Wednesday, August 04, 2004

2 to go

3 down.2 to feels exciting to mark down the exams as I get rid of over with IPEH(indian pol eco history )in the morning.was one of the most boring subjects ive read in a long time.i mean,more boring than those "indian classical " sabhas beamed on doordarshan .got statistics tommorrow.looks reasonable considering i feel that i am comfy with probability.but with so many iitians here,i know that relaxing is just criminal.gotta start with stats now.this computer....its said this makes the world run.but for me,its ruining my is the value addition part?it has been the way during comp engg also.only some crappy turbo C/word/matlab last-minute-panicky-just working type stuff has been created on it.too bad im not the type who is delighted with the joys of making a C program.

its raining outside.looks wonderful with the lake n the ducks n the trees and the breeze at my fourth floor balcony is amazing.i think ill move to the balcony now.with the stats book in my hand,of course.

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