybody.so this anybody was mercilessly decided to be me by the hostel ppl who had gathered at the quad yesterday to celebrate anand's bday.
neways,its already 2.20 am.i guess i should do somethin better than revelling in memories right now.back to the books and notes.
wish me luck.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

life all messed up!!!

some things just dont change.the way these exams tranform my life has always been the same ever since i appeared for my frst formal exam(must hav been my class KG somewhere in 1985-86).n to date it brings along the feelings a pretty lass experiences when faced with a lusty gulshan grover.

right now,im typing from my room at the new hostel,IIM calcutta.i got up at around 10:30.....no ,im not a late riser but i happened to sleep at 4:30 in the morning.i havent stepped outta my room since gettin up,so obviously i havent washed my face,havent brushed my teeth ,havent read the newspaper so what have i done???

ive been reading things like--"Marx had seen rise of large monopolisteic and oligopolistic production units on the basis of what he called the processes of concentration and centralization....".this is what a subject like INDIAN ECO-POLITICAL HISTORY can do to one's senses.im not gonna do this shit nemore.the exam is on wednesday,so i can postpone the torture till tuesday.i think ill try out some more interesting subjects now....all of them luk interesting till u actually have to study them!!!
n to top it all,india takes on lanka in about 30 mins from now.i am in a real dharam sankat(thats hindi for a soul wrenching dilemma) about my watching it...

i guess ill have to stand up now,just half an hour b4 the lunch closes down n i slept thru the breakfast so missing it would be too much fr my not so little tummy.