Sunday, July 18, 2004

enjoying life

things are cool.though today was not a very good day fr my intended extra currics activities.we are running through our marketing cell weekend-"seige 2004".started nicely with me getting thru the frst round of clash of titans but not much thereafter.kicked out in sicilian defense and addict.lets wait fr the kotler's cheese part but im still not clear on what my team did with that so dont have much hopes.but its nice that im becoming kinda popular at the college here with my nick spreading around like wildfire.on the studies front,im kinda wanting to work harder.been playing too much of tt these days.fincc is one sub i need to work upon.hopefully,there wont be much load tomm and i can peacefully catch up on some studies.rite now,im listening to songs.the gallery is empty 2nite with all the seniors gone out somewhere.listening to koi milll gaya...................what next????????

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