Friday, October 21, 2005

Bunny , your memories shall live on.

Hey ! How are you doing ? If you are doing great , that's great. If you are not doing great , do not make me fall into some depression by pouring your sob story , and just keep quiet. Ok. My exams are over.I do not have anything to do.Not even a dog to take out for a walk. By the way , talking of depression , do you think animals fall into depression sometimes ? I mean , would Johnny the parrot fall into some depression if Julie the sparrow broke up with him after their romance and all those songs they sang in the trees ? Or would Bruno the stray dog fall into depression thinking of all those french poodles who are bought dog food from supermarkets , get a sweater to wear in the winters and are carried around in big and swanky cars by their owners ? No ? You think animals do not fall into depression ? Then why is bunny the rabbit trying to kill himself here !

"Uhm.I flunked my physics exam.Dad would feed me to the dogs.So I built this to kill myself.Tell mom I love her .And tell my physics teacher I hate her"

"Mom does not let me watch TV.I am killing myself.And see , I got the remote now"

"Eee.I hope this won't be too electric a way to die."
"No one loves me.Happy Diwali"
"Aah.This post is too stupid.How do you survive this blog ?I don't wanna live now".

I am sorry.I sound like some three year old , right ? Maybe even a two and a half year old . And if you are really frustrated by this stupid post , you can punch some wall , or yell "aaaarggghh" real loud , or call your ex girlfriend and tell her she is crap or just send me some hate mail with scary lines like "I am coming for you" or "You are dead" or " I am cleaning my rifle". But please do not fall into depression.Do not be another bunny the rabbit.


Raam Pyari said... the first non-spammer to comment!!!
u really have nuthing to do...hmmm...listen i need some gyan abt CAT....okay...okay...dnt plunge a knife into urself...i promise i'm gonna be the last person this planet to ask u this. I promise.
lemme phinnis this stupid quiz i have tomm and i'll mail ya...then u write a nice long mail to me...
this is presuming u have displayed ur e-mail id and also presuming that in case u have u wont now quickly go n remove it :)

Shekhar said...

Dear Abhi,

How dare you make fun of me !! :( :(

Boo hoo hoo !! I'm even more depressed now. And to declare it to the world, and announce all the grand attempts I made... Waa...

Tujhe meri hai lagegi. You've already seen what has happened to your toothbrush earlier. Wait till your pet Bruno finds out some way of jumping into the lake at IIMC.

As for me, I'm off to search for another way of killing myself. Waa...

Yours dyingly,


!xobile said...

shit yaar!
such an awesome post...
it gets better day by day

im cleaning my rifle :D

Ashish said...

tcch tcch!
u killed bunny over and over so many times- so cruel ;)

Sayesha said...

Gosh, Abhi, yeh kya ho raha hai?? Post-exam blues?? Is your examiner called Bunny Singh Gill or something?

Zarine said...

*Clenches her fist,controls herself and wishes she could box someone....*

It's ok Munna.It's ok to feel that way once in a while to make a post like tht.But just ONCE IN A WHILE,OKAY???????

sunshine the killer. said...

What was this? Some ploy to make your loyal readers forget the "To Be Continued" post? Well, I don't need a knife or a gun for you. I will just show you some stunts of mine (yeah, you guessed right) or send you an SMS. Even my 6ft tall and 80 kg heavy body guard would do. Theek hai?

Pradyot said...

ok! I am going to do the last wala have exactly 12 hours till the hour hand hangs me! by that time tell us what happened to that "to be continued.." story. The suspense is killing.

PS If I die... I will haunt you as "bhoo" and I am not pretty when I am alive, so my bhoot will be pretty ugly.

Abhi said...

@ruchita - shucks , im going underground.

@shekhar - hye bunny honey , man u dnt wrry , ill take care of all ur kids and wud come along to place a carrot on ur grave sometimes.

@mani - whoa !where is my bazooka !

@ashish - u are not telling this to maneka gandhi.

@sayesha - i know .it may be due to the back to my abnormal "normal" now.

@zarine - yup maam.only onshe in a such post coming up in the next decade.sacchi.

@sunshine - told u.gym + dudu = strong munnu.send over ur bodyguard.n wish him goodbye b4 u do so.

@pradyot - that wud be bad.but its my only chance to see a im not gonna write that all.

Sayesha said...

//@sayesha - i know .it may be due to the back to my abnormal "normal" now.


For a minute I thought we lost you.

Anonymous said...

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