Thursday, September 16, 2004

waiting for tommorrow

so the last day of my first term at IIM Calcutta is about to arrive some 50 minutes from a subject called "environment and development" exam tommorrow.basically,we had to choose an elective outta 3 and i gleefully opted for this subject after assurances from the seniors about it being too comfortable and absolutely useless.i recall hearing things about stuff like sanitation in sikkim,sulabh toilets,garbage in the rivers and dung cakes in its u an idea about the "value-add" i had during this course.newways,the bubble bursts tomm at 12.30 n ill be launching on a movie spree this weekend.before the fun starts again from monday in the form of term 2.

the exams went off satisfactorily this time around and i think my hours at the library may save me the pain of avoiding people just after the results are declared.

i think i should study now.back to the dung cakes.


Anonymous said...

This post gave me a lot of solace. Seems like things just aren't what they seem. I took IGP, got a good grade (A only), lotsa value add (believe me you get a new outlook of international affairs) and a new way to look at the way u score marks.
Will share it with you.... sometime later... somple though it is.

~when did u start a blog?

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