Saturday, January 22, 2005

its clean..for now..

hey its true.

i cleaned my room a couple of days back.know my exams roll from the 24th so i thot "hey a clean room leads to a better frame of mind " . so i jumped outta my bed , rolled up my sleeves , put my hands on my hip , looked around the place n thot

"umm...can we do this tommorow ?".

naah , i am gonna do it today.yea , i am.

the bed is the first target.u know , its been days since ive slept alone .before u get any pleasant ideas , ive been sleeping with a couple of dirty sweatshirts , a shirt with ketchup stains, some 3 books , an empty ruffles lays pack and a compact disc case on my bed ,to name a few.

all rite , ill be sleeping alone tonite u buggers , off u go to ur respective places . wow , my bed is big enough i realise.n as a cherry on the top , im gonna change the bedsheets too.a pink new sheet with green flowers and the smell of napthalene balls is found at the bottom of the clothes almirah.spread out on the this urge to jump into the bed rite now.

but hold urself the brave room cleaner ,the job is yet to be completed.

lets look at the computer table.besides the computer ( kinda obvious ,eh ?)...i see an empty aquafina bottle toppled across the mousepad....a ponds cold cream (ah,my soft skin.. )...a torn apart "hide n seek" biscuits pack....2 empty pepsi cans(one of them still has some pepsi in it..shall i try to shake the drops into my mouth)......n a deoderant spray long exhausted.

they go off.i see my mousepad in its entirety after

now for u my dear bookshelf.besides all those thick textbooks which i havent touched in weeks i find buried between them a couple of readers digest ... a shakuntala devi puzzle book(why did she have to get her face on the cover ?)....2 india today copies ...n a ahem..let this one pass.

now for the closing ceremony marked by the sweeping of the we have got sweepers for this but my room is at the top floor n gettin down n finding the guy get him to climb up all those stairs is more difficult than kissing a i bring out my personal broom (hey JHADU sounds better yaar!)

i found a shirt which had been there for about a month (serious)...3 socks(n not even one pair amongst them)...a passport sized snap of myself (who else)...n a lot of dust under the bed.

neways , i managed to gather as much as i could and carefully pushed them to the door.i paused at the door , lifted the broom backwards a little and swished down on all the stuff to get it outta the room.

wow , so i did wen my mommy asks "bete room clean kiya ?" , i wont have to lie.she catches me anyways.

now for some celebration on achieving this historical feat.i pull out the top drawer and fish out a 5 star unpeel the cover and slowly relish the soft taste was as good as ever.hey now wat fr this chocolate cover in my hand.
i pause a little..and then flip it into the air n watch it land lightly near the table's leg.

its allrite yaar , i can do the cleaning some other day now.


Miss Sea said...

GROSS!!! I am lazy when it comes to dusting but ur room's description had me feeling like a saint. How about arranging the clothes in ur "clothes almirah" and arranging the stuff in the drawers and all that? :p

Abhi said...

hey TT ! hey atleast i did wat i dont harbor too many hopes when i talk of cleaning my room.

Rajat said...

hey....i don't know why it is that we feel like cleaning our rooms before exams....i do the same as u [only my room in never nearly as dirty!]...mebbe it's got something to do with not wanting to study - u would rather clean than study!

saurabh ohri said...

that was cool
it seemed to me im sitting in ur dirty room

shantanu said...

the transformation (or shall i say "transmogrification") from calvin to clean must have taken some nerve and determination...;)

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