Monday, July 26, 2004


ive slept for about 3 hrs over the last 40 im in a hurry to really catch up on the damn thing tonite(or is it already morning!!).now dont think that ive been studyin all this time.yestreday nite we had the auditions fr the DRAMATICS cell and they strecthed up frm about 10 to 4 in the morning.we had three rounds-enacting,mime,voice .was a quite enjoyable experince n i guess i did ok.dont know what others felt but im luking frward to the results.but im sorts alarmed at the rate mid sems r appraoching n ive still not got into the groove.all these clubs hav taken up al lotta time.but ive decided to start in the earnest now n absolutely banish all video watching.songsss...ummm...mebe they can live .gotta prsent BS case tommorrow is one subject i think interests me but still these cases are so weird in the sense that u dont know wat to do with em after the reading part.

and yea..INDIA lost to PAK today.but these thinz dont really exccite me of the down sides of maturing,eh???.
chalo.let me just wrap  up ne pending stuff n hit the sack.gudnite!!!