Friday, September 23, 2005

A little bit of ourselves

Ok.This is not a post.I mean , it is not a dinosuar either , but it is not a "regular" post.This is more like a link to a couple of other posts.
Last night , everything was fine , the phone lines were clear , water was coming out of the taps , the internet was working , the flushes in the hostel washroom were broken as expected , the food in the mess was a mess as it is everyday , and I was feeling just as lazy as I always do.
Then my dad called and we had nice little telephonic quarrel over my continued failure to score anything over a "C" in my subjects.I said I do not care.My dad threatened to cut off my finances.I said I do care , will study hard and I am sorry.But my dad can not stand my lazy ways any more.My dad has cut off my finances.He has blocked my ATM card.He sent three well fed men to my hostel and they took away my little piggy bank.One of them took away my watch , cellphone and comics collection too.I am sure dad did not ask him to do that.I will complain about him to dad.
Later that night , I stole a pack of Apple Juice from the departmental store , as I could not buy it without money, and then went out for a walk.I moved around the campus , and then settled down besides the lake.The moon hung in the sky , a couple of stray dogs barked somewhere nearby , and I sipped the apple juice and pondered how to manage without dad's financial favors.
It was like dad was asking - "Aaj mere paas ghar hai , paisa hai , degree hai , bank accounts hai , car hai , cellphone hai , TV hai , vaccum cleaner hai .Tere paas kya hai ? "
And then this idea hit me.And I sucked the last drops of the apple juice , tossed the pack aside and growled - "dad , mere paas mera blog hai !".
So I have started this "blog advertising service" where people pay me and I post links to their blogs.Sayesha and sunshine paid me first.But sunshine , I wont accept cheques from the next time.It better be cash.
Ok.I have this problem.I cant say a thing straight.But now I will.
This blogging thing is no longer only about expressing myself .It is about admiring how different and varied people are.And yet in this diversity , there is something within each of us which strikes a chord with someone else.I go about reading blogs and finding pieces of my life in other's lives.Its like , most of us are not very different.At a very basic level , we are all similar.I found my own childhood , though probably a lot more violent and mischevious than hers , in sayesha's post.And Sunshine's post brought back the same emotions I felt when "someone" died an untimely death.
Blogging for me , is not about writing in impeccable english or gaining 40 comments to a post now.I anyways never achieve either of these.But for me , blogging is about finding a little bit of ourselves in each other.
I think I should regularly share links to nice posts from now on.There are many beautiful writings around.I just found two.I liked these two posts , and to go on without mentioning them seemed very selfish to me.
And nah , they did not pay me anything.Dad is ok.ATM cards are working.


Vaibhav said...

actually, I am sure people would be more than willing to pay up to feature on this blog... your hits counter is like the sensex... till yesterday it was anyway... and now its doing better than the sensex...

(hard days at work, get me like this, comparing blogs to indices... sigh...)

sunshine said...

he he he....I am so releived that the ATM cards are working. And munnu should I tell people that it was you who coaxed me into letting you put up my post links on your blogs, promising me ice creams and paani puri? Oops... I just told the world.

Rajesh Rana said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sayesha said...

Abhi, you're an awesome guy. And I'm not jus saying it cos you cited my blog. Or 'cos you paid me to say it. ;)

On a serious note, Abhi, I think very few guys can pull off being all-man and yet have the sensitive side that you do.

Me like.

Pradyot said...

I also see my life in other people... a point I always wonder about... how come people have same lifes and yet so different.

dotty_pixie said...

i was really looking forwrd to tracking your future atm-free life.
you have just seriously disappointed my sadistic hopes..

Ashish Gupta said...

so rightly said abhinav. blogs seem kind of living things to me- doing sometimes more than wat frnds, neighbours don't do !!

and thanks for suggestions, I'll also try stealing juice cans next time papa threatens to stop finances on seeing my grade card ;)

!xobile said...

mast one dude...
esp apple juice thingy.

Miss Sea said...

Makes me want to resume blogging ;)

justme said...

// blogging is about finding a little bit of ourselves in each other.

dats so true..!!

amit said...

sahi hai much i wud hv to pay u to advertise my blog on ur blog

Aj said...

gud one bhai,

NSIT walo ke liye kuch concessions hai kya... at least blogroll toh free kar do :)

DeePDiveR said...

That's a neat boost to the bloggers' community...good going dude! Keep those spirits high

Akanksha said...

hey tv serials ki tarah yajan bhi commercial breaks and ads....great....! but loved the posys that you mentioned.keep the good work going!

divya said...

ur blog page finally opened up without any tantrums... hurray!!i hated missing out on all the action out here.and yeh , the posts that u mentioned were very good.

priya said...

for a minute there i thought u were being serious abt the dad cutting finances thing.. damn! :D


almost_useless said...

very fundoo post man, its like the modern day deewar, will read up for more, and yeah, im broke most times, so if i have to post, pls be charitable.

abhinav said...

@vaibhav - Vibes , you seriously need to take a day off.;)Else you may just crash like the sensex did.

@sunshine - The deal was about the paani puri.I never named the ice cream part !

@Rajesh - Oh yeah , I totally agree , the template and all kinda sucks like a vaccum cleaner.BUt then Ive never been into cosmetic value and stuff :).but sincere thanx fr the suggestion.And attached to my blog ? nah nah nah ( hey table tennis , am i learning fast attachments , right ? )

@sayesha - Abe chill maar yaar.and thanx.:)And you cant be so sure just reading my blogs sayesha.I may be a psycho with three bodies hidden under my mousepad.ok , where is my kitchen knife now ?

@pradyot - yeah thats the nice part.and i guess circumstances make our lives different , but the same intrinsic needs and emotions of every human kinda make em similar.

@nivindiya - Gosh , tell me you are not so sadistic usually !;)

@ashish- psst , we can steal cadburys eclairs too.i did that too.was too ashamed to post it here though.;)

@ze chapaater - a thanx chapaat to you ! ha ha bhai u got a mast blog !:)

@TT - Yeah do that na.please.but dnt tell me !:p it TT.i always enjoyed your blogs.see , goody goody munnu !:)

@justme - it is for me.and nice to know its true for more people too.:)

@amit - beta tu to IIM A ka kabootar hai , tujh se to dollar mein lunga.

@aj - abe yaar , now this is emotional blackmail.blogrolling being done within the next 6 minutes.

@deepdiver - boost is the secret of my energy.ill keep going , till i enjoy it bhai :)

@akanksha - har jagah bhayanak commercialisation hai yaar.even hanumaan jee's 'gada' is sponsored by Reebok now.

@divya - yeah uve been away fr a long time divs.Hardayal missed you.;)

@priya - So cruel.a munnu without his ATM card is like a baby without his milk bottle.

@deewar - yeah it was inspired by deewar.just that the crucial things here wasnt "ma" , but the 'blog'.:)

jun said...

hi abhinav, i've shifted my site to . no longer using just to update u!

SonnyBoy said...

I read you because your posts are funny and touching at the same time. And i dont see that changing... Thanks for the nice words, let us see what I have to say 2 months from now...

bunnu said...

abe chhotu tu to chha raha hai..ab to ladkiyaan bhi tere se baat karti hain!! i still remember the days when we used to muster courage to ask practical files from girls.tu to chaalu hai re..

Sayesha said...

O Munnu,
Payment karne se pehle deewar par laga chart nahin padha kya?? Ab jitne paise diye they, uske hisaab se tareef ki. And I have a no refund policy, so you'll just have to live with 'awesome guy'. Chalega?

Anu Menon said...

okay okay help me out here... the last post had me holding my tummy and rolling around... Darn you... Jhakaas blog dude!!! :)

Rajesh Rana said...

@-Great....thanx yaar.. thats very nice comment i ever had....sorry for suggestion....which i rarely give any... this time i gave b'coz i liked your posts and impressed with the flow of words..........
and high no. of are doing great job keep it up...
can you tell what is the meaning of.... " And attached to my blog ? nah nah nah ( hey table tennis , am i learning fast attachments , right ? )"

please do not reply if you don't like......but i'll regularly visit your blog and learn new things from you........ once agin thanx

Pavan said...

Nice blog.. very easy and funny to read.. really enjoyed it..

ahaan said...

yeah through blogs i have found that my life is no different from others .Its been a wonderful experience till now to read different blogs and to laugh with all.reading and knowing abt others has helped me to know myself much better .

and ice creams and pani puri, anytime for a appearance here :)

Veena said...

Your statement about people being the same at an elemantary level is so true. I believe that despite peoples different individual opinions; thoughts; actions; friends; outlooks; etc, they are the same within: simple human beings trying to live life to the fullest and hopefully get something out of it.

Darth Midnightmare said...

Hmmm......nice for the scoring Cs bit related to finances.....sounds familiar....just that I convinced him that it was becoz I wasted troo much time travelling to the city for "surveys" and managed to gain a car in the process :D. Not that it did anything for my grades of course :-)

abhinav said...

@jun - Thanks for the update jun !:)

@sonnyboy - keep working buddy.You can pull it off.

@bunnu - Tujhe mail karee na.You know what I feel about all this now.And beta Ive already told singla about your 'prem kaand'.sorry abt that !

@sayesha - Oh man.I guess thats the bad part of being too good.I guess ill have to carry the heavy "awesome guy" tag around for some time then.

@anu - Hope you are all right now.I dint wanna make you roll.And thanks fr the "jhakkas" comment.

@rajesh - hey rajesh , man that table tennis part wasnt directed at you infact , it was for someone else , and i guess "table tennis" must have understood that.

@pavan - thanx man.easy and funny to read.looks like some promotion line for a kids story book.;)

@ahaan - Strawberry.the entire 2 litre it to me.;)

@veena- yeah.i guess if we peel off the masks we wear , we all are pretty much the same at an elementary level.

@mike- thats an innovative get C , and get a car for that ! now who wants that damned A !

Princesse said...

First time here munnu - great post! Really pretty much summed up what i wanted to blog about today!!!! But I'm sure I couldn't have done it in as humourous and colourful way as you did. Keep it goin... will b back...

just_a_girl said...

Hehehe,, dad, mere pas blog hai!!! :):)

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