Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Gurgaon ke cafe se

Haan jee , so 15 minutes of my time at this cyber cafe remain.I am done with the mailing .I am done with checking the IIM C online board which says nothing to show that I have been kicked out of the Institute over the holidays.The classes have already started but then mommy said "Matt jaa beta ! Tu wapas Calcutta chala jayega to roz subah Mother Dairy se sabji kaun layega?".So I have extended my stay at home and would be getting back to Kolkata this weekend.I got carrots , potatoes and some fresh Dhaniya from the Mother dairy this morning.
In other news , Delhi is chilling when compared to Kolkata.The moment I stepped out the airplane when I came here , I shrieked "Ueee maaa , itni thandi" and almost ran back straight into the aircraft.
Also , I got a Hair cut after a long time.I went to Classic Hair Saloon.The guy there got hold of some young and innocent barbers from the neighbouring villages such as Jharsa and Kapashera and dressed them into white lab coats and now they ply their trade at Classic Hair Saloon.They even got little name tags pinned to their chest pockets.My barber was named Ram Narayan.As soon as I settled down in the chair , I told him "Bhaiyya , medium rakhna , jyada chote chote matt karr dena , meri shaadi hai agle hafte."
But he was so interested in "Chamatkaar" playing on the TV placed in the corner of the saloon that now my hair looks like those of some West Indian bowler of the 1980s.I just wish I had decided to follow my urge to stab him with one of the scissors he used on my hair.
And I have watched so many of these real life contest shows on the TV lately - Indian Idol , Agla Kaun , Nach Baliye , etc etc .I half expect to switch on the TV and catch my "Ludhiane wale Mamaji ka beta Bunty" on some TV show , excitedly yelling "Do me a favor , lets play Holi" while wierd judges hold up signboards declaring scores after every performance.
Ruk ja ...
Call from home , I am to buy a half bread and half a kg of Tomatoes on my way back and be at home in 15 minutes.The tomatoes have to be red , I got pretty sad greenish ones last time.I am going now.Bye.Classic Hair Saloon is on the way back too.Just hope no one is killed.


!xobile said...

mar jaa kamine!
kaise mast post maarta hai.. mazaaa aa jata hai...


arre ja ja aalu tamatar khareed le

pata nahi if its your kindness or my luck! But IM FRUST!! oh i mean FIRST!!!

AJ said...

Toh now You are the sabzee wala!! Cool!

Anonymous said...

My full sympathy with u for ur hair cut.- vanny

sunshine said...

Mother Dairy aajkal subzee bechti hai? To doodh kaun bechta hai, Father dairy? Okay, non-veg PJ tha for this veggie CBB of mine.

"Matt jaa beta ! Tu wapas Calcutta chala jayega to roz subah Mother Dairy se sabji kaun layega?".

The next time you plan to leave Kolkata, you'll hear me saying, "Matt jaao ji, aap wapas gaye to mere ko Haldiram mein kaun khilaayega?"

Waise on a more serious note, I needed to tell you something but was waiting for you to get back first. Since you will be held up buying frosted subzee for a few more days, lemme pass on the info to you, where all are friends would be the e-witness-

One of my colleagues got a gift voucher he would not need, so he gave it to me. Pantaloons se if you buy diamond jewellery worth Rs.6,000 or more by 31st Dec., you'll get a discount of Rs.1.000.

No need to stare openmouthed, I know you have been scratching your head about what to gift me this Christmas, and I was only trying to make things easier for you.

Chal milte hain next week, can't wait for the auspicious moment when you'll slip a diamond ring on my still empty fingers.


mazza aayaaaa mazzza aayaaa !!! :D :D :D :D :D ....

bahut mazzza aaya.. ter baal aur chote ku ni kiye kambhaktoo ne..!!! abb mai bhi jati hu in logo ko marne.. :D .. ki tere baal inne hi chote ku kiye.. aur chote ku nahi !! !! ... :D ..

tu ja tamataaarrrr khareed... !!!!

muuhuhuhhahahahaha !!!

and haan alien .. tu apne chote chote vastroo.. oops :P ;) baleeo ki pics bhi chikadiye :P

Fursat said...

Munnu ke chhote baal..classic saloon ka kamal :P

anyways...tamatar must be red ofcoz..but green nahi honge to pata kaise chalega ki munnu ne kharide hai :P

kuch sikh le kaam vaam...aage kaam aayega..tamatar bhi nahi khareed sakta huh :P

anyways..take care...ya delhi is so chill :)

God bless u!

Raam Pyari said...

wah ! wah ustad wah!tussi toh the great ho!!!
btw, my dad has been planning a vacation(which ultimately,as many before, shall not materialize ).gess toh karo, kahan jaane ko keh rahe hai??????
Andaman n nicobar!!!!
i start giggling each time he starts talking about andman n nicobar and hez getting bherry bherry suspi!

Zee : vatsa, putra, tum yeh nahi jaante ho ki tumhe FRUST dekhkar mujhe kitani prasannata ho rahi hai. Mein pahle bhi bol chuki hoon ki tum jo mahan kaam karte ho, uski tumse jyada khushi mujhe hoti hai.
Yeh na toh meri kindness hai, na tumhara luck, vatsa , yeh tumhari mehnat or broadband ka hi phal hai.

!xobile said...

*in tears*
mai aapka dhanyavaad kaise karu!!!!!!

aMyth! said...

yeah dude.. it's nice to "c" u again ;)

pandora said...

//"Ueee maaa , itni thandi" and almost ran back straight into the aircraft."

bahar kab nikle??

kya likhte hain aap...mann prafullllit ho jaata hai.

... sabzi 4rm mother dairy!! :))
definitely tamatar red hone hi chahiye.

wht a sense of humour !!keep thm coming. ur posts, aur kya.

sunshine said...

congrats on the article munnu.... you rock!!! Meri extra waali treat?

Sayesha said...

Oye jaldi waapas aa.. ten mins not enough to post :)

smriti said...

hi smriti here.....really gr8 post...keep them goin n i completely agree wid neha that ur sense of humour is really really good!

rimjhim said...

kaameene kutte kalmuhe kamramjale kale
kaisee k-post likhta hai..

meree saaree gaalee 'k' se hai./.kyonki mai ekta kapur se inspired hun...:D

incredulous said...

u r hilarious man

Uptown Girl said...

Hey so you are currently ghar ka "Ramu jara sabzi le aana?" post!

sridhar said...

Hi ahinav.I’v been readin ur posts 4 almost 40 days..Very gud blg.
I’v started my blg 2day.Don’t miss my first post..

sridhar said...

Vidhi said... abhi is actually Abinav Jain?! good article! i wish i cud be as regular to this place (and to my own as well) as i was previously! :(

Abhi said...

@mani - beta jab shaadi ke baad teri biwi tujhe tamatar laane ko bolegi na , tab yehi kamina yaad ayega tujhe.and sorry bhai uss dinn fone na karra maine.

@anchal - cool ki aunty , i buy vegatables , not sell em , sabji khareedta hun , am not a sabjiwallah re !

@vanny - thats touching:) hope ur jet lag eased out soon.

@sunshine-sorry I dont know you , bloody packaged girl.;)

@nidhi - sister , jinke ghar seesho ke hote hai ,wo doosro pe missile nahi daalte .tu khud din mein chaar baar jaakar aalu pyaaj laati hai thele wale se , sab jaanta hu main.tu choola chauka seekh , bloody bharitya naari:P.

@neets-uee ma , nidhi ne bola to tha , but ab yakeen aaya mujhe , tere to sach mein par nikal aye hain.aajkal radio ki tarah bolti hai chapad chapad.tu aa online , tujhe wapas ground level pe laata hu current maar ke.

@ruchi - hey raam , what is this leela.uncle ne plan bhi kiya to hamare future business area ! ruchi , this is a message frm the heavens that A&N shall be a very profitable region for our firm.tu plzz vacations pe ja udhar and lage haath chaar paanch choohe chuttiyo mein hee maar liyo.all the best.customer satisfaction is our motto.

@amyth - thanks man :).pretty sharp cyber eyes u got ! :)

@neha - gulp....ahem...uss din..salad mein tamatar tha kya ? ( kehde - nahiiii tha )

@sunshine-abbe tu fir aa gayi petu ? pet hai ya sarkari dustbin:)

@sayesha-aa raha hu michael.coming soooooon buddy !

@smriti - thanks re.and I disagree with neha.

@krinku-badtameez maine post likhi thi ya gaaliyon ka invitation ? dubo diya tune to gaaliyon ki baarish mein !n congrats again fr the wedding:)

@incredulous - sacchi bata yar...sacchi sacchi bol :)

@uptowngirl-haan choti maalkin , ramu here , aapke liye kaunsi sabji lau jee ?

@sridhar-no way hopping to ur blog right after this.:)

@vidhi - i wish so too re.u have practically vanished.but i hope u stay happy.

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