Monday, May 09, 2005

Watching my life

Once upon a time , I was 7 years old.Then one day , I turned 8 years old . My folks hung balloons and ribbons all around the house.Uncles with their hanging bellies and aunties with their hanging jewelleries came down in large numbers.They looked at me , ruffled my hair which irritatated me a lot and said the same old "rishtedaari" special pleasantries.( kitna bada ho gaya hai munnu ! chota sa tha jab last dekha tha ..godi mein susu karta tha).As if they did their respective "susu" at the White House when they were kids.

Anyways , these guys kept giggling , ate a lot of food and forced me to perform a modern day "mujra" wherein I was made to sing n dance to "papa kehte hai bada naam karega..." along with my pesky cousins . Though with my front two teeth missing at that time , I may have looked a shade less charming than Aamir Khan .Anyways , it was a very soul disturbing experience for me and I almost sued the guests for child exploitation.

But when these guys left , they left behind some good stuff too along with the dirty utensils : the birthday gifts. And one of the gifts was this boardgame called LIFE.For those of you who are not aware about it , you got a better option than bathing in the sea of ignorance , go to this link :

So what happenned in this game was that you were allotted a coloured piece which travelled along a curvy path on the board .The number of slots he moved ahead depended on the roll of a wheel ,like the ones they have in those kathmandu casinos. You moved along the board doing all the life stuff , becoming a doctor , engineer ,gangster etc etc ; marrying , divorcing , raising kids ,taking bank loans , buying houses , you even got this salary via a toy version of the american currency. I recall trying to sneak a few extra notes frm the box while my sister was rolling the wheel.

Lately I have started viewing my actual life as just a bigger version of this game.I am just a piece like that in the game , whos just rolling along the boardgame of life. The difference being that on which slot I land aint exactly decided by a rolling wheel, but largely by my choice and effort..And just like the game , one day god will decide hes had enuf fun with this guy , and would pick me off the board n toss in the box .And all the currency notes , bank loans , the houses I won during the game , would remain back on the board , to be played with by the other guys.

And this makes me view my life in a rather dis-engaged way.I dont exactly go gaga with my so called achievements,which anyways can be counted on the fingers of a man with a missing hand. And neither do I plunge to the depths of despair with my failures and problems , which can be counted on more than the fingers of your hands , toes and the rest of your body. Its like nothing in this world seems to affect me too much.Its like I dont know what I want to achieve , what I want to possess.

I feel like a toddler who has been left to play on the floor of bombay stock exchange.I see people yelling , excited , angry , racing to get somewhere and wonder whats it all about . Sometimes I feel I want to earn a lot of money and spend my life with angelina jolie on my left arm and jenny lopez on the right , and swap their places after every 30 minutes.Then I feel i want to spend my life in my room with the AC on , munching on tomato flavored wafers and watching espn and AXN and star movies,and that too on a flat plasma screen TV. A little later , I see my life's purpose in setting up some NGO and serving the needy. What do i want out of life ? Is there any purpose at all of this entire life thing or are we just trying to have a good time pass ? Have all you guys figured out what you want in life ?


Angel said...

me fursht... :) Ok....getting a bit philosophical aren't we...we seem to think we've figured out what we want but what guarantee do we have that we're gonna achieve it and then there are some things which take many many years to be achieved at the end of which we might not want them anymore, then there are some things we think we want but we are disillusioned about them....believe me brother I've thought a lot over it....

Miss Sea said...

just a rough roadmap...and an attitude of taking things the way they come.

it's great to see u questioning whether or not u should take up the usual job-marriage-kids routine. Let's hope u get some answers too!

indiagenie said... figured it all out..
chilling out (does not mean liquor),
watching India vs Australia on ESPN (NOT DD) with no ganguly in sight.
and a few tonnes of the chilled stuff and mounds of lays chat street.
and a stack of comics for the rain interruptions and the drinks breaks.
Archie, Super commando dhruv, Batman, Bhokal, Spiderman, Doga, Tintin, Ram-Raheem.. hey i'm getting sentie !
better get back to work :-)

Anonymous said...

i want angelina jolie and jenny lopez too

saurabh ohri said...

I rem i was 'x' yrs old.then one day i was 'x+1' years was then when i got 'y' amount of money(quite a lot at that time).it gave me immense satisfaction.figuring from my immature mind i invested the whole of amount not in bombay stock exchange but in game of life.

yeah i too have that game of life still kept in my room.
i remember how i used to think of the fact that i dont want bankrupcy in that game.

u made me remember my childhood


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whats up with u man !
how do u survive in future?i dun know u well... but readin the last 2 articles.. man ! u think .. a lot ! and i mean.. "think" a lot :D ..

i have a philosophy here.. boring but true..
it goes abt like,one who lives in his present makes his future and covers the losses of the past.. and abt the questions that one has regardin the future.. that leave us day dreamin.. the answer is, that such questions should be left on the life to answer em .. coz what evr u do.. or rather try to do.. theres something called destiny that still exists ..

i know that above philosophy isint acceptable by many ppl n isint kinda related to the above discussion.& explainin it to gr8 mba's is silly on my part but i just wanted to say it...

bye tc nidhi

sona said...

hi abhinav

:(..i didnt get that game....nw i want it...uhah..n hey ur posts r realy exm tomorrw....lots of course left..still came2check ur makes all the tension go away...:):)..nw wish me luck..:)

karthika said...

wats wrong with u abhi,y u thinking sooo much..all of at some point dont know the raison d'etre in our life.just move with the time...

Abhi said...

@angel:ui ma ! ur comment has ended up making me all the more kanfoosed.

@TT :im still confused about it ? wat shud it be ? job-marriage-kids? job-kids-marriage ? no marriage-kids ? bott golmaal hai.

@indiagenie:how cud u do that ? chahcha choudhary nahi padega ? always yaad rakho :chacha choudhary ka dimaag computer se bhi tez chalta hai.

@anonymous : bhai atleast leave some id.tabhi to bhejunga angie n jenny ko aapke paas.

@Ohri : ya ya that bankruptcy thing was scary..remmeber those promissionary red notes we had to borrow then.haiila..golden memories

@nidhi : destiny ...hmm..i dont really belive in kismat yaar.n a "gr8" mba around here ? still a year left n that too fr me to becum a "not-so-gr8" mba.

@sona : O jee bucketfuls of luk on you.n my blog makes the tension go away ? ye blog hai ya navrattan tel ?( the one with teh govinda ad).

@karthika : are yar everybdy seems to be saying im not doctor !! kehdo yeh sab jhooth hai.kehdo mai pagal nahi hoon !

Anonymous said...

Glad that I came across your blog dude.Keep blogging.

Miss Sea said...

you seem to be real eager about the kids ;)

why do u want to bring more confused souls onto this earth, eh?

Sumit said...

Kya yaar.. is every MBA in the making a confused soul..?

Archana said...

"Lately I've started viewing...." that paragraph kind of got into me.
Aiyyo, I dont know whether you want to think or not but you certainly make other people think!
A confused TODDLER wants both angie and jenny?? Make up your mind...its not like ek khareeda to ek mufth me mila. Aur baad mein un donon ke beech mein jealousy shuru hogaya tho??
Par phir bhi....ek aur saal hai ki nahin? Itna socho math.....start scratching your head once you finish your MBA.

Confuzzled said...

hmm....I too have been told that I think alot.....but at the end of the day m again asking myself.....what I want out of life?
*a deep sigh*

pranav said...

good that you think about these things....Its important.....

But dont look for answers....

Remember that "Gita" was written just for this purpose....

There might actually not be any purpose in life and the best thing to do cld be to do your duties detachedly...But where does that leave passion...Well! I haven't figured it out even though I am 4 years ur senior!!!

Ellie said...

Blogs like yours really make me feel I have been away for quite a long time....:) Thoughts manifest themselves in action...the more u think the more it sorts itself out in the long run. And when thinking stimulate ur creative juices this way...I'd say...Keep the cogs rolling Man...:-D!!

Have a reaaaaaal long vacation definitely seeing more of this. Enjoy ur job..and congrats for the pay-"check"!

Anonymous said...

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