Wednesday, August 11, 2004

dont get mushy

i have to be honest.i dont have a girlfriend.maybe they didnt find me attractive enough.but what i belive is that i never tried to get one.i dont know what wud have been the consequences had i ventured towards impressing a lady but i know that whenever i think of such things,an underlying aversion for all such stupidities rears its head.i really think that all this mush talk is a serious waste of time and only serves to ruin one's world .the concept of romance only serves the empty headed bollywood directors who use it to excite all the weaklings in our society.i mean,youngsters have committed suicide over all this crap.too wierd.u gotta be strong people.atleast i have got a lot of better things to do .

found this on the net.perfect message for those who wanna be happy-

The quickest way to break your heart, make you depressed and ill,
Is to get tangled up inside; the side effects could kill.
All passion is a waste of time, a deadly game pour vous.
I am your friend, your cher ami, I wouldn't lie to you!

If you must love someone, may I suggest you love yourself!
Just think it through.
You'll never leave and you will find you'll get more rest.
You'll always feel as good as new.
Your freedom is the most important thing, my friend.
You must be strong! You mustn't bend!
Don't talk for hours, don't send flowers, don't write poems,
Don't sing songs and dance beneath the stars that shine above!
Don't fall in love!

Oh, don't do it.

As soon as your heart rules your head, your life is not your own.
It's hell when someone's always there; it's bliss to be alone!
And love of any kind is bad: a dog, a child, a cat.
They take up so much precious time! Now where's the sense in that?

Love takes the wildest heart and makes it tame.
If you're turned on, then just turn off!
Emotions are a thing all great men overcame.
Please don't make this your catastrophe!
Don't get attached to anyone or anything.
There's nothing worse than things that cling!
You'll go to pot, you'll turn to drink, you'll never rest,
You'll end up mad and looking like some poor, demented dove.
Don't fall in love!

Don't fall in love!


Govar said...

LOL. saw too many movies or sth? or a friend met a love failure?


Anonymous said...

he he.yea dood.that was under a sudden wave of feelin angry at these stupid over with it....


Anonymous said...

he he.yea dood.that was under a sudden wave of feelin angry at these stupid over with it....