Sunday, August 01, 2004

life all messed up!!!

some things just dont change.the way these exams tranform my life has always been the same ever since i appeared for my frst formal exam(must hav been my class KG somewhere in 1985-86).n to date it brings along the feelings a pretty lass experiences when faced with a lusty gulshan grover.

right now,im typing from my room at the new hostel,IIM calcutta.i got up at around ,im not a late riser but i happened to sleep at 4:30 in the morning.i havent stepped outta my room since gettin up,so obviously i havent washed my face,havent brushed my teeth ,havent read the newspaper so what have i done???

ive been reading things like--"Marx had seen rise of large monopolisteic and oligopolistic production units on the basis of what he called the processes of concentration and centralization....".this is what a subject like INDIAN ECO-POLITICAL HISTORY can do to one's not gonna do this shit nemore.the exam is on wednesday,so i can postpone the torture till tuesday.i think ill try out some more interesting subjects now....all of them luk interesting till u actually have to study them!!!
n to top it all,india takes on lanka in about 30 mins from now.i am in a real dharam sankat(thats hindi for a soul wrenching dilemma) about my watching it...

i guess ill have to stand up now,just half an hour b4 the lunch closes down n i slept thru the breakfast so missing it would be too much fr my not so little tummy.


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