Tuesday, August 31, 2004

music at 3 in the morning

the seniors here have got their vacations going till the 8th of next month.so am the only homo sapien in my gallery of the hostel.this in turn,allows me the liberty of playing music at full blast at this unearthly(for the "normal" junta) hour.

so i am playing all kinds of C grade govinda brand numbers which are generally preferred by the rickshaw pullers of UP.some interesting titles-
"kisi disco mein jaaye"
"ankhiyon se goli maare"
"suno sasurjee".
i dont really share the tastes of our rickshaw pulling folks,but just feeling too wierd too care.
between,also put in some work abt statistics,one of our courses here.been playing nonstop while solving some 30 questions .do u think its a good idea to have some music going while studying?
the clock reads 3.22 am.the birds will start chirping in some time n the delicate glow of dawn wud appear.i think i should turn down the volume now.