Tuesday, February 08, 2005

baby's day out

It was around 7:30 this evening .I was watching "When Harry met Sally" ( ahh..sissy me )on my computer and munching on Lays Wafers (Spanish Tomato flavor.i love details) when i got a call from X (psst..privacy u see )from the other hostel.

X : " hey game for a movie at INOX ? we r goin to watch BLACK ! ".

Now i generally find it a little distressing to get dressed in presentable clothes , spray on a deoderant which goes my mind go dizzy n then blow bucks for a movie which can turn out to be a disaster made by a loony and bored director.

But just half an hour before X 's call , my parents were raving about the movie on the fone.And It had been recommended by "Her" too.So .

Me : " Hang On lady! Im gettin over there in 10 minutes ! ".

So i did turn up at the hostel's gate in 13 minutes.There were 11 of us.We jammed into a couple of cabs.I was made to sit in the front seat between a friend and a driver with terrorist looks. And it did get quite distressing every time the driver brought in his left hand to change the gears.
The ride was pretty reasonable.Most girls generally tend to laugh at stupid jokes.So they did laugh a couple of times at mine.

We landed at the multiplex at around 9.00 and grabbed the tickets for the 10.30 show.The Calcutta crowd though not as good at Delhi is pretty much decent and I had a pretty tolerable time pass till 10.30 with a veg pizza thrown in.

Now for the movie.

lemme explain the circumstances first.

We were in the second row from the front so i suspected all that we would be able to see would be armpits of amitabh bacchan from down there.And I had to crane my neck up all the time as if i was looking at the Qutub Minar.

And my cell battery had gone spoof by this time so i cudnt message her or recieve hers so that was also eatin me up a little.

But the movie..what do i say..its a piece of fine art.Every single frame of the movie has been crafted so elegantly,its almost surreal.Now I have never liked blogs who give out movie reviews and im not gonna be one of them.But for those who havent watched it , dont miss this one.Its almost one of the finest movies I have ever seen and I really belive this is some serious oscar stuff.

So the movie ended at around 12.45 .we got into cabs and the girls tried to sing on the way back which only served to irritate the driver.I got back to my room and plugged the cell into the charging socket and her messages flowed in .She was worried about my cell being switched off.Neways , i assured her and she is sleeping her beautiful sleep rite now.

So im planning to hit the sack now.Ive got an economics class tommorrow morning but im gonna bunk it now.Its 3.25 in the morning but the movie "BLACK" which i finished watching around 3 hours back still got me with its hangover.Do watch it.

ps - any mensa members out there ? ive got the mensa test on the 9th of Feb .First time for me so donno if i need to read anything for it.


shantanu said...

hmmm, just too many recommendations for this movie now. i think i'll watch it then though i had lost all hoipes from hindi movies after wasting about 1000 bucks over the past cpl of months over bollywood bummers...

Miss Sea said...

was writing a comment...discovered i can write a post on it :) will be up soon...do check it out :)

AJ said...

Try to watch Page 3 too..its a nice one.

Nitid said...

Hello stepped over from the CBM blog....quite a few going to CBM from here, IIMC I mean.

So any hints abt ur identity :-s have lost all my poers of deduction, pleacement preps taking their toll u see :(

Anonymous said...

@ shantanu : naah , my friend , hope must be kept alive.do not despair , watch Black .(nah , im not their publicity manager)

@ TT : ankhian bichaye apki post ki wait kar raha hu.

@ AJ : yup.page 3 sounds interesting.am gonna catch it.

@ nitid : he he he.(sinister laugh).u dont know me.but im watching u...

sanjana said...

I don't think the movie is oscar stuff. Liked Page 3 better. Although it depressed be to tears

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