Thursday, December 09, 2004

wherez the cold ?

most prolly uve heard this song b4.neways , herz the lyrics:

pretty practical and simple things.yet so rarely followed.we guys tend to forget the things dat r the most basic."respect ur elders".heard it a zillion times.simple words.yet so seldom practiced.there r so many intricate n complex stuff in life dat these lil basics of life have been pushed to some dark corner of the brain attic.

air tickets have been booked fr the 5th of coming home again fr 5 days.that will be great.winters are good at gurgaon.sitting in the warm sunlight.munching on peanuts.sucking on orange slices.the morning cold which makes the ears go red.n the nose too.wearing woolen socks.the mufflers.the room heaters.the blinding fog.the frost on the windshields i stratch shapes in.those heavy the mood lifts wen the sun comes out.thats real winter.n thats missing the north indian winter.winter here is letdown to the concept of winters.its hardly cold.infact,its kinda warm.this is no winter.i really miss feeling cold.therez nuthin better than reading comics wrapped cozily in a quilt.

oh, i wanna be home now.hey "5th of Jan",cant u come around in december this time around ?


raven said...


Me too missing 'the winters' badly. The chill, the fog, the morning frost, the 20 kicks to start a bike, the warm quilts, the hot chocolate and the scarce sun!!

and these guys here shame me by wearing sweaters and thick jackets in this ... moderate weather!!

me going home finally for arnd 5 days just before the midterms... arnd 15th Jan.

raven said...

Just back from NC so here's an addition to the list of thing i miss...

... Hot paranthas with butter and chai at 3 am in the morning in hauz khas, yusuf sarai or IIT gate.

~koi lauta de mere beete hue din!!

Abhi said...

good to cya gettin bak to ur old self adi flows on.

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