Friday, September 16, 2005

Maar Daala

D E A T H.
Bad word , hai na ? Ma says its a bad word.Papa says dont say it.Its a bad word.Death , nah , dont talk about it , chup paagal.Even in the movies , the heroine places her finger on the hero's lips before he can complete the sentence and whispers "Kabhi marne kee baat matt karna.Aisa nahee kehte".
But, its coming yaar.Death.It will happen.To me.To you.Acchha yaar , now stop yelling "manhoos" , chup chaap baat sun.What if I were to die after half an hour.I shall never be able to feel ma's palm on my forehead again.I shall never hear my sister call me a gadha again.I shall never be able to tell dad that even though I always try to act smart , he is the greatest guy I have ever known.I shall never be able to tell the departmental store guy that I stole 3 eggs from his shop yesterday.Ok , dont dial 100 , the eggs wala part is not true.How could you imagine that yaar , me and stealing eggs ? I am a vegetarian.I steal carrots and dhania.
But seriously , death scares me.It scares me to be away from my loved ones.It scares me to die without doing all the things I want to do.It scares me that I may die.But death is real.And I may die after a year.I may die tomorrow after attending the class , If I do attend one.I may die before I complete this post.( But now that I have published it , I did not die before completing it,right ? Soch ke dekh ).
Now you may smirk and say "arre yaar , aise thode hee koee mar jaata hai".But I have seen lives shattering in the blink of an eye.A second's delay in hitting the brakes , a leaking gas cylinder , a desperate and armed domestic help in enough to change your life in a radical way , before you can say "maar daala".And not like Madhuri said it in Devdaas.
But the point is not to be scared of dying.
The point is to be scared of dying without really living.
I see around me.I see people I care for.Sometimes I see them sad .I see them clinging to bad memories , things which they cannot change , things which still hurt them , things which make tears flow down their cheeks.I know they are hurt and have reasons to feel sad.But life is not forever.Life is nothing but a limited number of moments gifted to us by god.And each moment is slipping by.Right now , a moment just passed by me , and took me closer to death , leaving me with lesser time to smile ,to crack some poor joke , to see my ma laugh , to see a friend find the happiness she deserves , to be a good person ,to make someone smile , to live.And the very thought of letting such a precious moment drown in a tear leaves me restless.Why do we people hurt each other , when this life may not be long enough to love each other ?
Maybe you need to know that you may never get a chance to be the good man you could have been.Maybe you need to know that the moment you have been waiting for to tell her how much you love her may never arrive.Maybe you need to know that you may never have the time to wipe off the tears you are causing today.Maybe you need to know that death is a surprisingly unexpected reality.Maybe you need to start living the life you should.
I know I know , I am saying nothing new.But life and the things it does to people and the things people do to it continue to amuse me.In short , ek baat bolta hun , all
of us should respect and enjoy the ride , because hamari life kee taxi mein petrol kabhi bhi khatm ho sakta hain. Sorry , ho sakta hai its diesel in your life kee taxi.And marne ke baad , you cant even fight with the cab driver.So smile , khush raho , muskurao , jeeyo ,and make people smile , kyunki ..kal ho na ho.Wait a minute ..kal ho na ho..yaar ye phrase kuch suna hua nahee lagta ?


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Abhi said...

Payday loans wale bhai sahab ..sabse pehle comment to kisee normal insaan ko karne dete yaar.

Sayesha said...


Here's your normal insaan to the rescue! :)

Tu bahut positive sound kar raha hai... good to see that yaar :)

Not to mention that I love the post.


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abhash said...

sahi kaha dost....:-)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

*Sniff* Senti ho gaya mai!

BTW, what you want to say makes some sense. But still, we need to plan till 60-70 years of life. See, you learn to be cautious, but not live like you are going to die tomorrow. Agar kal pata chala ke mai uth gaya (to pakka IIM C ke hostel mein jaake aapke room mein bas jaaunga) to you can learn from what I missed doing... maybe you will feel sad (I mean, jab tak I don't reach your room) but still you will go on, right?

Aur time mil jaaye to woh Payday loans ke liye bhi apply kar lena

Harshi said...

>>Why do we people hurt each other, when this life may not be long enough to love each other ?

Beautiful thought.

I read this somewhere. Dream like you'll live forever. And live like you'll die tomorrow.

No one wants to think of Death, you are right. I think losing one's loved ones is one of the greatest fears everyone has.

And the reason I don't want to die tomorrow is not only because I'd never know if I'll realize my dreams this life, but also because it scares me to think about the amount of hurt and tears I'd be causing My loved ones.

Ok, that's a positive sign, that I do think they will cry for me....haha.


Nila said...

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyways .;-)

Akanksha said...

POint noted sir!!

Take Care

Miss Sea said...

random comments:

*i might die before i publish the post...nice one. it took me a sec to understand wat u meant there. ok. i have had a long day and just saw an 11th std student take 9 seconds to calculate 25-15.

*A second's delay in hitting the brakes , a leaking gas cylinder , a desperate and armed domestic help: All very possible ways of my dying. driving seekh rahi hoon, kal mom ne gas on chod diya tha and maid is hyperactive and looks very chalu. shudder.

*life is slipping by, etc etc: thanks for filling some of these moments in our lives with smiles(see i am being nice)

As for ur jadoo working on me, there are so many under ur influence, mein kya cheez hoon. (now i am being super nice)

tu height mein aadha aur akal mein equal or less nahin hota to mein flirt bhi karne ki koshish karti (ah! now i am back to being mean :D)

the_free_soul said...

ya dude everybdy born is gonna die in the long run ..but its the time inbetween tht matters ...if u do too many absurd things god sends u back to do the assigment of life again

sunshine said...

I never knew being serious was a contagious thing.....and your post was shockingly serious for a change. Well, death is inevitable, death is coming. But we leave behind our kids, and our writings and our creativity....our reflections, things that make us a little more immortal. We are mere performers in this whole damn system, we just come, do our part and go. No moh maya, nothing to carry back as a souvenir from planet Earth. And it's funny, we don't have a say in when we are born, we don't have a say when we should die, and that's the beauty of life I guess, it's short and unpredictable. Hey, this is becoming more like a post than a comment, aage ka jo likhna hoga is vishay mein, apne blogs pe likhoongi. BTW I have a Q.... should I take Sudipta's comments literally?

Anonymous said...

and i tht u were committing suicide :(

dotty_pixie said... true..
its time everybody realizes this and starts making this world a better place to live in..

Harsh said...

how ironic .. i just started reading a book called.. What is death ? by Tyler Volk and i see ur post on the same subject.. hehe must be some subtle sign .. i will be a tad more careful while riding my bike now ..

Anonymous said...

Once a boy said
'Raam naam satya hai'
and he was slapped for saying a 'bad' thing like this.....

Shreyansh said...

Good that your post went on from a sentimental tone to a positive hopeful one.
Thinking of death sounds a bit nihilistic.
LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL . Be good. Learn whatever you can. Give back if you like. Enjoy and live every moment to the fullest.

abhinav said...

@sayesha :arre normal insaan chahiye tha yaar , tu nahee.:p.jk.

@abash : thats a rarity,someone agreeing with me !:)

@sudipta:ale ale ale rote nahin.n i guess sunshine has told u abt my wen r u free ? ;)

@harshi :hey dnt say that man !i cant live without my aish supplier !chup paagal.:p

@nila : uee ma ! u created this line urself ? man u r a genius !..what..acha..u did not..sorry , u r not a genius.

@akanksha : ab note hee karti rahegi ya follow bhee karegi ?this reminds me of that ad..ab baatein hee karti rahegi ya munne ko dabur laal janam ghutti bhee pilayegi ?


random jawab to random comments:

*chi chi..u actually took a sec to understand that ? whats between ur ears - vaccum ?:p

*bachke rehna re baba.tujhe kuch ho gaya to mujhe bott dukh hoga.senti mat ho , jhooth bol raha hun.:p

*hey hey hey , some one wake me up.somethings cant happen , and TT being nice to me is at the top of that list.

Ok , dnt tell me u r singing "kaisa jadoo daala re" now !

Thank god.n i thot u were sick or something.phew...u r back to being returns to normalcy.

@freesol : who decides the definition of absurd ? People find govinda absurd , I find him classical. waiting ur post.and pyar koee mazak nahee jahaapanah , ofcourse u gotta take sudip's comments very very literally.

@anon : arre its all right.things will be fine.someone may murder me soon.plzz dnt feel bad , its all right , ok ?

@nivindya : wow , you make me feel like some social activist , out to change the world , make it a better place.:)

@harsh : man u needed a book and a blog to tell u to drive carefully.always drive carefully bhai.aajkal bikes bott costly ho gyee hain.

@anon : ha ha man i dint know this one.this is gooooodd.

@shreyansh:absolutely.have you seen this movie - life is beautiful.its a magical watch it sometime.

Sayesha said...

Oye Abhi ke bache!

//@sayesha :arre normal insaan chahiye tha yaar , tu nahee.

Raste par ladki ke haathon pitega toh acchha lagega? :D

the_free_soul said...

absurd defn is decided in 50-50 ratio by the person to whum u do things and urself,if it hurts the other guy u count of doing assigs once again just increases.

Shreyansh said...

Yes I have . I took the phrase from the movie title itself.
And in fact , I was going to recommend the movie to you. :)
Your posts are really good. Will comment when I go through all of them.

dotty_pixie said...

have recently discovered ur blog..recommended by a friend
have been spending my time reading most of ur previous posts..
really like the way u write..observant ..
nd about changing th world..if just a few more people think like mite not be such a dificult task nemore..!

Harsh said...

hey tht harshi person is someone diff .. i am ur aish supplier
and i wonder wht the name harshi means

Archana said...

I wonder what made you write this post?!!

Raam Pyari said...

hey...nice nice usual a good mix of the thoughtful and the funny! i'm studin real hard to become a sabjiwaali ---if and when i succeed ( nplz pray for my success ) i'll make sure i keep my dhaniya and carrots safe!
and btw, i'm the 'friend ' that introduced nivindya to your blog. that was my 'good deed of the day ! '

Abhi said...

@sayesha : Accha lage ya nahee , it wont be the first time for me !;)

@free-soul: sounds fine.

@shreyansh : Thanx man.And that movie is an education in attitude.Great one.

@nivindya : Now I am going maroon in the face .I am no angel.see , no wings on my shoulders !Glad you liked it.

@harsh: ooops.sorry man.with all due respect to all those pics supplied by you , you remain my aish guy.;)

@archana : I have limfoosirkoma of the intestines.sob sob.just a sad friend yar.

@ruchi : ask nivindiya if it was a 'good deed' to introduce her to a blog of such silly breed.aloo kya bhaav dogi ? :p.

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Betsy Mathew said...

Hey Hitler....

Agree with u completely.. Just wanted to add..

Life is a a garland of moments.. So the the key is to live every one of those moments of it like there is no tomorrow.. then it jst wudnt matter if u are gone today or tomorrow or a million years hence.. coz u wudnt be here to know that ur diesel is over.. ;-)

just_a_girl said...

so beautiful, Abhinav!

Meg Taylor said...

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