Sunday, August 22, 2004

just my luck

i am browsing pagalguy rite case ur gyan windows r still shut tight,its a mecca fr the wannabe MBAs( been a member since last december n must admit its crucial role in my gettin thru CAT.
comin back to the flashback , all those threads there abt the time aimcats n analysis n cutoffs really got me thanking god fr sparing me the misery again .now,maybe there r some of those knowledge seeking souls who enjoy preparing for CAT,but i was never one of them.

it was a burden on my chest,a demon to vanquish,a target to blast apart.some of my friends got thru,some didnt n went on to join software cos n prep requires a lot of motivation n guts to keep preparing year after year under such intense pressure n i think im lucky to get thru the fire im my first attempt.just what if the nov 23 CAT hadnt been cancelled.while the channels were going zappy with the leakage news n showed yelling parents n students ,i was secretly happy for the second chance i had got.just to imagine that i would have been doing some wierd coding at QUARK(thats a software co at chndigarh i was placed in),living in some shaky room,gettin back at 9 n studying for CAT makes me shudder.
thank gawd,i know that i am not in the best of the positions,but it could have been much worse.


Govar said...

LOL. Same here. Thx God we had a second chance. Hey, whats ur PG id?

Anonymous said...

hiya govar
mez cooldude over dad is still counting the bucks i burnt browsin the forum.

Anonymous said...

Jam here,

I unanimously agree with you guys on the "thank God for the second chance" part !!!


Anonymous said...

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