Monday, May 31, 2004

this is the first n my last blog address

ok,so bcos of privacy reasons,i change my blog to this start with,im copying the stuff frm my last but noe defunct blog.gotta go to college to get the forms signed.

all under control now
yess.changed the time all under control now n now i can luk forward to settle down as a true blogger.meanwhile,my parents took me shopping today at benetton n reebok's.bought some 3500 worth of clothes n a travel bag.these people spend so much on me.makes me all the more scared .i just hope that i dont let them down ever.

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time setting fix
this blog shows sum panga in the time settings.lets c if i can fix this.birth pangs i guess.

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sunday morning
ok,another sunday morning.just logged in to c the blog.guess its the new blog magic.feeling much better after deleting fifa.gotta go shopping today at reebaok n bentton fr the clothes at iim-c.i hate shopping but will have to go thru this.

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how did this start?
is this it?is this the start of what i imagine is going to be a momentous journey,a journey thru which i intend to put down my life in type ? my final year prsentation has got over last wednedsday(26th may)and since then ive just tried to find something to do.but ive landed up just playing fifa wc edition(got the cd written frm girish) and watching our newly got tv with cable connection.but about an hour back i decided that im not right in wasting away time when a hugely challenging time awaits me .so i deleted the fifa n guess planning to start a blog.

anyways,some things i can see ive to do are upgrading the comp,finding out something to study/read and basically doing something constructive.n yea,i also hope that my college results get out as soon as posssible and everything turns out fine.i dont know why i feel so anxious sometimes.god has given me so much upto now,but still i feel as if something will go very wrong any moment.

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the first one
ok.this is the start of a momentous new phase in my life as a blogger.

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dharmu said...

San Diego,

Hi Abhi,
Have been reading your blog from last week & tried to unglue myself everytime after reading 3-4 blogs at a stretch.
Today, I deceided that let me start from the beginning of you blog journey. And here, I am....

Reading every bit of what you have written from the scratch. I will try my best not to glue myself !!!

Your blog is quite an addiction ...

majja maadi

ns said...

Today is Wed, Aug 30 2006.
Did Abhi ever imagined that some day people would come and read his old blogs.

Your blogs make me happy :-)

Anonymous said...

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kartoos said...

I found your blog through sayesha's.The one i read first was about the babies which i thought was cute and your latest ones. Though they all had like some 100 comments.So wondered if you'd go through all of them,so posting it here:D.Hopefully you have mail notification when someone comments on your blog

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