Saturday, January 01, 2005

the year that was

a very happy new year to you , ur family , ur neighbours , ur pet dog , ur milkman , ur newspaper boy and ur postman.

its 3.30 am and my love with insomania continues.the year was pretty reasonable , perhaps the most defining of my lemme look at the tyre marks im leaving behind on the road called life this year.

~~ I got out of my engineering college gracefully , without a single back paper.thats an achievement.seriosuly, with my kind of IQ , i deserve the nobel prize for doing that.

~~ I got into IIM Calcutta .This was like sachin hitting a century after 10 consecutive ducks.I had been tagged a useless joker all through teh 4 years of my college.So for once it felt good when even that pretty girl in the other class knew that this guy did something decent.

~~ I had to live away from family for the first time in my doin a tolerable job , i think.though my room looks like an assortment of dirty clothes , empty wafer bags , coke cans and chocolate wrappers ,books and magazines, im alive and brush my teeth everyday .

~~ I travelled in an aeroplane for the first time .now this is all relative.i had never done that i think its worth a mention amongst my life changing events of the year.The air hostesses were not as pretty as those in the movies.And I did not get a window seat.and an old grumpy man sat besides me and he kept fingering his nose every 9 minutes.and i travelled by air 2 more times after that.

~~ I am not doing as well as i wanted to in my MBA . But i kinda make up for that by assuming a spiritual face and saying " i dont want too much money , u see ".

~~ I managed to start a blog and keep it going.Though many of u must have had this urge to send me a letter bomb due to this blog , ive enjoyed it.

~~ I still love the same girl i loved at the start of the year.her parents named her aishwarya rai.u might have heard of her.

~~ I made the path breaking discovery that humans can survive without sleep.the guinea pig was me for this experiment , courtesy the not-so-lovely work schedule at IIM C.

~~ I developed this funny ability to know when to stop.and i feel i should stop now.

a very happy 2005 to all of u happy and make others happy , atleast make me happy.


Dreamcatcher said...

Have a great new year too.

Miss Sea said...

Things I learnt from this entry:
~~People with low IQ can make it into IIMs.
~~There are pretty girls in engineering colleges, even though not always in the same class
~~Others are as unlucky as I am when it comes to copassesngers in aeroplanes. I guess cute guys are as much a filmy notion as pretty air-hostesses

Thats quite a lot of gyan! Have a blast.May the new year bring loads of sleep AND loads of money too! More importantly, may it bring happiness and cheer. :-)

Rohit Jain said...

hii abhinav
very happy new yr to u ... i sincerely hope tht 2005 bring to u the second best thing in the world after aishwarya ;-)

Abhi said...

@dreamcatcher - a beautiful year tu u too.:)pretty insightful blog urs.

@tipsy topsy - u sure have this ability to mine out gyan ! keep visiting and u will be a professor in life gyan in max 1 month.n an amazing 2005 to u.

@rohit - hey dood , now this is the year u r gettin into an IIM.the director called god has already written a dream script for u.n tell me , why not ashwarya fr me ?

Miss Sea said...

"mine out gyan" : u just described my current profession!

"professor" : what I want to be in life!

good going :-)

Sach said...

"" alive and brush my teeth everyday ."

.. means u dont take bath everyday :-d ..tch tch..!!

Jus' Kiddin !

~ S A C H

shantanu said...

hey abhi
yaar we both share the same kind of sentiments towards that girl named aish...

Anonymous said...

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ihssane said...

hey there

Wow, discovered this blog three weeks ago and it's a great pleasure to read ...thanks for making me smile...i'm definetely one of ur fans