Friday, December 02, 2005

Random Insights

I feel very disorganised right now.So expecting me to put down something organised would be like expecting Udham Singh from District Jharsa , Haryana to win the International Crossword Championship held at Los Angeles .So it is tough to expect something sensible from me , more so right now .But I just want to blabber.I can chat with some of my friends here.But they are in the class and I am the only one on my hostel floor to bunk the class.So I am alone.So I will just put down random things in my head -

~~I have exams in three days.And I do not care.The grades for the first four terms matter for the placements.This is term 5. So I do not care about these exams.I will study a little .But at a broad level , the only thing I am taking to the exam hall is myself , and a pen.Or maybe I will borrow the latter in the hall itself.

~~I feel tired of all these submissions and deadlines and reports.Here in IIM , a deadline is never like 12 am.It is 11:59:59 pm.And over the last week , I have submitted papers on Co-branding , launch strategy for a hair oil , a analysis of the Indian Film Industry , a case about some gujarat gas company , a 'detailed look' at the Indian pharmaceutical industry , and a lot of other perfectly uselss and yet graded assignments I do not even want to remember.But yeah , FMS , Delhi organised a contest where we had to design a strategy for selling a "mosquito attractor".I submitted that a couple of days ago and that was fun.Even if we do not win , me and my pals had a great time laughing our intestines out working over this one.Meanwhile , you got any ideas on how to sell it ? As a snippet , our proposed strategy included launching the Mosquito attractor in three variants - Dengue Deluxe , Malaria Masti and A No-Frills variant.

~~I am changing the look of this blog and my blog identity because I feel bored of the black color of this blog and I feel bored of same old name I have had for 24 years .And I get to pick the name of my most favorite character , who is almost an idol - Jughead.I love and respect Jughead.When I was a kid , I forced my mom to stitch a 'Jughead Hat' , if you know what it is.I even wore it to school a couple of times .All the kids pointed at my head and laughed.But I love Jughead.

~~My movie watching frequency is dipping .It scares me.A movie is to me what a bone is to a doggie and what google is to an engineering student - indispensable.I was an engineering student too , and I used google for all the C codes.In my opinion , a major part of the education system is supported by Google. Anyway , I want to get my movie watching ways back to their vintage and glorious standards.Two nights back , I watched "The Terminal".With Tom Hanks in it and the entire movie shot in an airport terminal , I found it delightful. Finding Nemo and Crash lined up for tonight. I just hope no deadlines come up tonight.

~~I talked to my sister a couple of days ago.I asked her how she was.She said she was feeling a little upset.I told her not to feel that way , and told her that I would be coming home soon.She said that she felt very very upset on knowing that.

~~The european students who studied here for some months as part of a exchange program , are about to go back to their universities in a few days.I have become friends with a french guy .I taught him a little hindi over his stay here .When he came out of the hall after a class test , he is reported to have uttered "Man , this test was Ullu ka Pattha".I am proud of him.The Indian heritage of its foul words shall travel to France soon.

~~There is some problem with my Yahoo Messenger .So I am chatting to this friend at 2 in the morning.He is telling me about some girl who rejected his proposal and almost slapped him in a crowded mall.He is upset and down and heart broken.My YM gets stuck.The friend thinks I have went away without even telling him.I go to sleep and wake up and login to YM to find these offliners from him-

"Do you IIM snobs want a fat salary for saying a simple goodbye too?"

Perfect start to my day , I think.

~~I think I should study now.After all , I have these Ullu ka Pattha tests in three days.


Fursat said...

me 1stt...:)

Fursat said...

so your sis is sad..

you had exams and u didnt tell...chal thik se padna..score good marks..

movies..bechara baccha...koi baat nahi..after exams u can see movies..

and by the way why did u bunk the class...

YM..yaar usse thik kar...baar-2 gayab ho jata hai...

take care

God bless u!

!xobile said...


1st thing

anpad aadmi

its not ulla ka pathha

jughead se itna pyaar ??

sorry for ur sister...

YM to barbaad ho gaya hai..
gtalk lele...

you iim snobs dont have time to say goodbye.. bastards..

and we iit snobs have time only to blog and comment.. bastards...

mai best of luck nahi bolta kyuki mere bhi exams hai.. to ujhe bhi bolna padega.. isliye Best of luck best of luck cancel.

Phoenix said...

here's an ULLU ka pattha comment for u.

1. yahoo sucks.
2. exams are stupid.
3.disorganisation is bliss.
4. jughead is a cool name.

Miss Sea said...

the new look is hurting my eyes. or mebbe my eyes are just tired of studying quantitative techniques of is so much fun to figure out which truck should travel on which route...i hope to put this invaluable knowledge to use some day...

note to self:
this is not my blog. i am commenting on someone elses. keep it short.

so many papers in such a short time! what superficial level of knowledge are u guys aiming at?!

we named a taiwanese female, who was visiting our office to attend a training with us, Rani Roopmati and when she asked what it meant, we told her it meant beautiful. THIS is wat is going to happen to ur sense of humor when u start working.

note to self:
shut up. u need sleep.

good night.

yossarian said...

Arre wah naam bhi Jughead rakh liya aur blogs bhi Jug Suraiya jaise likhta hai...dono ka petnem bhi coumann hai - Jiggy :D
I just hope you haven't picked up some french words from the french guy....

Ashish Gupta said...

Wat the ____ ? woh linkin park kaha se aa gaya ????? since morning I was listening to it and seeing albums and seeing dvds and . ... and didn't realised that its not my collection but ur blog where I am reading LP.

wats the story behind? You rocking :-?

raven said...

both of us know he didnt say something as sweet n innocent as 'ullu ka paththa' sach bol obscene nahin to misra ka bhoot aa jaayega assignment dene!!

Camphor said...

1. Disorganisation is good. You know the yin-yang prinicple - "Keep chaos all around you for the eye of the storm has perfect peace."
2. Best of luck. Phek lena.
3. Bakwas deadlines. And I actually want to go to this place?
Aside: Camphor, you must be crazy!
4. Your blog title is still the same. Jughead rocks.
5. What was the frequency before?
6. *condenses 4 points in one* - :D

aMyth said...

Jughead! way to go. yup, he's my fav character in Archies. that "care a damn" attitude towards anything but food, especially hamburgers served up at Pop Tate's Chocklit Shop.. wow!


@ neetie...
u first n u second too..
n u mad too :D :))

i love teasing u ..
muhuhuhahahahahahahah !!!

byyee :D


@ abhi...
abbey !! yahoo ka kuch kar .. ullu k ph....


nahi to next time.. mai bhi kuch vaise hi offliners marungi...

n y din u tell neets ki tere exams hain be.. dekh usk comment padh.. kitni pareshaan hia.. senti ho gai bicharii :P ;) hehehehehehe

tujhe class bunk ni karni caahiye thii.. :P hehehehe.. neetie teacher daatengi :P

ok bahut hua...
acc neeti meri leti hia aaj kal.. gundi ban k.. to mai bhi uski waat lagane ki koshish kar rahi hu.. huhhaha

chall.. munnu.. padhaai kar le.. nahi to neetie mam.. datengi.. hehehe...
mere bhi exams hain.. padhti hu..


@ abhii

bestaaaa luck !!!



SonnyBoy said...

abay jaggu! yeh kya!! watta change in face man!! GOod luck for the UKP exam and do tell me why have u adopted this new pseudonym??

Ashish Gupta said...

bhaiyya tumhari tension ki dawa:

PS: dawa ke saath daaru bhi chahiye to bata dena =)) =)) ROTFL

Ms. V said...

:D I still don't know how you consistently blog so well. Every post is hilarious. Even when it's at your expense... which it is most of the time actually!

Anonymous said...

arre hi juggi!!!!!!!
the french guy thing was hilarious!! And my YM is rotten and i just hate it!!!!!!
ATB for ur exams..:)

Raam Pyari said...

okay that anon upar was me....chose the rong identity :)
hey bhagvan yeh exams toh meri jaan le kar rahenge...
btw, on readin the first paragraph i was wundering if ur goin to sound depressed..but well u made me laff sooo much.
u shudnt be upset..coz u know na..i hafta sart packing for my trip to umreeecah when u sound low:)
p.s. micky n minnie ko pyar...Tom n Jerry say hi.

sunshine said...

The new look is cool. And so is the name. So you have jugs in your head? I thought there were other stuffs like stones and rocks and cow dung. Never mind, Mr.Bizee B... how are you handling your newly acquired responsibility as CBB? Tell us, your fans, a little about it.

Good luck for exams. I myself have to make a few question papers for the final term very soon. So I can totally empathise with your teachers out there.

Fursat said...

@nidhi: tu pagal ho gayi lagti hai :)

neetie ke naame ke gun kyon gaa rahi hai..

teri aur abhi dono ki vatt lagani padegi..

dono bahut bolte ho..:P

divya said...

"you iim snobs do not have time to say goodbye"- my sentiments have been perfectly echoed! good luck with ur exams. gosh! u have left no stones unturned in abusing ur name! but since i like jughead jones, i will let this pass.

shitij said...

Hey great blog man seem to be quite a popular figure...good luck for your exams and their results(actually thats more important , trust me)

Tar said...

3 simple steps to make Malaria Masti a commercial success...
1) plug the attractor into the socket.
2) Apply Mosquito Repellent (OFF or Odomos should do, i guess) all over you and on the walls, pictures, frames, windows, sills, doors et al.
3) Mind you, just leave your Attractor ON or UN-Odomosized.
and lo! Mosquito gets attracted...

1 easy way to make Dengue Deluxe a commercial Hit...
1) hang a tag around the product that says in Big Block words
and lo! Dengue causing agent(watever its genetic name may be) will come running towards the attractor in good hope of catching up with its long lost frens.

If the above two work, i shall impart knowledge on how to get Filaria Fida rocking.

pandora said...

all the best for your ullu ka pattha tests :D

Sonia said...

lol! good luck with ur tests! my first time here, so i've missed the black look and the name-u-called-urself-for-24-years and all that. but i like jughead too. he's cool. and i so like ur blog! :o)

Aj said...

Hey jughead is a better name than Abhinav. i suggest newspaper me ad dede...

Nyways . best of luck

do visit mine too
posted after long time :)

Anonymous said...

Hai Ram !!! kaisa jamana aagya hai, ladkia bhi udp packets bhejti hai.

SonnyBoy said...

"...he is reported to have uttered "Man , this test was Ullu ka Pattha".I am proud of him..."
HADD HADD HADD.... :-)))))
yaar mast ho tum!!

SID said...

An absolutely wonderful post and I just couldnt help commenting. You are in one of the places I aspire to be in but guess what it seems I am already there.
Just that we guys as engineers use more of Google than you do.
Great writing man.

Abhi said...

@neetie :Now I may call upon miss.neetie to the stage , for receiving her oscar in the "early commenters' category.*clap**clap**clap*.:)

@money:take a hike mani man ! its ullu ka pattha.not ullu da pathha !!! u dnt mess with me when it comes to gaali galuaaj.been warned three times by my principal fr foul language in school assembly.i was a abuse legend in my schoool man.its ullu KA pathha , u UKP ! ;)


1.tell me ur being paid by the gtalk guys.
2.they are not stupid for those who stupid fr guys like me.
3.whoa !! looks like ive had a blissful life then. is ? same thoughts here.
5.Thanks for commenting.( Man , why am i being so polite !)

@TT-ok just tell me , how many pegs did u down old lady ??;)And the rani roopmati stunt wasnt bad , i found it funny.looks like my sense of humor is dead already.

@nipun - naah man , just a "bon jour" or something like that.n i wanna learn more about french stuff , like french fries , frnech beard , and u know..a french kiss , but the french guy isnt the right person for the last one;)

@ashu - nah man,am not into linkin park .the only park ive been to is the green parks i had in colony when i was a kid.about LP , ive just heard "In the End".dont like rock too much,cant understand what they yell.

@raven-ok , lets be methodical here:
1.saale under 18 audience hai yahan , "ullu ka pattha" is a kid level gaali.censor karna padta hain bhai.
2.dnt call me Obs**** here.i plead b4 you.
3.dnt mention any profs here.i again plead b4 you.;)

@camphor - ahh the superficial lady , who loves to say things like i dnt understand men , and women.:).about the frequency , one a day is what the doctor managing once in two days right now.gotta work harder.

@amith-yeah buddy , hes my hero.a teen thing as it may sound , i love all that- pop tates ,moose , archie's shaky car , dilton..veronica , betty ,...
Women ! Bah !.

@nidhi - sis u need to leave that poor little kid called neetie alone , dnt trouble her too much , she may just break into a wail crying "mommy , nidhi cheddtee hain".neets , just kidding re.:)

@sandy - nah bhai , no hidden 'saazish' or reasons here.just bored of the real name , so picked jug.

@ashu - ha ha , that was cool bhai.that scored a perfect 10 on the fun meter:)

@ms.V - hey vids , feels like its been decades since saw u here.glad to see you here:).about the 'blogging well' or "blogging crappily' part , i cant say anything.just trying to have some fun here.:)

@ruchi - arre , you can find manmohan singh dancing to bolo tararara on aaj tak , but you wont get me brooding on some deep rooted problem , coz i dnt have the greycells to do i dnt think ill be going depressed soon.:)tom and jerry ko pyar.mickey and minnie say hi !

@sunshine - ahaaan , you wanna hear about the CBB thing miss ?? I dont think you do , i can tell a lot more than you think , umm...i remember a couple of weekends back..a mall...something..i remember..;).good luck.not to you your little students.god save em from their mean teacher.:p

@divs - man , how could you say that ?? it was my YM every time , i swear on sushmita sen's saree ! im not the typical IIM snob !

@shitij - ahh you are here mate !come on , the stuff you put up at ur blog is like going thru the stratosphere for its creativity levels.

@Tar -Man , tell me you are doing some MBA or are already one.if you dont say that , ill say you crack this thing called CAT ,coz u got the perfect brains to do an MBA and then move up the corporate ladder in a mosquito attractor firm and end up as the "betaaz badshah" of mosquito attractors industry:).( no sarcasm intended re , it really was innovative , the dengue thing:))

And another one coming you way - how do you sell this thing ? wat do u say to the customer ? wat use is this thing ? :)

@neha - thanks.bloody ullu ka patthas , chun chun ke maarunga ek ek ko.;)

@sonia - thank your stars that u missed all the crap thats been happening on thsi blog upto now.but dnt get into this mess now.its perfect nonsensical stuff here.sacchi:).ask my friends who read this blog , they are tortured !

@aj - man , seeing u after a long time.and newspaper mein ad ? kyun ? shaadi is still some years away.( sidenote- my sis tells me ill never get married with these looks )

@anon - man , why do you do this to low iq guys like me ? why these complicated terms ? ok , tell me , what this UDP packet thing ?

@sonnyboy- arre bhai I dint say that , sacchi , i dnt use those words anymore.the frenchie said that.not me , sacchi bhai...

@the big S - :).trust me man , things aint very different an assignment ?? -->

Vinodh said...

Seems ur new photo is gonna attract more girls munnu,still not left behind ur chalaaki ways I guess...hmmm..

Seriously I dont understand y u put this post but I just loved the last para where u confess the truth abt IIM bummers.Getting saddistic nowadays !! probably an after effect of stepping into this space too often.

wtfdude said...

this was classic post :)

Tar said...

I must say i wud perhaps be ur slave for a day for that one line u said
//ill say you crack this thing called CAT
CAT meowed twice... Mebbe will bell it next time.
and yup, answers to ur questions when i bcum the Rani (not the Badshah - no Mafatlali intentions ;) ) of that industry and u become my client.

madmita said...

here's a challenge for ya-
a story in 55 words...
try it!

Akanksha said...

jya clasees phir bunk karna shuru???????/
lagta hai octoberke din bhoool gaya hai??

Docs Dope said...

good u have that jughead pic in place of urs..much easier on the eye

Ships said...

there is no scope for me to comment...36 comments before me..what d the hell...i know many ppl reading ur blog...

and i swear i pity ur dont tell me u are coming back to delhi in few days....i have just started adjusting dont spoil my fun ...

Vidhi said...

kaise ho abhi?! bahut dino baad saans lene ki phursat mili hai! ur posts r as good as always! ;)

Sayesha said...

"Ullu ka patha" test! Hilarious! :D

What an 'ullu ka patha' post, Abhi! Loved it! :D

Darth Midnightmare said...

*Sigh* Tell me about exams...or rather on second thoughts, don't tell me about them :-(. Same holds for the submissions and stuff. I hate these IIM deadlines...maybe I will write a post someday on how to manage IIM deadlines ;-)

As for European students, lol, these things are universal. The chappies here know "Sutta Song", complete with all the abusives, better than most Indians! They're fluent in every abusive you can imagine...they sound "natural" at them... :D

Abhi said...

@vinodh - Ah come on bro , Jughead is the last character to attract women , except Big Ethel maybe. Women ! Bah !

@Wtfdude - meant classically dumb post ?:)

@tar - Ah , you are already behaving as those blood sucking business tycoons;) .No answers but trade secrets already ?

@madmita - story in 55 words.Once upon a time , a fox lived in a forest.It died one day and everyone else lived happily ever after.Count them.Less than 55.:)seriously , sounds interesting , some day , some way , I shall try it.

@aks - arre dadi ma , bhool jao jo hua , new month , new attitude , same laziness.:)

@docsdope - Thanks.

@Ships-Arre unimited space hai mausi , 36 kya , 360 ke baad bhee scope hain.and news suni tune aaj ? main delhi aa raha hooon !!!:)

@vidhi - you dint tell me you had shifted to saturn ! what else explains your absence from blogging.come on vidhi , yours is one of the mosst emotionally rich blog , look after it.:)

@sayesha - Arre o pushpa , yeh duniya badee "ullu ki patthee" hai re.:).Yeah , that french guy is an indian at heart.

@mike - Yeah , looks like they really dig the feel of yelling a "ullu ka pattha".Gives em a fresh kick after all those french and soft abuses.:).And lets keep exams out of this talk , I agree.Between , you got great articles coming up on your blog , I am loving it.( did I hear "thats McDonald !" )