Monday, October 17, 2005

I hate post titles

Ok.Now , I am not so bad usually.But I was at home and I did not have a computer there.I know that makes it look like I stay at some remote village in Bostwana..But that is why I did not complete the earlier post.I know , its not like the issue of my incomplete post was covered on NDTV or something , but just for the handful of people who asked , I would complete it right after I handle my exams now.Thats it.I am not so bad usually.


Phoenix said...

You're not bad for sure:)

Good luck for the exams!:)

Raam Pyari said...

u r BAK!!!!!!!!
Do you ur absence the readership of my blog dropped by 50% !!!!
hehe..that does nt speak well of my blog..but thats the plain n simple truth!

Kamal Chopra said...

I was waiting for Part-2 of the story, but neways Best of Luck for exams !!!


readers i know what happened .. i know the part 2 of the story !! tickets in black.. ne ne wanna buy one :P ...
hii abhinav .. best of luck for the exams.. :) n thankx dude !! that motivational stufff helped me.. may b thats y i might get 95%ile+ this time.. got ral nice mark after ages :D ..




Sayesha said...

Good luck for the exams, Abhi! Kabhi kabhi padhaai bhi kar leni chahiye.

Which reminds me, my exams are in a coupla weeks too! :O

Shreyansh said...

The limits of anticipation have long been crossed and now that many records of expectations are broken ,you better come up with another trademark post soon. :)
All the best for exams !!!

Anonymous said...

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Shekhar said...

Hey dude, best of luck for your exams. How long will they last?

Needless to say, people are waiting more eagerly for your next post than for the movie releases next Friday.

shikha said...

i came across ur blog few days back and actually loved it!....i was so interested in knowing the end of ur little story dat i check ur blog almost daily....anyways , u give ur exam and i will again vist ur blog..
best of luck!!!!

jun said...

all the best for the exams!

and please continue that previous post!!!

abhinav said...

@phoenix- hey think im good ? wish you were my dad.:)

@ruchita- i understand the extent of the damage.the next time i go home , ill leave the url of ur blog with someone whos got internet.the readership shall grow , senorita.

@kamal - hey buddy , i know im acting someone like a cross of hitler and mussolini , but dnt brand me the cruelest guy around yet.ill write soon.exams over tomm.

@nidhi - now i see a future fr you in this black marketing of tickets business.personal advice - go for hollywood movies tickets , thats where the real business lies these days.and its great to see you doing well , dnt ever feel low , and keep wrking.:)

@sayesha - sayesha says "kabhi kabhi padayi bhee kar leni chahiye".wait a min.ive heard that before.oh yeah , you sound just like my mom !

@shreyansh-that borders on a threat .:)

@spammer - you are here finally.and i felt someone was missing from my life , darling.

@shekhar - hey shekhar , the exams get over tomm.i know wat u r thinking - tomm ? so early ? wat kinda exams are these..pre nursery ?;) love this blog.even this damn blog has a girlfriend now , then.;)*looking around* am i the only single guy around , apart frm my grandpa ?

@jun - oh jun , you know im not the one to keep people waiting.but i have these exams , and my flunking in em wont make my dad go ecstatic with joy.but ill continue that post.soon.pretty soon.

@everybody - thanx fr the good luck wishes guys are pure angels.

SonnyBoy said...

well i dont.... i seem to come up with some good ones all the time. did u see my 'Murphy ne meri maari' ?? i loved the sound of it!!:-p
Aur mind you its 'Botswana'!! U might ruffle a few patriotic Botswanan readers' feathers...

Sayesha said...

Naah, there's a difference.

Moms say: kabhi kabhi padayi bhee kar leni chahiye.

Sayesha says: kabhi kabhi padayi bhee kar leni chahiye.


abhi said...

LoL.And I am really lolling..err..laughing.that was witty.funny girls are as rare as priests in a nightclub.but you are one.:)

!xobile said...

How was bostwana hero ?

sunshine not shoeshine said...

How dare you call me shoeshine, you jet-lagged guy? And man, I do envy you. If I ask you this, "Aaj mere paas G hai, H hai, I hai, J hai, tere paas kya hai munnu?", tum chaati chowdi karke kahoge, "Mere paas readers hain". Like I was telling you the other day, even if you write about how you sleep with your mouth wide open, there would be a hundred people commenting on it. And the number of comments on my blogs always represent the marks you would get in your school exams. He he. Kuaan ma doob jaaoongi, kuaan ma doob jaaoongi.

Harsh said...

Hey best of luck for your exams .. me coming to ur blog after quite some time .. i am caught up in CAT preparations and it aint going well .. feel like murdering the damn cat..(:

Ashish said...

good luck abhi :)

abhinav said...

@sonnyboy - oh yeah , murphy ne meri maari , that was a classic.;)and botswana se readers on my blog ? impossible is the word.

@ze exaggerator - abe mani , naam kyun change kiya honey ? ( that rhymes )

@SHOE shine - dnt do that.people need the wells and the water.try drowning in some bathtub .;)

@harsh - hey harsh ! cat cat , lemme know if i can do anything abt it.just buzz me , in case u think i cud do anything.all the best.

@ashish - thanx bhai.i need more luck.

Ashish said...

aur chahiye ????
arre munnu bhaiyye dont be so greedy. thoda to mere liye chod do :P
watever luck I could spare I gave you- apne liye bhi thoda rakhna pad raha hai, bacha ke - aaj quiz hai and I am probably gonna break all your low grade records in this course if I dont keep some luck and put up a good fight in next 5 hours :(

cheers :)
have a great day!

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