Thursday, June 03, 2004

college days!!

feeling kinda bored with nothin to do after deledting fifa.but i guess im catching up on the studies part slowly and its a very good decision i took.

betwee,i went to the college yestreday .got the no dues n applied for my sem vii marksheet.good thing that these were done inspite of such slouchy characters in the academic section there.theres no one at the seats,even if they are theyll think of every rotten excuse to parry the poor students off.i guess if some of us gusy get together and rough them up..maybe thats the only rememdy these people deserve.but one exception was kiran who did my iimc form promptly,another matter that she put in the wrong date.i also understand that ive seen a lotta guys at college for the last time in a long time to come.i came across various kinds guys during these 4 years but the general view i developed was that these ppl were usually more competitive minded witha "i-wont-lose-come-wat-may" attitude than an average guy.i hope that the lot at iim-c turns out to be a lil more chilled one.but i enjoyed these years like anythin.the images that flash across are

*me stretching out on the last bench while the teacher blabbers

*we guys playing cricket in the class..the best thing i did..reqally enjoyed doin this

*playing squash (basically it involved hitting the ball against the balckboard using our hands)

*the teacher asking me to GET OUT !!!

but it feels nice that ive built a somewhat nice circle of friends who are in great IT companies around the country.hope that i keep the contacts going.


Anonymous said...

the teacher asking me to GET OUT !!!

now this is something I can say with my head held high I excelled at. If there was any teacher who not once in the term asked me to leave the classroom, it was a matter of shame for me.

But then those were the wonderful carefree days of undergrad. here, i leave activities like those to you sam-sized competitor for Ms. G ;)

anyway, atleast i can share with you something - the pleasure it gives to be thrown outta class :)

dharmu said...

i had excelled the art of "get out". it was my escape from the most boring classes.

started at high school, i won laurels at this in my MBA.

A certain Prof.(durning my 1sem-MBA), known for his patience and undivided love for students & a no-voice-raising in 26 years, lost all his cool with me.

inside story : i won the bet with my seniors, had a great time when they treated me.

um, only memories now, but cherished.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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