Tuesday, December 07, 2004

cant slow down !

man , that was the precise feeling to depict the day i had .slept at 6 in the morning as i was wurkin on that report abt the telecom sector. dragged myself out of bed at 8:30.grabbed breakfast and got to the cost accounting class at 9.45. decided to complete the report by bunking the next class.an hour into the class , i get a call frm the guy supposed to sign for me sayin there were too few people in the class to safely do so. With my attendance already being on the brink , i am forced to play the brat who walks in the class more than an hour late ! n guess wat,the subject was "ethics".the prof turned out to be an angel and ignored this.god bless him.tried to pick up some cost accounting in that class .had a quiz at 5.30 in the evening , u see. but the angelic prof decided to bring in a lil of satan and forgot the concept of time while teaching.that left me with just half an hour for lunch.that included the trip to the hostel n back.n suddenly i remember the telecom report.worked upon it during the break n dint bother my digestive system.rushed to the next class.was relatively cool.i dozed a lil sitting at the back.zoom to the end of class.got to my room n wrapped the report.emailed it.grabbed my calculator and rushed to the quiz hall. tried to get something over the next half n hour. trudged back to my room.took a bath,had dinner and grappling with accounting numericals since then.

i feel i need to get a grip on my life.been kinda drifting of late.like my engineering days.im still not clear abt the specialisation i wanna go in.u know , CAT is said to be the tuffest exam around n with so many guys working their asses off to crack it, i feel lucky to be here at IIM . n not doing my best here makes me feel kinda guilty .So thinz will be changing a lil now.i need to get a grip on my life .yea.

About the heartbreak, i feel fine now .mebbe it was just infatuation.but tnx fr the consolations.i think ill do just fine without a gal around fr sum time to come :)


Anonymous said...

hello abhinav.................

welcome back to life!


raven said...

"mebbe it was just infatuation"

Like hell it was. Just let the end terms get over and I'm gonna add the masala in your life. First, leveraging the frankness that I share with her, am convey 'your' feelings to her in 'my' own way. And then you remember what I did with the Avi G episode? Prepare for more of it. Itni aasaani se nahin haarne doonga tujhe!!

~haarna hi hai to thodi mehnat karke haar.
~~me slowly recovering, the burden of exams forcing me back to life.

Govar said...

Hmm, luck seems to favor you. Walking into ethics class an houur late is the most unethical thing to do. :)

raven said...

hey govar,
counting the number of proxies he's had in ethics, coming to class seems to be a marked improvement in his ethics!! yes, even if its an hour late.

~obscene kal 0745 pe hai... meri proxy maar dena yaar!!

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