Saturday, February 05, 2005

slow and easy

I have always been a little slow.i mean , i dont like to rush things.The huffing and puffing part.I have got these internal speakers which keep beeping "take it easy" every now and then.I always like to do things slowly .

I used to wait at the bus stop to get to my college when i was at Delhi.And these DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation, in case u r from pluto ) buses used to rush past every now and then.And they used to be so jam packed as if the conductor was handing out cash instead of taking it.So i just stood at the bus stop . with my bag slung over my shoulder and watched the buses slow down a little , and a mob of middle aged office goers , young college going junta , teenagers going to school , women going to office to chat all day ,jump over each other to get on.And i just stood there till i got a bus which was relatively more free of humans .

And then when i was at the hostel at DCE ( Delhi College Of Engineering , for those from jupiter), there was this guy at the mess who brought to the table these "rotis" which shed more flour than a flour mill.And if i was in luck , i got the last one left.If it was a normal day , the guy next to me gave me half of his own roti.If it was an unlucky day, i said im on a diet.

And even now at IIM C ,i am one of the last one to amble in to the class with a battered notebook and a pen (in not sure if it still writes ).

I always been like this.Do the guys who rush really enjoy it ?Guess they are better off than me.They get the bus , they get the rotis and they dont have to tell the professor the reason for being late to class.

But can i change myself ? has to be an internal thing .like those internal speakers have to suddenly change from saying "take it easy " to " move urself sloth !".I guess it cant happen.Im not lazy.I do my stuff and do it well sometimes.And i am in control of my life.But I just dont see the point in running so fast.I mean , these things wont get over.I get over with a thing and another crops up. So isnt it better to go a little slow and enjoy urself along the path rather than zooming ahead in a ferrari , if I dont have the time to roll down its windows ?And rushing to where , i dont think this road would end anytime.i dont think its like people get to a point and say " yea, i got it all now ".

so when therz no final destination i see , what do i rush for ?sure i do have my targets and i would achieve them , but i got to do it my way.taking it easy.

I dont know.Maybe ill make a dreadful manager.Am i in the wrong place ? I dont know.But the only way for me is to just move on.normal people may term me slow.But i dont think im slow mind works fine and fast sometimes.Its just that i dont see the point in rushing.


Dreamcatcher said...

Hey you are what you are and you've done just fine the way you are.
Slow and steady wins the race.

Jam said...

Hey there,
First of all I don't think the speakers that ask you to "take it easy and slow down" have a problem at all. In fact, whatever little that I've seen of B School life in 7 months seem to suggest that the people who take things a little easily are the ones who will succeed. However, what this entails is careful planning out of things, so that you don't miss out on anything, and that you finish up all the things to be done, on time. Sorry for the gyaan, just couldn't help it ;-)

Rajat said...

hmm....nice thoughts.but i seem to fall on the other side of the line..i am a guy who is always early....but i do wait for an empty bus :-D

Anonymous said...

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