Saturday, March 18, 2006

Heartfelt thanks.

There are some moments when you move on from one page to the next one in your life book . Like when I was a baby who had to crawl under tables and skirts to move around , I was on the page titled 'My life as a crawling person ' , however creepy that may sound . Then one day my parents had this Maneka Gandhi-ian brainwave and they took me to the delhi zoo .They took me to the various enclosures .They decided to take a break in the lawn right outside the camel's enclosure .So my ma spread out a sheet on the grass and put me down as she took out the stuff she had cooked for lunch.While she looked around in the bag , I checked out the camel , had a surge of some real wild baby hormone , and took my first steps ever .My ma let out a chuckle in surprise and let go of my hand .My dad clicked this .So the page titled 'My life as a person who can walk' starts with a photograph of me with the 'Doctor ! Main chal sakta hun !' expression on my face staggering towards a camel who has the perfect 'I don't care about your walking , kid . I am real constipated' expression on its face .

In the same way , yesterday I switched over from the page titled 'My life as an unemployed youth with a huge affinity to the ATM card provided by Dad and considering an alternate career in terrorism' to the page with the topic 'My life as an employed youth with zero formal dressing sense and still a rather strong affinity to the ATM card provided by Dad'.

You know , this is the problem with guys like me.

I need to go to the toilet but I don't say 'Excuse me' and go away . Instead I start with a story about the time when a two year old me pissed in my aunt's lap so hard she almost suffered from multiple thigh fractures .Then I continue to talk about my aunt and her husband who worked in NASA and somehow the entire talk ends in stuff like 'Is there life outside earth' and I completely forget that I need to go to the toilet . So I will rephrase all that I have so stupidly said - I got a job at ITC Limited . I think I got into one of the bigger and better companies with a strong marketing involvement , which is in line with my goals .

A real thanks to all the people who left the good luck messages on this blog , or dropped offliners or mailed me for the same .I really wish I could compress some kinda treat into a zip file and mail it to all of you and you could download it and double click on it to find it's a virus actually. Nah , sacchi , more than the job , this post is about being grateful to all those people who had the wonderfully nice hearts to wish me luck .There have been some very special people who kept me going - and these people know how much it means to me .

Anyways , so what faces me are last 12 days at IIM C with not much to do except burn all the pictures and movies and music on CDs and burn all the books in the hot and actual sense . Since the ITC headquarters are at Calcutta , I shall be coming back to this city again .

I would really like to thank you guys for listening to stuff as weird as Lux chocolate variant over the stay I have had at IIM -C . Infact that reminds me , someone actually mailed me saying that I have always been spelling 'weird' as 'wierd' on this blog .I actually thought it was 'wierd' , which reflects on my spelling skills in a rather weird light .

I have been typing all this stuff over the last 20 minutes or so while sitting on my bed and I haven't got out of it since waking up this morning .So now I need to get out and brush my teeth.Between , it makes me remember the time I was on a train and I had no toothpaste and had to borrow it from this lovely girl and how we got talking about Toothpastes and dental structures and how she thought Kashmiris have better teeth due to all the apples they eat how that led us to the Kashmir Issue and Pakistan's role in it ....Uee ma , here I go again with my random thoughts .

I need to brush my teeth .I just need to shut up.


Fursat said...

me 1st :D

in wishing congrates and commenting too :P

Fursat said...

yeah you need to shut up sometime for a change though :P

i remember that zoo-camel incident when you walked for the 1st time...arre i wasnt there with my parents...u told me this buddu..:P

teri pic bilkul suit karti hai ab tere profile mein...aur haan iss free ki ciggi ke chakkar mein khud peena shuru mat kar dena :P

again loads of congrates and wishes to you !!!!!

chal ab to tere pass bahut paise hone wale hain :P

take care!!!

Anonymous said...

congrats once again man :) ab toh ayega khul ke market mein ;) ( sounds like tere upar SALE 20 % off ka label lagne wala hai :p ) jst kidding .... wish u all the best for ur job, hope u dnt get a snotty blood sucking boss instead u get a white-salwar-suit with small bindi wali boss ..


Kaps said...

badhayi ho :)

ab saare products ITC ke..ok?.
toothpaste bhi, :)

and boss..treat ka kuch to kar..woh kya hai main free mein congrats nahi bolta..adaat nahi hai ;)

shravan said...


Hitler's soul to sell sutta eh?
Good luck man!

tinku said...

Mubarak ho mubarak ho! Chakk diye futte? Mast reh bhidu mast reh ;)

Ab to ITC mein ciggrette ki smoke ke saath saath laughing gas bhi pahunch jayegi. Aadha time to employees hanste rahenge, ITC ki productivity 50% gir jayegi. HR wale jinhone tujhe hire kiya unhe fire kar diya jayega. 2 saal baad hum kahenge "Acchi company thi bechari" =))

Office ka pehla din and she walks upto munnu and "Hi Munnu!".. Munnu looks down 'pink sandals', and up 'pink salwar' and up 'pink kameez', and up 'green bangles' *ahem*...THE BEGINNING!


!xobile said...

shabaash mere cheetay!

Mitthu said...

Congrats!!! You sound happy.

lolita said...

shabaash!!gud to hear tht u got wat u desrevd....enjoy ur job in calcutta,tum delhi nahin aa rahe kya????/

Jaggu said...

LOLZZZZ HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS MAN !!! ITC awesome man...kick some ass out there....So i guess at any stage in the future u come down to Chennai on any future Marketing Assignments ( may b for signing up a hotbod Tamilian actress for a celebrity add) , u owe me a treat!!!
So IIM-CAL in the next fortnight or somethin must be one hellava Party place where everyone throwin bashes for their high-profile and high-payin jobs !! Rock man .. u guys njoy ur place in the sun
Hey buddy, i hope u will still check ur Yahoo Inbox nd answer some queries and offer some valuable suggestions for me regarding preps for CAT as i am seriously plannin to have a crack @ CAT-06......
Neways wishin u all the best for all future...

vikas temani said...

hey man congrats. I have been reading ur blog for quite sometime now. and it really makes me smile everytime. thanks a lot for all these smiles that u have given me and God bless you.

Biren said...

Hi Hitler's soul

1st of all congrats

I am reading ur blog since last 1 month.

ek baat to hai _----U r big big big BAKAR----.

But ur this bakar made me laugh so thanks a lot.

rachana said...

you can't brush,while u shut up...need to open ur mouth!!
congratulations!! now all the Indore wali aunts can take a sigh of relief and may start to hunt fot "ek achcha rishta"!
wishing u all the success for future.

Viveka said...

hey congrats...itc sounds of luck 4 ur new job...n if u need sum tips 4 dressin up...dun hesitate 2 ask ;)

desperado said...

hey man..have been regularly visitin ur blog ..dont know for how long
thought my first comment be "congrats"
....for dis blog..u surely know how to be funny..n its been a real treat to read ur stuff..

n second "congrats" for d job
ITC ki vaat mat lagana bas ..:)

may u have a grt life

P.S. ull still keep bloggin na..ill surely need my dose of fun n laughter frm u

Vinodh said...

Wow munna bhai..great going congrats...and all the best for you the survival of ITC :)

anu said... ghar ke khoob saare saman ka fokat mai intzaam ho gaya ...kabhi kabhi kuch rashan pani idhar bhi bhej dena badi kripa hogi sardaar apki....congrats sir...ab to munnu bangaya gentelman...n babuji ke kurte or bahan ke dahej ka bhi jugaad lag deviyo or sajjano jise bhi hitler ki atma ne bmw or mercedez ka promise kiya hai chodna nahi...kya mujhe kya matlab...yaad dila rahi hoon .arre mera commission fix he na...kya baat hame berozgaari haath lage...i think i need to shut up now...kya sochenge log mere baarei mai ki itnee khulle mai commission ki baat kartee hai...n treat kaha pe hai?


Congrats Abhinav. I am really happy that such a good guy like you got a Job at last. Good. Keep it up.

Since you are going to join ITC Limited, I hope your office will be in Russel Street.

Now you will have to read the famous caption everyday "Cigarette smoking is injurious to health".

sunshine said...

I was passing the EM Bypass when I saw the ITC Sonar Bangla and was like... uueee maa.... it's soon gonna be Munnu's home.

I hear ITC is gonna launch a new range of blogging products... stuffs that make people laugh and you'll be heading this ITC Blogging section.

Good going man, just lemme know if ever you need a sexy secy. BTW, 30/8 kitna hota hai?

Anonymous said...

badhai ho:-)...ITC kitna deti hai....??

Miss Sea said...

when people write btw in the beginning of the sentence they mean by the way and not between.

congrats :)

Sayesha said...

Congrats! May you get your own ATM card soon! :D

Anonymous said...

congrats.....better not stop blogging.

Anonymous said...

HI !!!


commenting on ur blog after ages.....or mabee months....

newaz me feelng 2 happy for u yaar...

bass wait kar 2 saal baad me also cumng 2 work under ur supervision...

bi.....nd take care
nd njoi ur last few dayz of stay at iim c, it means so much 2 u nd 2 me also in sum wayz...


sunflower said...

CONGRATS!! great u can mail ur indoore wali mamis and pune wali chachis...:)

Ann said...

Congrats on the job.

Shahab said...

Great ! Heartiest congratulations and the very best for your future ..!

Hehe .. It would be a nice advert depicting Hitler smoking ITC cigarettes ..:P ..

(For your competitors of course :P .. Who are they btw ?)

Niharika said...

hi Abhinav...congratulations!!... so finally managed a great deal!! better not slack on the blog scene though..
P.S the song screeching frm my winamp rite now is ... Sutta na milla!! well ull surely never have to sing it now!
all the very best to you!

Himanshu said...

hey...congrats Dude...
Hitler In Moruya Sheraton..!! ...:)

dont shut this mouth for long..!!Sup..

Niedhie said...

So now from Mr. Soul to the Candyman :))

Really great to hear positive from your side. So finally flowers can merrily be happy again...
Enjoy your stay in Bengal. I am missing the place too much these days, exams aa rahe hain naa. Will go back only after they get over.

Heartiest Congratulations to you!

ravi said...

hi abhinav
i have been reading your blog for last few months and i m not a blogger. so, i cant xpress myself as effectively as you guys do.
i just waana say THANK YOU.
after a long and hard day ,u make me laugh.
congrats for job in itc calcutta

pandora said...

....and a heartfelt congratulations to you :)

you n shut up?...arre na na..continue ;)

lotus dew said...


Shekhar said...


Balle balle..

Kwab said...

have been reading your blogs for 2 months...U writings r really hilarious....never left without a laugh from here....(u got a gr8t skill of making other laugh....)

trash_u said...

congratz buddy..!!!

hmmm.. best of luck for this new chapter of your life


romram said...

Congrats.... but keep blogging!!!!

Ashish Gupta said...


CONGRATS. nice crack >:D<

dkjariwala said...

'Abhi'nandan! [That's 'Congrats' in Gujarati]

Actually there was no doubt in my mind that you will get a good job soon. Though I am bit worried that new job might force you to blog less and then I won't have wierd stories to read!

Anyway, wish you good luck in your new journey..


Suds said...

Hey buddy congrats. I always knew u will get a job u will love. So good luck with the new phase in life.

Today before writing this comments I just looked at the number of existing comments and there were 39. Man with so many well wisher around u will always do well in life. So enjoy..:):)

ITC is a great company. Hope u love ur job and keep blogging..:)

divya said...

Should i tell everyone how u`ve been cajoling me into taking up smoking?? by the way remember how we`d decided a month ago..that the next time we`d speak one of us would be employed... now i`m waiting for my treat,pocket money and scooty pep! abhinav in a suit in his 13th floor chamber with two pretty secretaries for company... wow it makes a wonderful picture

Shwetha said...

Congratulations!!!and ur blog is really toooooooo good,we all read it here in hyderabad,regularly.some of us have given our iimc interviews last week,if we make it then its a pity we wont be meeting u on campus:)anyway great job with the blog!
congrats once again for ur placement

Debi Mishra said...

I am really happy to read about ur job..Visiting ur blog for last few months...Sometimes it is very inspiring(Sauteee)...I do not know much about life in IIM ..i know it is tough.

You deserve this for ur hardwork.

But keep blogging after u join ur job.

Thanks buddy for entertaining us..

I think u can also forget NEHA AND FIND SOMEONE ELSE

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

badhai ho bhai jaan.......aise hi life mein aage badhte raho.


Anonymous said...

Way 2 go dude!! All the best for ur stint at ITC btw i have been reading ur blog since may

parag said...

Hearty Congrats .....n Best of luck for ur future....

vandy said...

Job was not really a problem for you as u were exaggerating :-)
congrats. pl keep blogging and make us laugh.
-a regular here.

Tar said...

Wah! Wah!! Congratulations...

You would do real good heading their anti-mosquitoes and repellents' marketing division...

Good Luck.. and keep blogging...

arpz said...

congrats ! when's the party ? coollll

amyth said...


Life is gonna be full of Annapoornas and all those cigarrettes and Sunfeast biscuits and Expression greetings!!!

Ok kidding..
But seriously, happy for you man.

i hope u will continue posting here though..

Jyo said...

Hey Abhi.. Congratulations and Celebrations!!...


Kane said...

Hey abhinav,

This is my first read of your blog. It really made me smile and was overwhelmed by the scores of comments you have attracted and you didnt stop with that, you have showed a reason for some attractions (sunshine) to be expressed through.....Amazing and congrats for your new job at ITC and as everyone else, I would like to see you writing, your random thoughts and your daily happenings....would make a great read and bring a broad smile in many a face..

Sweet people, you have around, so shouldnt be dearth for any sweet moments....I wish you good luck well

me said...

arre wah, job with ITC....tht sounds cool. congratulations hain and all the best bhi hai :)chalo now u r an employed guy bt plz keep updating ur blog.

Anonymous said...

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pavan kumar said...

congrats, now you wont need links like the one in the comment above.. anymore.. I am also looking forward to such a new chapter: my graduation :)

hoping to see some happy posts soon, say worklife humor?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Thats great news!!

Anwesha Chatterjee said...

I have been a regular reader of your blog, even though I have been too lazy to leave a comment earlier. But this one calls for special effort. Hope you manage to sustain your huge talent for writing such humorous stuff even after your foray into the corporate world! Trust me, it will be hectic and gruelling, but special people like you should make the difference.

Ankit said...

Arrey yaar crack max god level job hai ITC to BHAGWAN HAI.
good luck with Classic regulars. I m sure u will raise its smoke higher in the mind and deeper in the lungs of many.
Aise things at my side are not tht great..:(

amIda1 said...

congrats dude!

Kalyani said...

Congrats! I work at ITC and am a regular at your blog. :-)

G K said...

I suppose this was the best thanks you have ever given to people who really turn to your page as they login to their PC's. They all love to know you and appreciate the way you write.
To me you are the best blogger i have ever come accross.No one's like you.I wish you luck for all the days to come which you'll be spending in ITC.

Krish said...

Hey Abhinav, it is coolest of news..great..congrats.You must be in cloud nine.All the best.

The Bhandari's said...

congratulations and Celebrations :)
all the best

Anonymous said...

Abey gayab movie ke tushar kapoor ki tarah gayab hogaya hai :p dnt tell me antara ke peeche hai ;)


sona said...

hey abhinav
congrats...its too gud...wasnt around to wish u luck...but knew u were alws do

Shriedhar said...


yossarian said...

maadi taraf se bhi congrets....

Wanderlust said...

Congrats buddy .....Welcome to the corporate world ....!!!
Ab aapko humourous stories galore milenege apne blog ke liye ....
Keep writing ...and Calcutta is one heck of a place it or hate it ...u just cant dare ignore it ...

Dreamcatcher said...

Fantastic news. And even though 68 people have said thsi before me, Congratulations. As Sayesha says - here's to your own ATM card.

Anonymous said...

wah..job lagte he pyaar ke proposals..mera bhai sach main bada aadmi ban gaya :P

logon ko per pyaar hote dekha hai..yeh commentas per pyaar pehla case hai..sahi jaa rahe ho bhai...


Anonymous said...

We'll soon see the sales of ITC
sink like the Titanic.Only this time there will be no jack and jill


The Guy Next Door said...

Nice one,mate - Dont stop blogging, though.


Look friends, this is an example of "Naukri is directly proprotional to Chokri". It is a live example for all those guys like me who have no ambition, goal or determination like me.

So buck up friends and get the best jobs available to get the best girls available. This offer is limited and might soon be withdrawn. So hurry up and take your chances. Hurry Up!!!

Anonymous said...

hiya....CONGRATS..!!..n all the very best...arre aapko nahi..ITC ko....:D.....
b/w me too frm indore...heard somewhere...ur aunt's too here..ahemm....i hope enjoying last days in college...


Planck said...


Ankit said...

arrey yaar first timer ka comment kyu delete kar diya =))

Anonymous said...

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Phoenix said...

I just hope you don't give up on random blabber on this page that i love so much now that u have a job to keep you busy.

Many congratulations!!!
Gosh, u must be like the fifth person i know who's got a job at ITC this yrs later when i ned a job, i hope just hope one of u interviews me, and remembers the god girel i am[:P]

Anonymous said...

congrats munnu, this news has made my day... pls keep blogging frm ITC also...

Vaibhav said...

Congrats dude! Incidently my dad works for ITC in Delhi...

sandipan said...

hii. i'm a new reader of your hillarious blogs. i must say your analogies are great. congrats for the job and best of luck for future.

btw tell me something dude, where did you find inspiration to discuss kashmir issue and dental structure with a beautiful girl on train!! is something wrong-:)

Abhi said...

NOTE - agar aapko isse pehle aisa banda mila hai who has the time to reply to 81 comments at a go , you have found the most vella person in this galaxy.

@neetie - tu to hai hee bachpan se awwal number kudiye ! ash kar :-) And paise ! no way ! main to kangla hun , iron ka jangla hun , ujda hua bangla hun !

@anon - white-salwar-suit with small bindi wali boss ! hailla , office start karo koi !

@kaps - beta tujhe treat kaise dun ? tu to pardes chala gaya na hume chodkar .aloo puri bhej raha hu roomal mein baandh kar , kha lena .

@shravan - thanks buddy.all the best to you ! IBM is fun.

@tinku - yar tum log to aise mujhe chane ke jhaad pe chada rahe ho jaise main office nahi disneyland jaa raha hun.ab to office pahunchte hee sabse pehle apni suit-bindiya-shy smile dreamgirl ko doondunga.

@mani - abbe id ke naam pe yeh kya essay rakh liya mere jamun ? and cheetah ? abe ek bhee spot nahi hai mere jadui badan pe ;-)

@mitthu - thanks :-).And yeah , am not exactly suicidal .

@lolita - arre aa raha hun dilli meri bisleri ki chilled botal . 3rd april ko raajdhani se takra raha hun.

@jaggu - sure man , I owe it to you - the treat as well the mail replies .

@vikas - Thanks vikky ! ( yar sab vikaso ka nick vikky hee hota hai na ? ) AM glad you found something you liked .God bless you too :-).

@biren - I know , my name should have been a chatter-jee , but ab kare bhai , hum aise hee hain !:-)

@rachana - iss kehte hai nobel material :-).main to aaj tak muh band karke brush karta tha.Naak se toothbrush daalkar jaw tak reach karta tha.;-).And accha rishta ! dont even mention that yar.shaadi = barbaadi !

@viveka -Thanks.And assigment 1 - how do I tie a necktie miss fashion teacher ?:-)

@desperado - arre antonio banderas unkil , aap yahan india mein! Thanks yar.And will blog as long as I enjoy it.The funda is simple - Either I love it , or I don't.I love it , I will do it.Or If I have to do it , I will learn to love it.

@vinodh - Thanks bro !:-)

@anu - beta jiss din jaipur mein apne private jet se aa gaya na , uss din itna khilaunga ki agle chaar mahine takk khaane ki foto dekh kar chillaya karegi.

@hotwinter - Thanks garam sardi ( Australian ho ? ).Yeah , wud be getting to Russel street prolly.

@sunshine - Ummmmmmm...shey jey paad maare !!!!! :-).Come on , tu meri company mein ayi to saari secretaries ke jevar gehne utarwa ke tujhe dilwa dunga .You are the best.

@anon - hailla aapki blunt nature sadde dil nu le gayi ! ..guess kar.hint - its between 8 and 10 lpa.

@TT - public mein lungi utaar de meri ! abe mail mein nahi bata sakti thee.tum LSR wali maadern ladkiyan bhee bass. huh ! :p

@sayesha - hey great to see you after a long time sayesha !:-).Am so stupid , why aint I commeting on ur blog these days.aaj se am gonna be back at sayeshaz.

@anon - will try to enjoy it as long as I can , major saab. :-)

@muchu - ab tujhe kya know me almost as much as I know too take care.:-)

@sunflower - nah re nah , unka reply ayega - "20 lakh wali job nahi mili ? "

@ann - thanks ann.:-)

@shahab - Thanks buddy.for now , their biggest worry is me.

@niharika - :-).I don't smoke yaar , so I will be crooning "sutta to mila , but iska karun kya ?"

@ML - Thanks man.Hitler is grateful to aaal aaf eu.

@niedhie - thanks bitiya.And dont worry , exams are like injections.Painful but quick.

@Ravi - The pleasure is all mine bhai.:-)

@pandu - hailla meri choti se behan , ur sms made a lot of difference dear.I wanna talk to you , aap zara cellphone chori karenge kisi ka ?

@LD - Thanks LD :-).aapka shehar jaane hee nahi deta hume.

@sheku - Thanks bhai.bolo tararara.

@kwab - :-)thanks...err.. my language skills are really bad , or is this isnt a word ? wat does kwab mean ?

@trash_u - thanks man .

@romram - thanks buddy.Will blog as long as I don't have a girlfriend to go out with.

@ashu - thanks ashu.Nice daraaar?

@DK - That may be a case man .But then , office humor is an accepted form .College stories may end , but stories wont.Hopefully.

@suds - Thanks suds bhaiyya.Hope you are doing well.Regards to swati bhabhi.

@divs - you havent started yet ?? come on , its a perfect stressbuster and makes you look so vivek oberoi-ian.Wills.Just right for the best people like you.

@shwetha - thanks :-).Hope you get through the interviews and make this place a lot more bette.Its still reeling under my stupid activities.

@debi - thanks Debi.:-).And I dont think I need to forget her.Her memories and the learnings from them have a role to play in my life and what I am.

@priya - Thanks aapa.:-)

@hema - Thats a lot of time.You must know a lot about me by now.shhhhhhhhh !

@parag - Thanks parag bhai.

@vandy - Will try vandy.Everything has to end.I hope this is a statement I wont have to think about soon.

@tar - yeah , it all starts and ends with a macchar .jai ho macchar baba.

@arpz - as soon as I get to bangy .Start puttin on ur best lipstick now.:-)

@amyth - Thanks man.Am glad people find happiness in mine.

@jyo - Thanks :-).

@kane - thanks kane .Have people as sweet as a sugarcane field around me , and I feel lucky about that.

@me - thanks.yaar fight maarunga , ab paapi pet likhne hee na de to koi kambaqth kya kare.

@anon - jai lakshmi devi ki.Nah jee nahi karunga click , kya bigaad loge ?

@pavan - Thanks pavan.And all the best for your grad too ! :-)

@anon - shurrkiya .

@anwesha - they said IIM would be tough.I enjoyed it.They say Job is tough.I hope to enjoy it.The mantra is simple - If you can laugh at it , you can live with it.

@ankit - Kyun ? kya hua ? arre chill maar , nikaal sutta.har fikar ko dhuen mein uda de hero.

@amida - Thanks man :-)

@kalyani - Now I feel like giving you a special 'best comment' medal or something :-) Care to tell me more about the work ? it is.I will be ultra grateful.

@gk- Maybe I have written a note of thanks only now.But I feel grateful to all of these since the time blogging came into my life.Some have supported me , some havent , but all of them have helped me be the person I am.And I like myself.Thanks for all the kind words GK.:-)

@krish - nah , am still on earth.Its just a culmination of a lot of things coming together .A very small part of the credit goes to me.

@preeti - Thanks bhabhi ! :-).My hello to sachin bhaiyya.

@neo - nah yaar , antara bilkul acchi nahi lagti.aisa lagta hai bio lab se kankaal bhaag kar aa gaya screen par.

@sona - hey !!! such a long time ! how have you been ?

@sri - thanks bhai ! :-)

@nipun - abbe wo theek hain , interviews ka kya hua charlie chaplin ??

@amitabha - thanks man.calcutta se kisko problem hai , bass agar ek bipasha bhee mil jaati to jannat yehi hain.

@DC - Thanks DC.Hope my Dad is listening .Bapu ab main apne pairo pe khada ho gaya hun !

@ships - mohabbat ke playground se to hum kabke retire ho chuke hain shippu beta.dilli.tayyar reh.

@adit - thats a comforting thought.

@guy next door - I dont want to stop right now.aage ki hume khabar nahi :-)

@hotwinter - I dont think thats a very nice way to express humor yar.whoever she is , whatever be her reasons , she has some emotions which deserve better than mangling on a public forum.Never hurt a heart.Ive done that ,and it still tops my regret list.

@simmi - hey simmi :-).aapke interviews /admissions ka kya hua ? and have an aunty in indore , but you dont want to meet her , trust me !

@sneha - arre humne kab mana kiya.main to paise lekar taj bengal ke bahar khada hun.:-)

@ankit - this is between me and her.I dont like Punjab kesri-ian chatpati khabrein.And wont enjoy being the focus of one.:-)

@anon - arre nahi chahiye bhai paisa !!! jahan dekho money money money.spiritual books pad le thodi.

@phoenix - if you ever enter an interview room and find me inside , just cough and you shall be selected.:-)

@deepako - shall try as hard as anyone has man.:-)

@vaibhav - thanks man.and ur dad working for ITC is great news.Wish I could meet him when in Delhi.:-)

@sandipan - I think my hormones are all mixed up.I even wanted to discuss Mineral water industry and its prospects in Iran , but she pushed me off the train before that.

banished soul said...

good ones.. :) one of ur batchmates fwded ur link...

Anonymous said...

can some 1 temme itc full form;)

HoliDevil said...

Congrats Dude

Anonymous said...

re the best comment i ever read on your blog, surpassing your humour, isse best comment award dede

Mubarak ho mubarak ho! Chakk diye futte? Mast reh bhidu mast reh ;)

Ab to ITC mein ciggrette ki smoke ke saath saath laughing gas bhi pahunch jayegi. Aadha time to employees hanste rahenge, ITC ki productivity 50% gir jayegi. HR wale jinhone tujhe hire kiya unhe fire kar diya jayega. 2 saal baad hum kahenge "Acchi company thi bechari" =))

Office ka pehla din and she walks upto munnu and "Hi Munnu!".. Munnu looks down 'pink sandals', and up 'pink salwar' and up 'pink kameez', and up 'green bangles' *ahem*...THE BEGINNING!


Anonymous said...

Who's this first timer?? and why did you delete the comment? was just reading it, when PC hand ho gaya, so had to restart, when I came back, it was deleted. So, love stories on blogs now, huh!

Anonymous said...

hey many congrats :)

I am sure we'll soon get to see the funny side of the big bad corporate world thru ur eyes..may u conquer it with ur wit and wisdom :)

wish u all the very best!!


Shekhar said...


nv said...

G'day from Sydney!

You have no idea who i am but i was totallyy addicted to your blog over the last 2 weeks or so. Infact i think after discovering your blog 3 weeks ago, ive spent most of my time just reading all your passed blogs, IVE READ EVERY SINGLE ONE!, you crack me up mate, Infact reading your own blog has got me to start my own as well, right now its the blogging equivalent to a bullock cart, but i guess ill eventually get there. Anyway congrats and thanks for keeping me entertained for so long, and thanks for being the impetus to make me start my own blog!


Anonymous said...

hey abhi,
hearty congratulations to u and heartfelt thanks to u too for keeping us glued to computer to check not just ur blog but ur comments every single day.
aur haan, change the intro...

Cipher said...

Congrats man, on the placement

Anonymous said...

abey obscene ye hitler pe IIMC mein copyright hai.... main tujhpe case kar doonga.

baaki junta log i have to tell u guys i m one of the lucky people going to ITC with this #@$#@@#. toh ab life mein boredom ka koi scope nahi hai.....

hotwinter bhaiyya (or behna wotever) why do u think he got a job "AT LAST"..... ever heard of the word "FOCUS" .... if u hv read his previous post u must be knowing that this was only 7th out of the 40th companies he had applied to..... (5th out of 29 for me).....toh we got a job when we wanted to......

apeksha said...

if asked ..then i would that the article is bindaas..bole to too gud....
are yaar life jio khul kar jiyo..apni marzi se jio after all life is short..khoob masti karni chahiye...
Be Khush and spread KHushi..thats my motto

priyangini said...

hi HS, congratulations and all the best, just came on to your blog from rediff and read a few of your posts. Great sense of humour you have there. Do keep blogging.

pandora said...

//ur sms made a lot of difference dear.I wanna talk to you , aap zara cellphone chori karenge kisi ka ?

all rite...ek kaam karo. gimme ur antenna waala cellfone ;)

veryyy soon i'll have one...and uska shri ganesh aap hi se ho jayega :D

xams over...yipeeeeeeeeeee \:D/

virdi said...

congrats boss...

virdi said...

oh forgot... i am sending my address please do send in the free shipment of Classic Milds everyday... ;-)

shukriya janaab...


Raam Pyari said...

comment no 99

Raam Pyari said...

comment NO 100!!!!!!!!!
*thundering applause*

Piyush said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats and all the best

hary said...

awesome blog!

NehaW said...

Hey, CONGRATS!!!! :->>

I am a regular visitor to ur blog n I just Love reading it.

Best Blog i have ever come across.

Nikhil said...

Congratulations! Yahan sab pareshaan hain ki ciggi ki daam badhne se canteen me milne band ho gaye...kaafi pareshaan hain log..kuch karna aap :)

Anonymous said...

Best of luck for the future

Vaibhav said...

Ya, drop me a comment when you come to Delhi... the office is in Gurgaon... will meet up if we can..

Kumar Chetan said...

So u got sold...
Removed from showcase window...
Sounds good.
Upload the treat in zip file and I will download.
Cheers buddy !!!

OrganizedChaos said...

Hey Congrats on your Job....
Must say you have a fabulous sense of humour ... One who learns to laugh at himself learns to laugh with life !!
All the Best

puja said...

nice blog

congrats on your job...we do a bit of work for ITC foods as well!

amIda1 said...

hey! ab tumhe job mil gaya .... ab tum baade aaffsaar ban gaye to ab blogging band karoge kya?

netGuru said...

well i think u deserve a congratulation statement first ..and then ...err...ummm....
I dont know man...
this whole IIM thing is so overrelated in general with big bucks that i cant go beyond that general thinking that u guys have a life where u can be free even when not in office ....u guys stop calculating the bill of something, lets say a popcorn bag, when watching a movie.. :-)
but hey ITC is a wow company and now that u mentioned that u wanted to be in such a company i guess you would be a little..happy !!

Keep on going man ! !
just dont forget there are a whole lot of people who didnt get enough chance or choice to be in ur position may be....and they are not always less dumb :-)

Anonymous said...

don't torture ur chotta sa of free hit u are the legendary amitabh bachchan of cybers pace...hmhm..
CONGRATS buddy......just thinking bechare ITC wallo ko abhi tak kisi ne tsunami-in-the-form-of-muunu ki warning di ki nahi.....ab to upar walla hi mallik hai!!!
going gr8 guns , huh!!!

Ellie said...

Wow! glad for you...i hope you are not in the mood for a hiatus on the blog??

Anonymous said...

hi abhinav
congrats for your job in itc.
i ve always been reading your blog and i m not a blogger. so, i cant write as effectively as you guys do but cud'nt wait to comment this time.
i wanna say THANx a lot.
after a long and hard day ,u make me lauf. dont eva stop blogging.
all the best.

Dijas said...

Hearty congratulations buddy...
BTW I saw a snippet of one your previous posts in Rashmi's article on rediff.Good going.Smoke away :-)

Anonymous said...

munnu , plzz blogging mat hi chorna...varna ur readers will be carrying out dharna thing infront of ITC office......vaise posting del mein hai ki cal mein.....congrats once mein hai to beta teri to nikal padi....del mein to koi baat nahi..our consolations r with u....take care....aur blog karo....15 baar aana padr raha hai...check karne ke liye

Anonymous said...

arre haan ...orkut se ciggi walli pic kyon hatie ...kitni sahi thi chuki u going to ITC na.....chup chap wapas lagao

Anonymous said...

Munnu beta tereko ko best blog ka oscar mil gaya re.....loggo ko dekho...sab ghisak gaye hai....arre o sambha duniya mein munnu ke allawa koi aur blaggerwa nahi hai kar na yaar

Aditya said...

first congrats....gr8 dude... that ya landed ITC.... hopefully something u wanted..(assumed u wanted an indian company coz u sat out of day zero).... cool posts and you really deserve the plaudits....

chimera_nids2abhi said...

Abhi I would agree with this particular comment about your 'ciggie' pic on Orkut...I loved the sepia tinted one..

It was very Cool !!

And have left an offline....too lazy to copy and paste it here...chalo aapke liye yeh bhi kar leti hun :P

"hmm.........I think I am very late with my congratulations :P Phir bhi ...Very well done.......and I am very happy for you Abhi.......was out of scene for very long.......par isska matlab yeh hua ki you will no longer be a CHARMer.....A "snake charmer " I mean...*sob sob* :):D "

Enjoy buddy !!

Anonymous said...

Pandit Badrinath ki bhavishyavani hai aj tera blog update hoga :D


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for over two days now, and I find each post better than the previous one.

Keep it going buddy.

And all the best in your new job.

The Corporate World is not as rosy as it seems from the outside.

Trust me..

All the best


diya said...

Hey just read about your job now...I am really happy for you..congrats and good luck!!
: )

badgirl said...

hi der sorry for late bt wish u all d best for ur new job n congrats :)

badgirl said...

i m sorry ur first job i think :)

Anonymous said...


I guess you have a wonderful sense of humour, and it was evident when I read - it was worth reading every line that you wrote. I daresay that if you can retain this charm as you go up, it's worth living.

Anonymous said...

cant stop lafing.--- "hopefully something u wanted..(assumed u wanted an indian company coz u sat out of day zero)"
for any MBA(marketing) grad ITC is a dream come true..from foods(Kitchens of India,Aashirvaad,sunfeast..) to hotels to apparels(wills lifestyle,john players..) to e-choupal..ITC with its strong distribution n/w would be the undisputable leader in a few years..FYI---ITC is one of India's foremost private sector companies with a market capitalisation of around US $ 14 billion and a turnover of US $ 3 billion. Rated among the World's Best Big Companies by Forbes magazine, ITC ranks third in pre-tax profit among India's private sector corporation.. Munnu lambi race ka khiladi hai..cheers 2 munnus..

Anonymous said...

Hey dude...congragulation!!!!like it goes "Sabbar ka phal meetha hota..
So nJoy..karna apna naya job.

One thing i want to mention....ur blogs are terrfic and u make so many of us laugh..keep it going and all the very best for ur future.


arch said...

Hey Abhinav...Congrats!!! way to go when r u officially graduating from B-school?? All teh Best For Facing the Corporate World!! :) and ya keep blogging abt ur xperiences @ work...

Abhi said...

@banished soul - aha ? batchmates read this too ? wats happening to IIM students ...

@anon - indian terrorist company

@HD - thanks man !

@anon - yeah , mast comment tha , abb to bass mil jaye wo suit wali dreamgirl raam ka naam lekar.

@anon - I dont think I should talk about first timer here.Not a public issue.:-)

@ruchika - hey ruchika ! kaisi hain ? Corporate world mein to aag laga dunga , dekhti ja tu.

@shekhar - tim-lak-lak-tim-tim-lak-lak ( de jawab ! ;-) )

@nv - the pleasure is mine verma sahib.and for a person who says has read every post on this blog , what are you ? retired ? :-)

@anon - oye anon bhai , my mom dad n sis still hold the same views . intro mein jhoothi tareef nahi kar sakta yar.

@cipher - thanks cipher.u remind me of lucky ali , uski album thee na ek - sifar..

@GG - hata saawan ki ghata ! beta cycle practice start karni hai aaj shaam se .kainchi isshtyle ! :-) faaarmula yaad hai na michael - tu pandu ko daboch , main doley sir ko.

@apeksha - bada hee tandrust motto ha apeksha jee.but kabhi life mein control bhee maarna hota hain.log kehte hain , main nahi !

@priyangini - thanks priyangini jee.

@pandora - yeh to ultimate khabar hai bitiya , cellphone isi umar mein ? mujhe to tab tak nahi mila tha jab tak haddiyan boodi nahii ho gayi.

@virdi - thanks veer ! :-)

@virdi - haan haan kyun nahi bhai .ek baar tujhe aadat pad jaye , fir dekh , 100% premium pe bechunga warna fadfadaata rahega tu bin sutte ke ;-)

@moonwalker - applause to the people yar.maine to post likhi , comments nahi.:-)

@piyush - thanks piyush bhai !

@mallik - thanks hero .sab maalik ( not mallik ;-) ) ki daya hain.

@hary - whatever dude :-).tussi hary ho ya harry ?( as in harry potter )

@nehaw - thats a big statement , but aapko aisa lagta hai to acchi baat hain .ash karo .jai hanuman.:-)

@nikhil - arre bhai tera no girlfrnds club hit hai orkut pe.and sabhi sutta bhaiyon ke dard ka marham hoon na main , ek baar power mein aane de , dhuan dhuan kar dunga sab.

@anon - thanks bhai.

@vaibhav - thats great.will do so.:-)

@chetan - sab bikta hai baap.yeh duniya saala ek bazaar hain.sab bikta hain.

@anu - with my kinda life , had to learn to laugh at myself , nahi to bott rona padta .

@puja - thanks .:-).been to your blog , the ad agency work looks interesting to me.wish I could email you or something about the work there.wanna know more..

@amida - arre bhaiyya , kaahe ke bade affsar.russia ho ya jaapan , apan to wahi banarasi paan.blogging karenge jab tak majjaaaa aata hain.simple.neat.

@netguru - I do appreciate the luck I enjoy budddy.:-).I am no special guy to be in an IIM and have a good job at 24.sab hanuman jee da kamaal hain.

@anon - hey saala , abhi apne ko jaya bhaduri maangta hai apni ;-)

@ellie - thanks pragnya ! :-).you are one of the puraani bloggers , and its nice to see you around.and blog se chutti ka abhi to mood nahi , baaki 10 minute baad sochunga.

@anon - the pleasure is mine brother.I dont perform , just enjoy typing some stuff.and its nice if you enjoy reading that.thanks whanks nahi is too choti for these formalities.chill maar.

@dijas - rashmi jee is just nice and kind to include my posts in her writings.A nice writer .A nice person.:-)

@munnu - bhai abhi posting kahan hai pata nahi.prolly calcutta wapas aunga june mein , uske baad dekhi jayegi.and blogging karunga bhai agar baas ne tem diya to.nahi to samjh lena munnu kahin kho gaya .sob sob.

@anon - abbe ghar pe news udtee udtee aa rahee hai ki beta orkut pe sutta maarta tasveer taang raha hain.

@anon - karta hu yar , karta hu .abhi saala life mein itni ash ne entry le lee hain ki araam se time nahi mil raha.

@adi- thanks bhai.deserve to bott log bott kuch karte just lucky.ali.

@nidhi - thanks .and no saanp naagin ab ! teri daant bhoola nahi main.;-)

@anon - maharaaj !! yeh batao bhyah kab hoga ?

@anon - abbe nahi chahiye paisa.laalchi kahin ka !

@ashu - i know its tuff man.but apna funda is to be cool and try to enjoy it.IIM wasnt easy either.:-)

@diya - thanks diya.

@badgirl - arre koi late shate nahi huee.thanks hai tujhe.good girl.

@anon - thanks buddy.dont know what kinda humor I have /lack.but hum to bhai jaise hain , waise rahenge.:-)

@anon - abe homo sapien se ghoda bana diya 10 lines mein.neighneighneigh.;-)

@spallikara - chill man.its just a coincidence that some guys what I type kinda not-so-bad.have fun.:-)

@arch - hey arch.the convo is on april 1.pretty scary day to hand over the degree."hey abhinav , no degree for you.april fool".mommy !

Oracle Programmer said...

accha likhate ho.. kafi ghuma firake story batate ho.. will read ur blogs in future..

Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog for quite some time... Luv wat u hv shared in this blog...

I think u can think of writing a book some time... :-)

Hope u dnt change being ur cheerful and cool self in the corporate world...

Tc and wish u the very best life has to offer...


Anonymous said...


Nehaw said...

Hey, I really meant that urs is "The Best" Blog I have ever come across because ur blog is the only one i have ever read. Heh Heh :-O Just kidding.

Keep blogging.

Waiting eagerly for your next Post.

sachin said...

Congratts !!!!...
Got u r link through
was a good time pass in night shift job .....

Anonymous said...

hi there.. dont know if this comment will ever be read by you ...
first of all congrats for your job.. this led me to your blogs just 2 days ago and i find them really grt ..
ur blog has even led me to another beautiful blog

Anonymous said...

Hey Abhinav

I first saw your post on rashmi's blog...youthcurry

And over the weekend i have read your posts dating back to 2005

And in 1 sentence...your style of writing rocks...& rocks bigtime

Somebody said that making people laugh is much harder than making them cry...and you excel at the former

BTW congrats for ur ITC job...but if u ever decide to switch or get bored...u can always be a hugely successful author...

Infact most readers of ur blog will agree with this suggestion of mine:
U must write a short humourous account of your time @IIMC and i can safely say that ppl will lap it up and it will be an all time bestseller

hopefully i have learnt & will imbibe some of the gr8 quaalities..ability to get girls drooling with ur blog posts not the least among them :D

i dont know if u relaize this but u have a knack of weaving humour into ur writing and according to me thats 1 heck of a skill to have

but whatever little i have come to know about u(by reading a dozen or more posts by u in the last 1 day), my guess is that u dont try to do it consciously...ur personality is like that...and it shows in ur writing too

chal man,
take care and all the best with the job

hope u (finally :D)get a gf at itc :D


p.s. do take my book suggestion seriously

nv said...

hahahha nah nah dude not retired, just have a lot of time on my hands @ work
lets just say i get paid to do very little, infact i get paid to read what your write


Manika said...

Congrats Abhinav !!!

All the best too..:)

The Smiling Girl said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ankit Biswas said...

hey dude...i've been reading ur blog since some time. yaar aapke last post ne kaafi senti kar diya. best of luck for ITC. soon i'll b workin in a s/w firm bt try 2 switch over 2 ITC cal jus 2 meet u!!

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preeti said...

wonderful post.. just no words ... anyway its late to congratulate but still..

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Anonymous said...

dude!! u must be a rock shhtar in college!!
following ur exceptional sense of HU-mor it must be driving girls crazy!!!
best wishes for future!1

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