Thursday, June 10, 2004

i want it that way

went on another shopping outing today and it started with me having a
real face off with papa.thankfully,it didnt last long.this is the umpteenth time ive failed to controlled ny tongue.but today i promise to make conscious attempt to do so in the already started to feel sad about leaving home after a fortnight.but i want to be at home after my mba n i need high grades at iim to be able to deserve that.makes me all the more hellbent on blasting things at of the things which i am sure of is that i want a life havin a balance of professioanl n family life.i hope that doin an mba frm iim doesnt tilt it towards the professional part too much.maybe i am not too ambitious but thats the way i am.n i dont call that lack of ambition but a different sort of priorities and nobody can change that. i may end up doing something i dont want but that doensnt make me stop wanting it.but i hope that this mba brings a lot of positves onn the family part too.for one,having a successful career brings a lot of satisfaction for my family.then,being at a higher position affords me a better chance of staying at home as compared to a sware professional at
infy.basically,the part abt home remains the same if not better in both
enngg n engg+mba of the things is that ncr companies may find
it a bit diffcult to come to calcutta but i believe still i can get a place in ncr,with i lil bit of selection n hard work.


whoelsebutme said...

nd u got placed in itc:)....woww no??

Anonymous said...

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