Thursday, July 08, 2004

good morning

its 2 in the morning and another hour or so to go b4 i call it a day.i think that sleeping fr abt 4-5 hrs ie frm 3-7.30/8.00 is sufficient .its nice that i did a lil of studies 2day rather than wasting time as the last nite when i watched lakshya on the comp.ive managed to get my finacc fundas a lil clearer n some bit of economics.i think that bs and political history r too global n sleepy to be tried at such hours.i must get into this routine of studying regularly n i think that im on the rite track by not loitering arnd too much after the mostly in my room with the songs going .a lotta guys have beeen gettiin their comps over the last coupla dayz n the noise level has def gone up in the hostel ,also manged to find some pics of our famous "world war" on the lan.the part abt iim c which is truly rocking is that the activities r so involoving that one truly feels an integral part of this great institution.

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