Monday, August 16, 2004

media player n the bed

these r the two thinz that made up my life over the last two days.the frustration of all the exams had to be vented .n was it vented!!i watched 5 movies over the weekend and slept fr a total of 22 hours besides that.wait.that amounts to a total of (22 +2.5*5)=34.5.hours out of 48 hours.n no intense,heart wrenching ,melodramatic movies for me.just lil nice light stuff which makes u feel better.wat i watched were:

1)anger management.
2)spidey 2
3)what women want.(picked up some points.gotta try them out on the girls in the class tommorrow)
4)dumb n dumber
5)jaane bhi do yaaron.

life feels so good rite now.
n yea,actually,i wanted to study too but nothin much has been done after the mid terms .so i had to curb my academic ambitions over these two days,u seeee.
n nother thing,infact a very serious one at that is that i gotta cut back on my spending now.i mean,this is it .i am not going towards the ATM fr another 15 days.the deptt store guy took away 164,xerox shop walla took away 230,the newspaper guy took away this is into serious economiziation a starter ,ive discontinued the newspaper n businessworld .figured that i can get the same stuff frm the me.