Tuesday, June 01, 2004

why am the way i am??

was feeling very lazy today.got back frm the park at around 6:30,had the breakfast and went to sleep and got up only around 10:30 am.people tell me that these will be my only easy days in a long time,i wonder if this is the case,if any environment can change an easy going guy.between,decided to complete the technical paper today.to be frank,just picked put crap from the report and copied it.ive done enough on this project already.i have actually done quite about this project.but it s only that since im a quite easy sort of guy,others end up taking up credit for my work and i dont mind that much.but now i guess this thing doesnt pay much and ill have to try to change things at iim calcutta.i dont know if i can do this but i think that to be somewat cunning is better than being a guy who is popular but so easy that he doesnt claim what he deserves.

so many times i v decided that ill be more cunning in day to day matters but always end up being the same laid back guy who
is left with all the work and the bills.
but thsi btp thing was very eventful for me ,if not interesting and i plan to put it up sometime later.


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