Tuesday, August 03, 2004

the week ahead

so this is it.my frst formal exam at IIM Cal is slated at 10 tomm morning.a subject called microeconomics.

should i sleep tonight.my friends have been making strange noises about the mind being freshened up by a gudnite's sleep.but what use is a fresh brain when u dont have nethin in it.lets see.i think ill catch up on some stuff to do and decide later about the sleep part.i missed my dinner .couldnt bear the sight of those crappy potatoes which have come to symbolise IIM C to me.went down to the night canteen .an aloo parantha for just 6 bucks is quite good.hot tea.n then those cheese sandwiches.a couple of freinds to joke with.not a perfect scenario b4 an exam but a very pleasant one nonetheless.o yea,also a pepsi from the kotler's shop.whoa,this looks a lot yar.

and another thing which deserves mention is the bumping i got last night.this is a very dreadful process in which a guy (never seen a girl gettin this)is hauled up by some giggling beings and his ass is subjected to some real third degree interrogation style kicks by anyone who wants .maybe some kind soul decided to use his slipper instead.its basically done with birthday boyz n their wingies but the public can make an impromtu decision to do this to anybody.so this anybody was mercilessly decided to be me by the hostel ppl who had gathered at the quad yesterday to celebrate anand's bday.
neways,its already 2.20 am.i guess i should do somethin better than revelling in memories right now.back to the books and notes.
wish me luck.