Tuesday, June 15, 2004

iim : do u want it ??

why is there such a rush for doin mba these days.some 6-7 years back,not many wanted to do it but these days even iitians are desperate to get into an iim.what brought about this?is it that suddenly the world has started being managed ? wasnt it managed earlier ?i think to find the reason for this,i need to look at the people who want to do it.The biggest snag in the whole situation is that guys are deciding to try for an mba too fast.straight into your pre final year at graduation college ,and u find every second person in the class talking of TIME n CL n IMS.You hear of the iims,read about them in the papers,remember your cousion who passed out of iim lucknow some years back but is still remembered as the sole guy deserving a place in the family,find ur parents asking questions like " beta,iim ka try karega ?",see the cold and proud faces of the brilliant acheivers in the coaching instis ads on the third page and suddenly you feel -"if there is anything called success,it cant be got without an iim".and it gets an all consuming passionate chase once you fall in the cycle of the mock cats,the scores,the ranks,the comparisons,the analysis and so on.the class begins to know about ur burning chahat for an iim and some even name u "catman" or "caterer".all the while,ur experience at the campus placements is serving to give u one more reason to run away frm the coding jobs.you think of iims all day,graduation looks necessary only to be eligble for an iim.come march,and the front page of your daily paper declares that the mncs just made kings out of 1000 odd iim students at the placements yesterday--you feel all the more pumped up.this single minded hot chase lands you the seat in your dream institute,you feel like you have just beaten mike tyson to pulp.the classmates who looked down at you as if you didnt know hot to sign wave down ur bike at college and admiringly congratulate you.you see ur name on the college bulettin board and suddenly everyone at college wants ur email id.ppl call u at home n ask fr tips fr their kid whooz been hitting his head against cat for the last three years.u scan
tha papers expecting ur photo to whip out frm the next page.feels good.but like everything,the aura begins to fade over days.u kinda seek to move forward.cat done,admission done,adulations done.NOW WHAT????now what.....now for the mba!!!wait a minute,what am i supposed to do here?an mba,what does he do?watz his job like?wat sorta companies hire them?will i have to go to some other city after my mba?n here lies the greatest stupidity.you have cracked cat not bcos u wanted to do an mba but bcos u wanted to crack wat the world sees as a really hard nut .u dont even know much abt an mba.but bcos people are so myopic ,n ur one of them,u have given it ur all without pausing and looking at the place u r heading to.

this may not turn out to be bad at all,infact,most probably it will go on to make ur life better and richer,but still,i believe a momentous decision as this deserves a lil more thought .

ps-i have nothin to do these days n hence my blog entries look like the script of a bombed art film,hopfully after my iim cal life starts,they will start to approach a masala movie.


amIda1 said...

wow! no comments here? :o

Bulbul Gopalani said...

hey buddy... u couldnt have said it in a better manner. when i gave CAT... i wasnt even thinking about MBA... i loved preparing for CAT... and when i got through i realised i know zilch about mba... whew!!!

Anonymous said...

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