Tuesday, January 04, 2005

im coming mommy !

Just finished with watching "finding neverland".it touched my heart.A very simple dreamy movie.n at the climax , when tears fill the little boy's wide n clear hazel eyes and slide delicately down his fair and pristine cheeks ,its difficult to deny the tears in your own eyes .Death of his mother it was.

Death is a painful thing.Not the pain of the body.But the pain of the seperation.Of not feeling the smell of her hands.Of missing the moments when you threw your arms playfully around her neck.Of not watching her folding the clothes.of not hearing her voice.

I know that death is not a pleasant thing.But just if we remember that it is there , waiting for of all of us,life can be more sincerely lived.Just remember that at the twilight,you will just have the moments made of these emotions and feelings to savour.nothing concrete.no money.no cars.no houses.no businesses run .no empires built.just these little moments.so we must be good.
a fast brain u may do without.but have a beautiful heart.People wont remember the money u got , but how you made them feel.

And the good news is that this thing called life has lately been, not exactly as horrible as listening to bappi lahiri songs .

Im getting reasonable scores in my tests.After my first term scores ,anything greater than zero seems a reasonable score.

Checked today that my attendance records for the last term are adequate .So I dont need to feign a broken ankle or brain cancer to justify my absence from the classes.

And I am going home.

5th dawns and those two hours in the sky would carry me from a world of deadlines,assignments,notes and submissions to one of my parents smiles and my sister's mischiefs.A kinda hole in the heart remains when I am away from home.And the most painful part is when on the 10th ,I will haul my travel bag on my shoulder and look back and wave to them at the departure lounge of the Delhi airport.Thats life,I think.

And know what , I may get a chance to actually help little poor kids as a part of the work being done by PARIVAAR , an ngo run by an IIM C alumnus here at Calcutta.They wanted IIM C students to help out and some of us volunteered.Lets see.I would really feel glad to do something like this.

So people , thats very much it.Pray that a girl sits besides me on the flight and if u got time , ask god to make it a pretty , single and "telephone-number-exchanging" girl.


Sach said...

:-d hey Abhi.. too many demands from the opposite sex..

ha ha.. may u get to sit with AISH on ur right..

~ Sach

shantanu said...

hmmmmm, lagta hai tumhare ghar waalon ko batana padega...ki unke ladke ko ek ladki ki talash hai...:P
aur tumne kabhi sicha hai ki aish ke dil pe kya beetegi jabv use pata lagega that u r thinking abt other girls too....:D

Miss Sea said...

Have a great time at home. Hope u get the gal of ur specifications sitting next to you ..or atleast you don't get a child who asks incessant questions sitting next to you or one who kicks sitting behind you!

Ps: very very cold in delhi..just in case u have forgotten!

Rajat said...

m praying dude....btw, if could i also get her number??? :-D

Abhi said...

@ Sach - i want the window to my right .make it ash to the left.n ill link ur blog

@ Shantanu - yaar have u ever thot mere dil pe kya beet ti hai when ash goes around with vivek oberoi ?

@ Tipsy - Oww..u r sscaring me ! i can stand old grumpies but those inquisitive kids !!..ill jump out of the plane if that happens.n i know abt the cold , my momz already got a monkey cap waiting fr me.

@ Rajat -- every man for himself dood.sorry but keep to the Lucknow gals for now.;)

@ ALL of u -- thanx for ur wishes.ill make sure to visit ur lovely blogs frm a cyber cafe at gurgaon.

back on the 10th.cya buddies !

Gul said...

*big grin* hope ur wish came true : ) the worst i think was the fate of one of my pals when she ended up sittin next to some fat man who wouldnt stop fartin! serious ;)

Rohit Jain said...

hey abhinav..... happy journey ... and in case u do get a telephone number exchanging girl sitting alongside u, do try to become a telephone number exchangin boy urself..... tumhare dost tumhe duaaein denge ;-)

Dreamcatcher said...

Thou art addeth

Confuzzled said...

"Of not watching her folding the clothes".
The mother is in every part of our life but forgotten sometimes for the little pleasures.

What if the girl hated to talk to men?
How would u strike a conversation?

Deez said...

hii...my first time here. enjoyed reading ur blog. absences is a pain sure, but eventually one learns to cope.
and yes...i hope u have an interesting flight! ;)

Richik said...

Hi Dude,
Came across ur blog. Nice one. Lets get in touch.
XLRI Jampot
Y!: axl_rich