Sunday, June 13, 2004

my life this week

so they say that blogging help u get a release still too early into it to have a say on this.between,a real snobby week awaits me with three family functions lined up.(aaaaaaarrrrrggghhh!!!)

The iim cal gang meets on the 16th at priya.i have also decided to b there.after i missed the frst meet,missing this wont be the perfect start to my tryst with iim calcutta.i still feel somewhat angry with myself for missing out iim a n b.not that its gonna make much difference to my career.meanwhile,bunnu came over and stayed with me overnight.watched a lot of television.he is a very cool guy in the sense that he quickly slips in any kind of atmo n feels very comfy with
people around.i really wanna improve on this front.i get too conscious sometimes and will make a try to kick this sorta thing outta my system.others have very lil to offer me to be cared a damn!!!