Monday, January 17, 2005

dont be greedy

ok.the fingers are back on the keyboard.i just cudnt help it.neways, im back to life.lemme i start.

The TRip To Home

At 4 in the morning on the 5th of jan , i chek my air tickets n cash fr the last time in my travel bag,put over a relatively clean sweatshirt (im going home yaar!) ,clean my shoes(im going home yaar!),lock my room n jump into a yellow ambassador waiting outside the hostel.The driver puts on some bengali music.i cant understand it.he looks at me n ask if we shall move.nah, ill like to move to this wierd music instead of moving , u dumbwitted guy.move brother , ive got a plane to catch !

the ride was pretty decent.he dint try to molest me and the music though not understabdable was pretty much tolearble.

I got thru the security check things and waited in the queue at the boarding gate.Therz this pretty much decently good gal just ahead of me.hmm,looks like this flight will be cool.n i look behind to see if ne more prospective birds are in the queue.n immediately behind me is this 35ish something guy.centre parting.pencil moustache.protruding lips as if searching for a kiss.suddenly he grunts,gathers it in his mouth, searches momentarily,spots a dustbin ,leans over n "thoop !"spits in it.

im so sorry to offend ur sensibilities.but this happenned.just imagine the mental scarring ive been subjected to.

neways , i settle into my "window wali" seat in the plane.ok god , now u just get a girl besides me n ill take over then.i wait.n then a young father n his around 5 year daughter come towards me.he places the lil girl in the seat next to me.shes got a ponytail at the top of her head.its ok.atleast kids r lovely n fun to talk to, i think.she draws out a colour book n a box of crayons frm her pink lil teach her how to color.

n then there is this arguement between some guys over the seat numbers.swapping of places.glares.arguements.n then things settle down n guess wat , that "spitting guy" is sitting besides me now.o god,why did u do this to me.

he looks at me.i remember the dustbin.he pulls out a magazine on pottery frm the flight mags.he looks at the photographs with the "hmmm...nothing new u see,i got them all" expression.
the plane begins to move forwards now.he pushes back the mag , leans over n places his face rite in front of me to look out of the window , n asks me " is it moving ?".

n i say " looks like we r moving .i guess we have to."

the flight takes off.suddenly he leans forward and pulls up a black leather bag onto his lap.i suspect hez taking out a gun or a rocket launcher or something.ok,he pulls out a 500 ml plastic bottle which has got some thick dark liquid.he stops an airhostess n says "plain glass".she gets a glass of plain water.he struggles with his expressions n repeats "plain glass".finally we decipher he wants an empty glass.he gets it n pours this liquid in it n keeps inhaling it with all kinds of sounds emnating frm his almost teary thinking of an imagined girl sitting besides me.

he packs up his bottle n decides to relax now.he moves back the seat n puts up his hands behind his head which means his left armpit is just next to my right ok.n then he turns his head towards me which means his nose is just next to my right almost ok.ok.

the hostess brings the candies tray n he almost jumps onto the tray.the food comes n he keeps sticking his elbow in my ribs all thru it.n then we hear that we will soon this he brings his face agonisingly close to mine to see outta the window n looks at me n says " fog ".

i somehow move my lips without touching his cheeks n say " hmmm.foggg"

by the time the plane landed i was like "hey mr.pilot,gimme a parachute,im jumping out now".
the plane was completely full n hence these guys cudnt allow a seat change.

i guess it was my greed fr a "next-seat-telephone-no-exchnging" girl that god did this to the next time u hop onto a plane,just remember,things can be bad.

ps-ne idea if i can send free sms using some website or cell accnt running out fast n i gotta send these messages.


shantanu said...

muwahahahaha...well that certainly was a comedy scene u were involved in buddy. I fully empathise with u...
Neways, abt the sms site: u can use the huthc official site ( to send sms to any hutch no. and for the rest u can use (they allow sendind sms to any no including reliance) though u have to register there first. (dun worry reg is free)

Rajat said...

haaa haaa haaa haaa.....u sure had a nice trip :-p

Darth Midnightmare said...

Nice to see you back. As for experience, well, sad lcuk. I had the dream experience on my own return to campus this pardon me for feeling smug hahahahahaha

Miss Sea said...

Ah..that's a disappointment..errr..misadventure! Had fun at home? What about the flight back?

Anshuman said...

Hi Abhinav,
That was one the best blog articles i ever read.
You have great writing skill.
keep it up buddy.
By the way, congrats for getting into IIMC.
take care
have fun

Anbu said...


Sonia Chawla said...

hi Abhinav..
thats some post. hope you have more fun(pun intended) in your flights henceforth.

Gul said...

this was seriously hilarious...

Anonymous said...

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