Tuesday, August 24, 2004


so my blog hit counter gracefully ambled into four digits today.although i think that around 200 hits would be by urs truly,i consider it a nice lil milestone.point to note is that i put in this counter on the august 1,2004-so that makes it around 44 hits per day.not bad considering my mundane posts.thank you.

but i could have had a better ending to this "momentous" day.had a meeting(do u see a future CEO?) with my class group scheduled at 11 pm regarding some presentation about a novel(english,august) we gotta make tommorrow.had to go to another hostel for that.

so some of my affable hostelmates decide to give me company lest i feel
"bored" on my way there.How nice.now,a CCD(coffee cafe day,u nut)outlet has cropped up at IIM-C sometime earlier this month.n incidentally,it happens to be sitting between my hostel n the hostel which is my destination during this lil walk of me n my hostel folks.so these guys subject me to some heart wrenching emotional blackmail(hey,we r friends na!) which forces me to idiotically agree to pay fr their ventures at CCD.

rocking choco.caribbean colada.n some similar sounding wierd names which seem like names of some ugandan tribes.n they taste like what these tribes must be gulping in those forests.neways,the positive side is that my wallet is a lil easier to carry now.

so i reach the hostel where the meeting is slated to happen.i reach the supposed room where i find another gang in the midst of their own "meeting"(yelling,grinning,etc etc).suddenly these guys feel itchy n decide to conduct a bumping session with me as the honoured guest of their hostel.

ps-refer one of my earlier posts for the intricacies of bumping process.

one of these guys lands a particularly crooked kick n the specs in my shirt pocket fly out n lands peacefully some distance away.on closer inspection,i find that one of its lenses has come off.so these guys leave me with a bruised rear n broken glasses.

i manage to find my group n the meeting gets over peacefully.i was tryin to push back the lens in my specs frame for a major part of the meeting.

thankfully,i am back in my room now without ne further misadventures.planning to get some accounting fundas straight b4 calling it a day.by the way, i managed to push the lens back in the frame.


Govar said...

We really miss a CCD here. Would've been fun. Gotta lotta money, where to spend? Indore's damn cheap! :-P

Anonymous said...

u liar... since when did the NTB start lying between NH and WH.... and considering that the meetings were held in lanroom, u dont even have the allibi of going through annexe. anyway, you can make up by treating me to coffee ASA i get rid of this cold n fever.
AFA the book ppt is considered, i thought of calling u a freerider but was quickly reminded of my role in it so desisted for the time being :)

~good night hai ab.... aditya

Anonymous said...

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