Sunday, January 30, 2005

The "screwed up grades"creature

exams are over.they went off ...umm..decent.and when i got back from the exam hall after the last exam , i flipped away the pen and the question paper with the arrogance one feels after the end of know.therz this euphoria just after the exams end and I feel happy ,even though at the back of my mind i know that the answer i copied from the next guy may be wrong , i feel relieved.

Neways , now that they are over.I have started with reading "5 point someone".its about three guys at IIT who messed up their grades and were pretty messed up in their lives i am an absolutely irregular reader and if i happen to get caught in a group discussing anything about reading , i generally tell them that i have to make a call and then proceed to hide till they are back to topics like movies and music.

But I do enjoy reading whenever I do.Readers digest has been a favorite.neways , but this novel reminds me of my screwed up college days at my engineering college.n when i say screwed up , thats because i dont recall a worse phrase.

The only decent thing I did during engineering was to decide that I had to do an MBA.Those C++ codes and microprocessors still hold the power to wake me up with sweat on my forehead and terror in my eyes in the middle of the night.

I understood all that technical crap but i didnt enjoy it.ENJOY.its a word which is not treated with the importance it deserves.if I enjoy a thing I do it pretty well.but i dint enjoy all that technical shit and as a result I got really screwed up scores.

And you know what , grades get screwed up and people think that I am insulting humankind by treading the earth.I didnt flunk any paper at college but that was it.I was always the part of the gang who was composed of the "thrown-out-of-the-class-unashamed-chalk throwing-backbencher" guys.And there was this group of guys who had this dream of dying in a library.they discussed wi-fi technology while we talked more about having a wife.the professor smiled at them while he looked like he had just been diagnosed with AIDS when he came upon my group of rascals.They did all their assignments while we didnt know that we needed to submit one.

And I am not proud of all this.I should have studied but I just dint enjoy all that technical stuff.

And when I got into IIM Calcutta , it was like India had been attacked by the rest of the world combined.I mean , how could this rascal , useless joker , screwed-up-grades creature , get into one of the more decent B-schools of the nation.That was seriuosly cool.I remember one of the more highheaded guy actually waving down my bike soon and ask
" hey , did u get into IIM in Indian Institute Of Management?".

His expression was like somebody had jammed a high tension eletricity cable in his ear.n i thought "yeah dood, these IIM guys bungled up.this creature got a percentile of 99.74 and got into IIM Calcutta".

i hate thinking like makes me feel sick and ashamed and ungrateful, because i know god has provided me with whatever i have .but a handful of guys thought that me and my gang of guys was a burden on mother earth and it felt good to make them know otherwise.

But I dont need such big achievements to make me happy.I still think that the real happiness of life is not in a few big achievements but a million small everyday things.10 heartfelt sweet messages on my cell make me happy . If i keep waiting for big things , I would have to wait a lot.So i prefer to grab my share of happiness in little sweet stuff of everyday life.I dont mind the big stuff, who wont like getting into an IIM and stuff like that but hell, i cant wait years for such things to make me happy , i would prefer her sweet smile right this minute.


Anonymous said...

I liked 5 point someone....but yea all this stereotyping and notions of success being hardcoded into the alma matter rather thn the person is after an extent obnoxious !.....hardhitting post though :)



Miss Sea said...

Two successive posts that mention "her". Thakur to gayo!!!!!!

shantanu said...

hey hey, exams over?? that means more regular posts from u...
and yeah, liked the wi-fi and wife thingy. ;)
u rock dude...:)

Rohit Anand said...

i can totally identify with the kind u r talkin bout...
me a part of the people suffering from the "one-more-lecture-of-digi-comm-and-i'll-die" syndrome :P

Abhi said...

@ suhas : yea it does sucks.but then thats the way it is.

@ TT : ab ee sasur dil ka kya karein bataiye.

@shantanu : i rock ? o yea.thanx.u r serious . rite?

@rohit : hey hey i know .never mind dood ,its the technical repulsion which helps guys like us get into an IIM.

Darth Midnightmare said...

Nice post...damn! I remember the talk about how I was a waste, a total good-for-nothing scoundrel who would never become anything in life, coz in Engg, I hated the papers and just scraped thru (without flunking though ;-) ). When I cleared CAT, the rumour was that the women were planning mass suicide!!! :D.

I never studied for CAT and I was given no more chance of clearing than Walsh was given for scoring 300*. Ah well, the way I look at it NOW is that REVENGE IS SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

shantanu said...

yeah dude, i'm serious :)
(PS: a la matrix style(Oracle to Neo): whats gonna take ur bonkers off later on is whether thats a serious smiley or a sarcastic one)

Vidhi said...

righto! good post...esp the last para!

Deez said...

very's best times are made up of small everyday things. cheers to that! :)

sugar ray said...

dear vaga bond

tell me what it takes to get into iim what should i be made off

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Anonymous said...

YO aarshna ..another recent ex(tinct) engineer with terribly screwed up grades.Same as you, all i know now is that i must at iim some day of my life.I was an eee engineer ,now rotting my life in a software firm! iam so scared and detest these codings and languages..all i know is that iam a innovator ..a thinker..and just cant be muggin up some languages of some artificial machine...

just typed in the google search option "God can be at iim ?" and holah..there i read your blog..!!
Gues God hinted me strongly that even an engineer with some screwed up grades can be into an iim..
now i simply believe that i can be there someday..cos u did!

all da best dudeee

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