Sunday, October 24, 2004

return of the ....whatver.....

im back.recharged n rejuvenated n revitalised.err,this looks like a pharmacy clinic ad.neways,ive had the time to pause n see the direction im going in n the one i shud go in.n they r quite ive decided to do a lot of things differently frm now on.n i better do them fast fr the next month or so is gonna be a super sonic mid terms start on the 1st,the play on 14th n the summers start frm 21st.

thankfully,ive managed to straighten up my room after i landed here at about 10 in the morning.but the mess wont start b4 tomm, so im facing a lil nutritional crunch rite now.neways,the stuff i got frm home is coming in handy.wait,i just remembered that one of the things i decided to do differently is to spend lesser time on things not causing an increase in my academic performance.n i think blogging wont lead to ne kinda increase in my CG under any the shutters r gonna be pulled down on this post.but ill b back with a lot more on what i did,read,watched n most importantly "thought" during the hols. ya.u read that right.i actually THOUGHT a lot.

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Anonymous said...

Hi abhinav ktya be kaisa hai tuuu
tera baap hoon pehchaan ke dikahaaa

abhi tak 4 feet hai ya kuch increasse hua size

4 feet and 4 cm