Monday, August 30, 2004

watz ur rank ?

businessworld has come out with their annual B-school rankings.find it here-
IIM Calcutta has been ranked 4th n guess whoz the surprise package-MDI,gurgaon ranked third.the mandevians(slang for MDI folks) must be performing "bhangra" at being frm gurgaon,had this natural inclination towards MDI since it would have allowed me to eat "ghar ka khana",atleats on weekends.its another story that i was left waiting at waitlist 7 n never made it.
between,the survey has caused a kind of furore here at IIM-C with some mudslinging happening on our intra-campus online board.i personally feel quite indifferent to all these surveys.why cant ppl tolerate being second to nebody.this may stink of a glaring lack of ambition,but i feel that shedding a bit of ego can make life a lot more relaxed.
true,when i was prepping,i got hold of all these surveys n gazed dreamily at all those top 10 names.the accompanying pics.IIM students flashing victory signs.the proud n huge buildings.the bald i wished to be a part of it all.but diff mags came out with rankings which were as unpredictable as pakistan team's never quite inferred nethin n things remained as they were.
meanwhile,the blog has been listed at to the ppl maintaining the compilation.


Govar said...

Although no one really cares abt rankings, I admire ur indifference to being rated 4! Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! » » »